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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Review Questions

Review 1

  1. In what ways does self-organization change the day-to-day life of a developer?

  2. Who should the team look to first to solve their problems?

  3. Why would frequent delivery of working software make a developer uncomfortable?

  4. What do successful teams do to incorporate virtual team members?

  5. How does altering the seating arrangements change team dynamics in Agile?

Review 2

  1. Instead of offering solutions to the team, what should an Agile manager do?

  2. What is an example of a type of roadblock that an Agile manager could clear?

  3. What are the characteristics of a Theory X manager, according to McGregor?

  4. How can an Agile manager demonstrate trust in a team?

  5. What are some managerial traits that are incompatible with Agile?

Review 3

  1. What are examples of items that require additional budget from an Agile executive?

  2. How can executives help with sustainability on Agile teams?

  3. Why might an executive want to change the priorities for an Agile team immediately?

  4. Who typically serves as the executive sponsor of an Agile implementation?

  5. What are examples of metrics that drive the wrong behavior, and why?

Review 4

  1. What are some of the practices to ensure that international resources are effectively integrated into the team?

  2. Identify several roles outside of the IT organization that are affected by an Agile transformation.

  3. Why is it so important to enable teams to honor their commitments?

  4. Why would someone choose to leave the organization (resign) rather than move to an Agile environment?

  5. What should be done when an aspect of the Agile transformation is not working or delivering the desired results?

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