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Adjusting Color
Apr 16, 2007
Tonal Corrections
Feb 5, 2007
How to Create Killer Graphics in Flash 8
Sep 8, 2006
When you start creating graphics in Flash, you should notice some familiar tools. Nearly every graphics program uses rulers, paint brushes, and pens and Flash is no exception. In this sample chapter, you'll learn to use these familiar tools and more to create killer graphics within Flash.
Customize the Way You Work In Photoshop CS2
Aug 18, 2006
Animating with the New Flash Professional 8 Filters
Jun 2, 2006
Flash Professional 8 now includes a cool collection of image-compositing effects called blending modes and image special effects called filters. Join James Gonzalez on a hands-on journey of animating the new filters to create sophisticated, eye-catching graphic effects.
Designing the Obvious: The Ongoing Mission of Good Design
May 19, 2006
Concluding his series, Robert Hoekman, Jr. provides some practical suggestions on how to implement good design in your software and/or site, despite the sometimes frustrating process of working with other people in everyday business life.
Nikon Coolpix P1 Wifi Camera: Exposed and Abused
May 4, 2006
Seth Fogie exposes the internal mysteries of the digital camera for your viewing pleasure. However, this isn’t just an ordinary digital camera — Seth picked one that has built-in wireless connectivity, which he learned could leave you quite exposed.
How to Use the XPathAPI in Flash
Apr 7, 2006
Flash 8 has delivered the ability to do simple searches for node names and attribute values in an XML file with its new XPathAPI class. Kris Hadlock shows how to use the XPathAPI in Flash 8 to simplify and give power to your XML parsing.
Organizing Catalog Items in Adobe Photoshop Elements 4 and Premiere Elements 2
Mar 17, 2006
After importing images into a catalog, you can begin to work with them in the Organizer. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to review images one at a time in an automated slide show, group different versions of the same image, and categorize images.
Creating a Video with Synchronized Captions in Macromedia Flash 8
Mar 3, 2006
The projects in this chapter are the most universally practical projects in a book full of practical projects! At the core, you’ll build text captions for video content. You’ll also learn to create any kind of synchronization.
Introducing Fireworks 8: New Features and Best Practices
Dec 30, 2005
This chapter gives you a rundown of Macromedia Fireworks 8, with a focus on the new features added to this edition. Novices and experts alike will find this chapter useful as they explore the new version of Fireworks.
Importing Graphics into Flash
Nov 23, 2005
Ideally, you should create all of the graphics you use in a Flash animation in Flash. Sometimes, though, that just isn't practical. This chapter will help you prepare for that eventuality by teaching you how to import graphics into Flash from some other program.
Mirror, Mirror, Off the Wall
Nov 18, 2005
Photoshop Elements 4 gives you great control over your appearance, at least in digital photos. This chapter provides tutorials on altering yourself digitally, making yourself appear older, younger, and even adjusting your height.
Creating Graphics in Flash
Nov 11, 2005
This chapter provides a good introduction to the toolbar, how to draw shapes, and how to work with them on the stage. Like nearly everything else Flash related, the more you work with them, the more comfortable they will become. Get started here in this sample chapter.
Getting Started: Adding Text, Lists, and Previewing in the Browser in Dreamweaver 8
Nov 11, 2005
At its most basic, a web page is simply a text document that has been placed on the web. This chapter helps you get started building a webpage in Dreamweaver 8 by working with options for the most basic element of a web page: the text.
Building a Web Page in Dreamweaver 8
Nov 4, 2005
Building web pages in Dreamweaver is extremely intuitive and quick to pick up. Flanked by key panels and inspectors, building web pages in Dreamweaver is merely a matter of dragging and dropping objects onto the development environment and formatting attributes using the Properties Inspector, the Tag Inspector, and so on. This chapter covers the most common types of links and how to customize them using Dreamweaver 8.
Using the Photoshop Toolbox
Nov 4, 2005
The toolbox has gone through many incarnations since Photoshop was first introduced. More tools have been added and some modified and combined. This chapter is a reference on each of the tools provided with Photoshop CS2.
Developing a Workflow for Your Graphic Design Project
Jul 29, 2005
The creation of a finished multimedia project requries the work of multiple tools in various programs. A complicated project like this requires careful planning of the workflow in order to coordinate the project most efficiently. This chapter will teach you how to plan your workflow with a focus on Creative Suite 2.
Making Selections in Photoshop CS2
Jun 17, 2005
Photoshop provides copious tools for selecting portions of your images. This sample chapter will help you choose which tool to use in various situations, and how to use these tools to select just the parts of the image that you wish to edit.
Scrapbooking with Adobe Photoshop Elements 3: Hardware Tools
May 12, 2005
Scrapbooks has been around for ages, but like almost everything else, it's gotten a digital make-over for the 21st century. Find out what devices you'll need to start scrapbooking with Adobe Photoshop Elements 3, and how you can get around these requirements if need be.

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