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Reflection and Action

Let's see if you can apply some ideas from this chapter to your organization:

  • Consider the people in your team. Are they generalizing specialists (or specializing generalists)? If not, what will you do about that?
  • Review the official job titles in your organization. Are they wide enough to cover different roles? If not, come up with a plan to change them and make them wider.
  • Consider leadership in your team. Are there informal leaders among the team members? Are these leadership roles dynamic enough so that they can change easily when needed?
  • Review how teams are constructed in your organization. Are the teams small enough so that people can feel they are really part of a team? Does team membership last long enough for rules and leadership to emerge? Are the teams cross-functional?
  • Review the quadrant of organizational styles. Which style are you using now in your organization? If it's not the fourth style, do you have a plan for getting there?
  • Discuss value with your team. Does the team see itself as a value-delivering unit? Do they feel that other teams also consider themselves as value units? If not, can you do something about that?
  • Review the management positions in your organization. Are all of them adding real value? If not, can you address or influence this issue?
  • Draw the organizational structure of your business. Does it look like a hierarchy or like a value network?
  • Check your own social skills. Are you connecting with people regularly? If not, how will you change that?
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