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iModded My iPhone, Part 2: The Wi-Phone Mod
Oct 19, 2007
See the results when Seth Fogie "upgrades" the wireless antenna in his iPhone.
i-mode Download Fun: Wallpaper and Ringtones
Oct 26, 2001
In this article, Paul Wallace explains the options i-mode users have for personalizing handsets with custom wallpaper and ringtones.
Inside Mobile-spy "Spouseware," Part 1
Oct 12, 2007
Seth Fogie examines a "spouseware" program to see how it performs its eavesdropping functions.
Inside Mobile-spy "Spouseware," Part 2
Oct 19, 2007
Seth Fogie tries to hijack Mobile-spy for Windows Mobile phones to make it more malicious.
Installing and Configuring the Blackberry Desktop Manager
Jul 1, 2005
Like most handheld devices that synchronize data with your PC, there is a component that needs to be installed on your PC to help manage your handheld. This piece is called the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, and this chapter will help you install and configure it properly.
Installing Broadband on Your Home System
Jan 21, 2005
Using broadband technologies such as Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) can make your web surfing experience better, says John Mueller, but only if you get a good installation. Get some important tips from this article.
Interoperability Through Bluetooth Profiles
Nov 13, 2000
BluetoothTM wireless communication authority Brent A. Miller explains the purpose of profiles in the Bluetooth specification and discusses how these profiles can be used to promote interoperability among devices that employ this technology.
Interview with Wireless Expert Ted Rappaport
Nov 30, 2001
Wireless Expert Ted Rappaport answers questions on Wireless LANs, 802.11, MPRG, 3G, and starting startups.
Introduction to Bluetooth
By William Stallings
Oct 26, 2001
You're not alone if you're wondering what exactly "Bluetooth" is and why you should care about it. In this article, Bill Stallings looks at the hottest topic in wireless networks.
Introduction to Mobile Application Architectures
Oct 15, 2004
As mobile devices become more common, it becomes imperative to understand how this environment poses unique application architecture challenges. This chapter will help you understand the issues involved in developing applications for mobile devices.
Introduction to the Wireless World (Part 2)
Feb 9, 2001
This second article in a two-part introduction presents the mobile platform options currently available on the market.
Introduction to the Wireless World Part I
Feb 2, 2001
This two-part introduction presents the technologies, platforms, and issues that present challenges to mobile application developers.
Introduction to the ZigBee Wireless Sensor and Control Network
Dec 2, 2009
This chapter introduces the new standard for personal-area networks (PANs) developed by the ZigBee Alliance, a consortium of more than 270 companies that promotes the ZigBee standard for a low-rate/low-power wireless sensor and control network.
Introduction to Ultra Wideband Communication Systems
Jun 3, 2005
Ultra wideband (UWB) communication systems can be broadly classified as any communication system whose instantaneous bandwidth is many times greater than the minimum required to deliver particular information. This chapter will introduce you to the basic concepts of UWB and help you get started administrating UWB systems.
Introduction to Wireless Communication Systems: Advanced Techniques for Signal Reception
Dec 31, 2003
As wireless grows into a medium for supporting services such as the transmission of video, images, text, and data, the demand for new wireless capacity is growing at a very rapid pace. Techniques are currently being developed that allow for significant increases in wireless capacity without attendant increases in bandwidth or power requirements. The purpose of this chapter from "Wireless Communication Systems" is to present some initial background material on basic receiver signal processing for wireless.
Introduction to Wireless Networking in Windows XP Professional
Aug 20, 2001
Louis Columbus summarizes key wireless technologies and the role of Microsoft in streamlining their implementation, including the zero configuration applet included to streamline the overall process of connecting to wireless networks in Windows XP ...
Introduction to Wireless Systems
Jun 13, 2008
This chapter introduces the problem of moving information wirelessly from any point A to any point B and how the systems engineer fits into this process.
IrDA versus Bluetooth: Which is best for Windows XP Professional?
Sep 21, 2001
Now that virtually every laptop on the planet has an IrDA interface on it, and Bluetooth is getting strong support from many of the world's leading technology companies, the question arises about which is best for use in Windows XP Professional. Read ...
Is There a Bluetooth Killer App?
Nov 13, 2000
BluetoothTM wireless communication expert Brent A. Miller offers his opinion about a "killer application" for this technology. Rather than identifying a single-usage scenario as the killer app, Miller suggests that simple cable-replacement applications ...
J2ME Midlet Development
Feb 23, 2001
In this second article in a four-part series on Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) development, Bryan Morgan evaluates several popular J2ME SDKs and presents the architecture of a midlet application.

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