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Wireless LAN Design
Jun 2, 2006
This chapter discusses wireless LAN (WLAN) technology and describes how it improves mobility. After introducing WLANs as strategic assets to corporate networks, WLAN standards and components are discussed. The security and management of WLANs are explored, followed by design considerations for WLANs.
Will Cell Phones be Responsible for the Next Internet Worm?
Apr 28, 2006
The mobile devices you know and love are great for productivity, but they have completely changed the vulnerability state of our networks. Norm Laudermilch tells you why you should be afraid, very afraid.
Analyzing the Crossover Virus: The First PC to Windows Handheld Cross-infector
Mar 8, 2006
"Airborne" mobile viruses have been increasing in complexity at a surprising pace. In this article, Cyrus Peikari analyzes the new Crossover Trojan, which is the first malware that simultaneously infects both Windows PCs and Windows Mobile handheld devices.
Logitech Wireless Headphones for iPod: Bluetooth Bliss or Headphone Headache?
Mar 3, 2006
Logitech makes the only Bluetooth wireless headphones specifically for the iPod. But is the convenience of going wireless worth the price? Dustin Sullivan explains the highs (and lows) of the Logitech Wireless Headphones for iPod.
Trash Your Pocket PC Synchronization Cable and Go Wireless
Feb 10, 2006
Do you daydream about new ways to be wireless? Kulvir Bhogal shows you how to synchronize your wirelessly-enabled Pocket PC with your PC over your wireless network — with no strings attached!
Cisco 802.11 Wireless Networking: Installing and Configuring Access Points
Dec 1, 2005
The largest hurdle toward getting your wireless LAN (WLAN) up and running is the configuration of your access points (APs) and wireless clients. This chapter examines how to install and configure the AP.
Legislative Barriers Against Municipal Wireless (WiMax): And You Thought This Was About Technology?!
Oct 21, 2005
Surely you didn't think that WiMax, wherein municipalities provide citywide broadband access, would stay out of the hands of legistlators? Find out what social and government implications may have for this technology.
Speed Bumps on the Wireless Superhighway: Obstacles on the Road to WiMAX
Oct 21, 2005
WiMax holds a lot of social promise. But what are the technical challenges that could slow down its adoption? Daniel Dern gives you a short-and-sweet overview of the issues.
Mobile Web Browsing gets WICD
Sep 2, 2005
If you want to create content for mobile devices, you have an especially dizzying array of standards to choose from. W3C is quietly working on a new technology called Web Interaction Compound Document (or WICD) to address this situation and make it easier to create interactive content for mobile browsing. Dan Appelquist invites you to comment on this WICD-cool project.
Programming for the Mobile World
Sep 2, 2005
Matthew David rounds-up the development choices you have for mobile devices today. Java and .NET are here, but you'll also learn about new technologies, such as Macromedia's Flash Lite and other credible alternatives to the mobile standards.
Mobile IP Technology and Applications
Jul 8, 2005
This chapter highlights the major concepts of IOS Mobile IP configuration in a simple lab topology. It presents in detail the most important concepts in IOS Mobile IP configuration. We start out by using six routers to examine each component individually. Several alternatives requiring fewer routers are presented at the end of the chapter.
Installing and Configuring the Blackberry Desktop Manager
Jul 1, 2005
Like most handheld devices that synchronize data with your PC, there is a component that needs to be installed on your PC to help manage your handheld. This piece is called the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, and this chapter will help you install and configure it properly.
Introduction to Ultra Wideband Communication Systems
Jun 3, 2005
Ultra wideband (UWB) communication systems can be broadly classified as any communication system whose instantaneous bandwidth is many times greater than the minimum required to deliver particular information. This chapter will introduce you to the basic concepts of UWB and help you get started administrating UWB systems.
Securing Your Wireless Network with OpenVPN
Jun 3, 2005
Wireless is great, unless your next-door neighbor is stealing your data while you work. Stefan Alpers explains a cheap preventive measure that can help you avoid intrusion and attack on your wireless network.
Mobile 3D Graphics for J2ME (JSR-184): Part 2
May 6, 2005
Now that you're up close and personal with the Mobile 3D API and had a look at how 3D graphics were added in to mobile Java applications, Mikko Kontio continues his series with a look at how 3D modeling software can be used to make things simpler to code and to design.
Windows' Roaming Profiles to the Rescue
Apr 29, 2005
Depending on how you apply them, roaming profiles can do anything from making your life easier to saving your bacon. If a user needs access from all over the building, roaming profiles are a convenience. If you have 50 users and only 10 computers, roaming profiles are an easy solution. If an entire department's computers die in the middle of a critical project, roaming profiles are a lifesaver.
Cracking Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), Part 2
Mar 11, 2005
Concluding his two-part series, Seth Fogie describes in detail how WPA-PSK can be cracked.
Wireless Spam: Preparing for the Coming Blizzard
Feb 25, 2005
Wireless spam? It might not be a problem for you yet, but within a year or two, it will be! Anne Zieger has some tips on how to meet this threat head-on before it causes big hassles for your users.
Delivering Broadband Access Today: An Access Technologies Primer
Jan 21, 2005
This chapter explains the infrastructure required to provide broadband internet access to customers. DSL, cable, and Ethernet technologies are covered, and the respective network systems that are required to serve internet in these environments is explained.
Installing Broadband on Your Home System
Jan 21, 2005
Using broadband technologies such as Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) can make your web surfing experience better, says John Mueller, but only if you get a good installation. Get some important tips from this article.

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