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Suggested Projects

  1. Modify the flashlight app to be a version of the “hotter/colder” game. Provide an interface for player A to pick a target pixel. Player B then seeks out the target pixel based on the color of the spot, which turns blue (or red) as it is moved farther from (or closer to) the target.
  2. Find another 1DoF system of interest and modify the stability app to study the nature of its equilibrium.
  3. The explicit Euler method is perhaps the simplest and least reliable method for numerical solution of ODEs. Enhance the stability app by implementing a more sophisticated ODE solver. A Runge-Kutta method would be a good next step into a major field.
  4. The van der Pol limit cycle turns out to be nearly circular for param = 0.1. Modify the stability app so the shading depends on the difference between the final distance and a new parameter rad. Implement interactive control of rad, and run the modified app to identify the size of the limit cycle.
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