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Windows XP Networking

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Windows XP Networking

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  • Copyright 2005
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-321-20563-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-20563-6

Windows XP: practical solutions for working network administrators

Deploying, managing, or supporting networks with Windows XP clients? Here's all the information you need to maximize reliability, security, and performance... and minimize hassles and aggravation!

Kackie Cohen and Andrew Daniels share the extraordinary experience they've gained deploying and running some of the world's largest Windows networks. They don't waste time on the "basics" you already know. Rather, they focus on the specific challenges you face as a working professional.

You'll find best practices and real-world tips for everything from authentication to Internet connectivity, firewalls to wireless networking... and a whole lot more.

Coverage includes:

  • Security best practices: system hardening, access control, authentication, authorization, and VPNs
  • LANs in depth: TCP/IP configuration, heterogeneous networking, services for Unix, and more
  • Wireless networking configuration and features, including Windows XP's new UPnP support
  • Internet connection firewall and Internet connection sharing: step-by-step configuration and management recommendations
  • Mobile/remote networking, including dial-up and remote access services
  • Saving money with Windows XP's new IP telephony and conferencing features
  • QoS: prioritizing network traffic to improve mission-critical application performance
  • Troubleshooting: network diagnostics, remote assistance, utilities, service packs, and command-line tools
  • Includes extensive coverage of Windows XP Professional clients
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    Table of Contents



    1. Overview of XP Networking Enhancements.

    Network Setup Wizard.

    Network Diagnostics Features.

    Universal Plug and Play Client Support.

    Network Location Awareness and Winsock API Enhancements.

    Wireless LAN Enhancements.

    Internet Connection Firewall.

    Internet Connection Sharing Enhancements.

    PPPoE Client.

    IPv6 Development Stack.

    Credential Management.

    Connection Manager.

    Network Bridging Support.

    IEEE 1394.

    Quality of Service Enhancements in Windows XP.


    IP Telephony.

    IrDA provides an IrCOMM Modem Driver.

    TAPI 3.1 and TAPI Service Providers.

    Real Time Communication Client APIs.


    2. TCP/IP Overview.

    History and a Primer.

    TCP/IP Handshake.


    IEEE 1394.

    IP Filtering.

    3. WINS, DNS, and DHCP.

    WINS Basics.

    WINS Configuration.




    4. Active Directory.


    X.500 Standard.

    Active Directory 101.

    Active Directory, XP, and You.

    5. Windows TCP/IP Configuration.

    Configuring IP Properties.

    Advanced Configuration.

    Network Setup Wizard.

    Network Bridging Support.

    Sliding Windows.

    TCP/IP Tools.


    6. Other LAN Protocols and Heterogeneous Networks.


    Interoperating with NetWare.

    Interoperability with UNIX and Linux.


    7. Internet Connection Firewall.

    Firewall Types.

    Internet Connection Sharing.

    Internet Connection Firewall Considerations.

    Enabling Internet Connection Firewall.

    Internet Connection Firewall–Log File Monitoring.

    Enabling Logging.

    Internet Connection Firewall–Troubleshooting.

    Opening a Port Manually.

    IPv6 and the Internet Connection Firewall.

    8. Internet Connection Sharing in Windows XP.

    Overview of ICS Functionality.

    Network Address Translation.

    Configuring Internet Connection Sharing.


    9. Wireless Overview and Enhancements in Windows XP.

    802.11 Basics.

    Extensible Authentication Protocol.

    Extensible Authentication Protocol over RADIUS.

    Radio Frequencies.

    Understanding the 802.11 MAC Sublayer.

    Speed, Function, Form 802.11x.

    802.11 Authentication.

    802.11 Encryption with Wired Equivalent Privacy.

    Understanding WEP Decryption.

    WEP Concerns.

    Windows XP Wireless Zero Configuration Service.

    Roaming Support.

    RADIUS Overview.

    IAS and Remote Access Policies.

    10. Wireless Configuration.

    Configuring Your Wireless Network.

    11. Windows XP Telephony.

    Telephony Application Programming Interface.

    IP Telephony.

    Telecommunications Services.

    Configuring Telephony Parameters.

    Creating a Dial-up Connection.

    IP Telephony Configuration.


    12. Remote Access.

    Inbound Connections.

    Outbound Connections.

    Connection Services.


    13. Quality of Service.

    Overview of QoS.

    QoS in Windows XP.

    Configuring QoS.


    14. General Security Practices.

    Defining Good Security Practices.

    Tenets of Security.

    Knowing the Threats.

    Classification and Containment.

    15. System Hardening.

    Introduction to System Security.

    Basic Service and Application Tuning.

    Service and Application Auditing.

    Registry Tweaking.

    Performance Enhancement.

    Automated System Recovery in Windows XP.


    16. Authentication.

    Secure Authentication Features in XP.

    Authentication Services and Components.

    Logon Process.

    Configuration and Recommended Practices.

    Authentication Policies.


    17. Authorization and Access Control.


    Authorization Process.

    Creating an Access Control Strategy.

    Configuring Auditing.

    Event Viewer.


    18. Virtual Private Networks.

    What VPN Is.


    How IP Security Works 444

    Virtual Private Networks, XP, and You.



    Authentication Modes.

    Understanding IP Security and Policies.

    Configuring a Virtual Private Network.

    Setting Up and Maintaining Multiple VPN Connections.

    Troubleshooting VPN Issues.



    Tools and Utilities.





    General Management.

    Service Pack 1a.



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