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Horizontal Axis: Maturity on Achieving Goals

Maturity indicates the extent to which a team is independently capable of organizing their work to deliver valuable products and services to customers, and the extent to which the team can self-organize their customer impact.

A highly mature team can

  • Plan and align their own work

  • Deliver quality products and services to their customer(s)

  • Continuously improve their own processes

  • Get feedback from customers to increase their impact

  • Collaborate autonomously with the rest of the organization

  • Give each other feedback to increase their own craftsmanship and competence

Contrast this with a low-maturity team who still needs help from their agile leader to achieve these same results. A low-maturity team will still need the agile leader to guide them in matters such as planning and aligning their work, making team agreements, arranging the holiday schedule, giving each other feedback, and managing the stakeholders.

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