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Quality Gateway

Requirements are the foundation for all that is to follow in the product development cycle. Thus it stands to reason that if the right product is to be built, the requirements must be correct before they are handed over to the builders. To ensure correctness, the quality gateway tests the requirements (Figure 2.6). The IceBreaker team has set up a single point that every requirement must pass through before it can become a part of the specification. This gateway is manned by two people—the lead requirements analyst and a tester—and they are the only people authorized to pass requirements through the gateway. Working together, they check each requirement for completeness, relevance, testability, coherency, traceability, and several other qualities before they allow it to be passed to the developers.

Figure 2.6

Figure 2.6. The quality gateway ensures that requirements are rigorous by testing each one for completeness, correctness, measurability, absence of ambiguity, and several other attributes, before allowing the requirement to be passed to the developers.

By ensuring that the only way for requirements to be made available for the developers is for those requirements to pass through the quality gateway, the project team is in control of the requirements, and not the other way around.

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