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HTML, a text-only markup language used to describe hypertext pages on the World Wide Web, describes the structure of a page, not its appearance.

In this lesson, you learned what HTML is and how to write and preview simple HTML files. You also learned about the HTML tags shown in Table 4.1.

TABLE 4.1 HTML Tags from Lesson 4



<html> .. </html>

The entire HTML page

<head> .. </head>

The head, or prologue, of the HTML page

<body> .. </body>

All the other content in the HTML page

<title> .. </title>

The title of the page

<h1> .. </h1>

First-level heading

<h2> .. </h2>

Second-level heading

<h3> .. </h3>

Third-level heading

<h4> .. </h4>

Fourth-level heading

<h5> .. </h5>

Fifth-level heading

<h6> .. </h6>

Sixth-level heading

<p> .. </p>

A paragraph

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