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Scrum with XP

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Introduction to Project X

Project X had a significantly troubled background. The requirements and data were so complicated that prior efforts never got beyond analysis. After two highly visible failures to deliver software, senior management felt a need for a radical change in approach.

The client had previously experimented with Agile methodologies as part of its ongoing research into software development and had had some success. In particular, the client had successfully used XP with engineering and infrastructure-related projects and had experimented with various Scrum practices. Following the most recent failures of Project X, it was felt that the time was ripe to introduce Agile methodologies into a formal business unit.

Ken led a three-day workshop consisting of business users, management, and engineers. Kane took on the role of ScrumMaster. The engineers were already skilled in XP. At the end of the workshop, the team was working on the first Sprint (iteration), using XP and Scrum.

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