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Access Database Design and Normalization
Jun 14, 2002
Here you can learn just enough relational theory to enable you to design Access databases that take advantage of the way relational database operations work.
Making Access Project and Data Technologies Choices
Jun 7, 2002
The advances in Access mean more choices for you. Here's some information to help you decide which technology to use for your application's back end, your database container, and the best method of accessing your data while working in VBA.
Relationships: Your Key to Data Integrity in Access
Mar 29, 2002
This sample chapter introduces relational database design. It explains how to establish relationships in Access and how to build referential integrity. The benefits of relationships are analyzed, and relationships and indexes are examined.
Automatic Access: Using Wizards
Mar 1, 2002
The important concept in this sample chapter from Sams Teach Yourself Access 2002 in 21 Days is to understand that wizards can save you a lot of time and that you can study the generated database applications for ideas that you can use in your own database.
Storing Your Access Data
Feb 8, 2002
Learn how to store data temporarily in RAM, using the essential data-declaration statements, Popup Hints, the Locals and Watches windows, the Immediate window, and the call stack.
Access 2002: Building a Simple Desktop and Web Application
Dec 14, 2001
Detailed, step-by-step instructions guide you through the process of designing an Access application.
InformIT Visual Tutorial 2: Databases for Web Businesses (Using Microsoft Access 2000)
Jun 8, 2001
The database is the central technology in a business Web site. In this database tutorial, you'll learn how to use Microsoft Access to create a GuestBook table and manually fill the table with data.
Taking More Control of Access
May 11, 2001
Using macros and creating Visual Basic for Applications code, you can take more control of Access capabilities. This chapter shows how VBA code can overcome limitations of macros and illustrates some other useful things you can do with VBA code.
Adding Data to Web Pages
May 11, 2001
If you want to use Web pages in your business solutions or create a corporate intranet or Internet site, data access pages can help you get the job done. By adding text, graphics, and controls, you can define a rich interface for your end users.

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