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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Searching on Your iPhone

You can use the Search tool to search your iPhone to find many different types of information, including locations, emails, messages, apps, and so on.

There are a couple of ways you can start a search:

  • Swipe to the right to open the Widget Center. The Search bar is at the top of the screen.

  • On a Home screen, swipe down from the center of the screen. The Search bar appears at the top of the screen.

To perform a search, tap in the Search bar and type the search term using the onscreen keyboard. As you type, recent or suggested searches appear just below the Search bar; tap a search to perform it. Under the search list, you see the current items that match your search. If you don’t tap one of the recent or suggested searches, when you finish typing the search term, tap Search to see the full list of results.

The results are organized into sections, such as CONTACTS, MAIL, MESSAGES, APPLICATIONS, MAPS, MUSIC, and so on. Swipe up and down the screen to browse all of the results. To work with an item you find, such as to view a location you found, tap it; you move to a screen showing more information or into the associated app and see the search result that you tapped.

The results remain in the Search tool as you work with them. To move back to the search results, tap the Back icon (<) in the upper-left corner of the screen or tap Search (which you see depends on the result you tapped on).

The results of the most recent search are still listed. To clear the search term, tap Clear (x). To close the Search tool without going to one of the results, tap Cancel.

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