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A Tour of the Tablet PC
Feb 6, 2004
Close to a quarter of a century after we became a keyboard-centric society with the introduction of the personal computer, the pen is again trying to become mighty, thanks to the tablet PC.
A View of the LANscape
By William Stallings
Apr 27, 2001
Network expert Bill Stallings provides an overview of the types of local area networks (LANs) that dominate the market, in this second in a series of articles on LANs.
A WAP Primer
Oct 23, 2000
In this first section in the WAP article series, authors Chris Bennett and Frank Coyle introduce you to WAP, the powerful technology designed to help developers and network architects meet the challenges of a wireless network.
Abusing and Misusing Wireless Cameras
Sep 7, 2007
Security expert Seth Fogie takes a look at exploits relating to a popular wireless surveillance camera.
Achieving Nomadicity: Accessing the Internet Anytime, Anywhere
Mar 11, 2011
This chapter explains the key concepts that make it possible for users and devices to gain access to IP networks and IP-based applications that are offered by others than their own operator.
Adding Images and i-mode Pictograms
Oct 26, 2001
In this article, Paul Wallace helps you to develop attractive, yet still responsive i-mode content with rich color images and design.
Analyzing the Crossover Virus: The First PC to Windows Handheld Cross-infector
Mar 8, 2006
"Airborne" mobile viruses have been increasing in complexity at a surprising pace. In this article, Cyrus Peikari analyzes the new Crossover Trojan, which is the first malware that simultaneously infects both Windows PCs and Windows Mobile handheld devices.
AppForge Brings Visual Basic to the PalmOS
Apr 6, 2001
Intimidated by the prospect of PalmOS C programming? Looking for a rapid application development tool for PDA development? This article explores the exciting new AppForge development toolkit.
Attack of the Clones: Is Lindows the Real Deal?
Feb 14, 2003
Lindows 3.0 promises fast installations, easy updates, and an interface built to please. Seth Fogie takes a closer look at this operating system to determine whether Lindows has accomplished its goal.
Basic Network Programming in J2ME MIDP
Aug 27, 2001
This sample chapter discusses the important concepts involved in network programming with J2ME MIDP-such as the difference between network programming with J2SE and with J2ME, and the concept of the Generic Connection framework.
Bluetooth FAQs
Nov 13, 2000
Several lists of frequently asked questions, or FAQs, can be found on the subject of BluetoothTM wireless communication. Here, Brent A. Miller, an authority on this subject, offers his own Bluetooth FAQs.
Bluetooth Resources: Where to Begin
Nov 13, 2000
BluetoothTM wireless communication authority Brent A. Miller presents an informal bibliography of information sources about this new technology and discusses resources that may assist those who are new to the technology and want to learn more about ...
Bluetooth Technology and SIG Overview
Nov 13, 2000
BluetoothTM wireless communication is a very hot topic in computing, telecommunications, and other industries. Here, author Brent A. Miller provides an introduction to the technology and the organization behind it, as found in Bluetooth Revealed, the ...
Bluetooth™ and Other Wireless Technologies
Nov 30, 2001
In this article, derived from the author’s book Bluetooth Revealed, Second Edition, Bluetooth wireless communication authority Brent A. Miller compares Bluetooth wireless communication with other wireless technologies.
Bluetooth™ Qualification Program Overview
Nov 30, 2001
In this article, derived from the author’s book Bluetooth Revealed, Second Edition, Bluetooth wireless communication authority Brent A. Miller presents an overview of the Bluetooth qualification program (BQP).
Bluetooth: Unifying the Telecommunications and Computing Industries
Jul 5, 2002
Examine how Bluetooth wireless technology is setting the stage for the next step in the information technology revolution. Learn about the Personal Area Network (PAN), piconets and scatternets, and how Bluetooth will enable devices to communicate seamlessly through a standardized communications subsystem.
Bluetooth: Why all the hype?
Nov 13, 2000
In this opinion piece, BluetoothTM wireless communication expert Brent A. Miller discusses potential reasons why that technology has garnered so much publicity and industry interest.
Book Review: "Deploying Wireless WANs" and Interview with Jack Unger
Mar 14, 2003
Broadband Routers and Firewalls
Nov 17, 2006
Building a Mobile Platform Strategy - Part Two
May 30, 2003
Building functional and application roadmaps for enterprise wireless applications is the easy part. Choosing devices, platforms, and application software is the tricky part. Bhavish Sood leads you through the maze.

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