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Windows 8.1 on Demand

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Windows 8.1 on Demand


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  • Copyright 2014
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-5228-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-5228-4

Need answers quickly? Windows 8.1 on Demand provides those answers in a visual step-by-step format. We will show you exactly what to do through lots of full color illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions.

Numbered Steps guide you through each task

See Also points you to related information in the book

Did You Know? alerts you to tips and techniques

Illustrations with matching steps

Tasks are presented on one or two pages

Inside the Book

  • Master the Windows 8.1 user experience
  • Manage files and information with the Desktop and Windows apps
  • Share files and media on a SkyDrive, HomeGroup, or network
  • Browse the Web, search for information, and get instant updates
  • Use Windows apps to get news, finance, sports, travel, weather, food, and health from Bing
  • Use Windows apps to work with mail, instant messages, calls, contacts, photos, music, videos, and games
  • Get more apps using the Windows Store
  • Protect your device from Internet or network intruders
  • Set multiple users and parent controls
  • Customize, fine-tune, and administer Windows 8.1

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Online Sample Chapter

Managing Files and Folders in Windows 8.1

Sample Pages

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Table of Contents

Introduction    xvii

1  Getting Started with Windows 8.1    1

Introducing Windows 8.1    2  New!

Starting Windows 8.1    3

Using the Mouse or Gestures    4

Exploring the Start Screen    6  New!

Using the Start Bar    8  New!

Using the Charms Bar    9

Exploring the Windows Desktop    10  New!

Using the Desktop Taskbar    12  New!

Managing Desktop Windows    14

Using Tabs, Menus, and Toolbars    16

Choosing Dialog Box Options    17

Using Windows Help and Support    18

Switching Users    20  New!

Powering Down    22  New!

2  Working with Windows Metro Apps    23

Displaying All Your Apps    24  New!

Searching for Apps    26  New!

Using Different Apps    28  New!

Starting and Closing Apps    29  New!

Using the App Bar    30  New!

Changing Apps Settings    31

Working with Multiple Apps    32

Working with Apps Side by Side    33  New!

Sharing Between Apps    34

Installing Apps from the Store    36  New!

Updating Apps    38

Uninstalling Apps    39

Customizing Apps on the Start Screen    40  New!

Grouping Apps on the Start Screen    42  New!

Setting Notification Options for Apps    44  New!

Setting Search Options for Apps    45  New!

Setting Privacy Options for Apps    46  New!

3  Managing Files and Folders in the Desktop    47

Using the Explorer Window    48  New!

Changing the Explorer Window View    49

Using the Ribbon    50

Choosing Commands    51

Opening and Viewing This PC    52  New!

Viewing and Opening Documents    54

Working with Libraries    56  New!

Working with Personal Folders    58  New!

Navigating Between Folders    59

Viewing the Folders List    60  New!

Changing the Explorer Layout    61  New!

Customizing the Navigation Pane    62

Organizing Files by Headings    63

Sorting and Grouping Files    64

Searching for Files and Folders    66

Saving a Search    68

Changing Search Options    69

Modifying the Index to Improve Searches    70

Adding Properties and Tags to Files    72

Creating and Renaming Files and Folders    74

Copying and Moving Files and Folders    76

Deleting and Restoring Files and Folders    78

Changing File and Folder List Views    80

Hiding Files and Folders    81

Changing Folder Options    82

Customizing Library Folders    84

Customizing Personal Folders    85

Sharing Folders or Files with Others    86  New!

Compressing Files and Folders    88

Managing Files Using a CD or DVD    90

Creating a Shortcut to a File or Folder    92

4  Exploring the Internet    93

Starting the Internet Explorer App    94  New!

Viewing the Internet Explorer App Window    95

Navigating the Web with the IE App    96  New!

Navigating Using Tabs with the IE App    98  New!

Searching the Web with the IE App & Bing    100  New!

Changing IE App Settings    102  New!

Starting Internet Explorer from the Desktop    103

Viewing the Internet Explorer Window    104

Changing Your Home Page    105

Browsing the Web    106

Browsing with Tabs    108

Navigating Basics    110

Browsing Privately    111

Using Compatibility View    112

Zooming the View In and Out    113

Using and Managing Accelerators    114

Getting Suggestions for Web Sites    115

Adding a Web Page to the Favorites List    116

Viewing and Maintaining a History List    118

Reading and Subscribing to Feeds    120

Searching the Web    122

Previewing and Printing a Web Page    124

Saving Pictures or Text from a Web Page    126

Saving a Web Page    128

Sending a Page or Link by E-mail    129

Downloading Files from the Web    130

Connecting to the Internet    132

Creating an Internet Connection    133

Setting Up Windows Firewall    134

5  Working with Contacts and Calendars    135

Starting the People App    136  New!

Viewing the People App Window    137

Adding Contacts from Online Accounts    138  New!

Viewing Contacts    140  New!

Sorting or Filtering Contacts    142

Creating Favorite Contacts    143  New!

Adding or Editing Contacts    144

Deleting Contacts    146  New!

Linking Contacts    147

Starting the Calendar App    148

Changing the Calendar View    149  New!

Scheduling Events    150

Scheduling Recurring Events    152

Scheduling Events with a Reminder    153

Editing or Deleting Events    154

Changing Calendar Options    156  New!

6  Exchanging Mail    157

Starting the Mail App    158

Getting Around the Mail Window    159  New!

Adding Mail Accounts    160

Modifying Account Settings    162  New!

Composing and Sending Email    164  New!

Formatting Email Messages    166  New!

Creating Email Signatures    167

Reading and Replying to Email    168  New!

Sending and Retrieving a File    170  New!

Managing Email    172  New!

Removing Unwanted Email    174  New!

Searching for Email    175

Using Windows Live Essentials    176

7  Exchanging Calls and Instant Messages    177

Starting the Skype App    178  New!

Viewing the Skype App Window    179  New!

Modifying Skype Profile Settings    180  New!

Changing Skype Options    182  New!

Adding Skype Contacts    184  New!

Making Phone Calls    186  New!

Sending and Receiving Instant Messages    188  New!

Working with Contacts    190  New!

8  Working with Photos and Pictures    191

Starting and Viewing the Photos App    192

Navigating in the Photos App    193  New!

Importing Photos    194

Deleting Photos    195

Editing Photos    196  New!

Displaying a Slide Show    198

Setting a Photo as the Lock or Start Screen Tile    199

Drawing a Picture    200

Editing a Picture    202

Viewing Pictures    204

Formatting and Printing Photos    206

Ordering Photo Prints from the Web    207

Emailing a Picture    208

Installing a Digital Camera or Scanner    209  New!

Downloading Digital Camera Pictures    210

Using Pictures as a Screen Saver    212

Using a Picture as a Desktop Background    213

Understanding Picture File Formats    214

9  Working with Windows Media    215

Starting and Updating Windows Media Player    216

Viewing the Media Player Window    217

Playing Music from CDs    218

Playing a DVD or VCD Movie    219

Controlling the Volume    220

Playing Media Files    222

Playing Media Using a Playlist    224

Ripping CD Music    226

Copying Media Files to a CD or Portable Device    228

Streaming Media    230

Enhancing the Media Player Display    232

Viewing and Playing Music Files    233

Recording a Sound File    234

Associating a Sound with an Event    236

Starting and Navigating Windows Media Center    237

Changing Windows Media Center Settings    238

10  Working with Online Media    239

Getting News Information    240  New!

Getting Financial Updates    242  New!

Getting Travel Information    243

Getting the Latest Sports News    244  New!

Getting the Latest Weather    246  New!

Getting Food & Drink Information    248  New!

Getting Health & Fitness Information    249  New!

Viewing Maps and Directions    250  New!

Creating Reading Lists    252  New!

Reading Documents    253

Managing Files with SkyDrive    254

Sharing Files with SkyDrive    256  New!

Changing SkyDrive Settings    258  New!

Setting Alarms    259  New!

Capturing a Photo or Video    260

Watching Videos    262

Playing Games    263

Listening to Music    264  New!

Using Devices with Apps    266

11  Working with Windows Accessories    267

Starting and Exiting for Windows Accessories    268  New!

Changing the Way Programs Start    270

Using Windows Accessories    271

Creating a Document    272

Editing Text    274

Formatting Text    276

Setting Paragraph Tabs    277

Setting Paragraph Indents    278

Previewing and Printing a Document    279

Saving and Closing a Document    280

Inserting Special Characters    281

Inserting and Editing Information    282

Linking and Updating Information    284

Calculating Numbers    286  New!

Running Commands    288

Snipping the Screen    290

Recording Steps    291

Creating Sticky Notes    292

Handwriting Journal Entries    293

Using the Math Input Panel    294

Running Older Programs    295

Quitting a Program Not Responding    296

12  Customizing Windows    297

Viewing Windows Settings    298  New!

Personalizing the Lock Screen    299  New!

Personalizing the Start Screen    300  New!

Syncing Options on Other Devices    301  New!

Changing General Settings    302  New!

Viewing the Control Panel    304

Changing the Desktop Background    305

Changing the Desktop Appearance    306  New!

Starting with the Desktop    307  New!

Customizing the Desktop    308

Using a Screen Saver    310

Changing the Text Size on the Screen    311  New!

Changing the Screen Display    312

Setting the Date and Time    314

Changing Language Options    316

Changing Regional Options    318

Working with Fonts    319

Displaying and Arranging Toolbars    320

Customizing the Taskbar    322

Setting Default Programs    324

Changing the Way a Disc or Device Starts    326  New!

Using Ease of Access Tools    327

Using the Ease of Access Center    328

Listening to Your System    330

Recognizing Your Speech    332

Setting Ease of Access Options    334  New!

13  Setting Up User Accounts and Maintaining Security    335

Exploring Windows Security    336  New!

Changing User Account Settings    338  New!

Adding User Accounts    340  New!

Deleting User Accounts    342

Creating a Guest Account    344

Changing a User Account Type    345

Changing the Start Up Screen    346

Changing an Account Picture    347  New!

Changing a Password    348

Resetting a Password    350

Locking the Screen    351  New!

Managing Security in One Place    352

Defending Against Malicious Software    354

Setting Family Safety Controls    356  New!

Encrypting Files for Safety    358

Encrypting Files Using BitLocker    359

Avoiding Viruses and Other Harmful Attacks    360

Understanding Security on the Internet    362

Creating Security Zones    364

Cleaning Up Internet Files and Information    366

Protecting Internet Privacy    367

Protecting an Internet Identity    368

Blocking Pop-Up Ads    369

Protecting Against Phishing    370  New!

Blocking Content with Tracking Protection    372

Managing Add-Ons    373

Protecting Privacy with IE App    374  New!

14  Managing Files Using a Network    375

Understanding Network Services    376

Viewing a Network    378

Viewing the Network and Sharing Center    380

Viewing Network Connections    381

Viewing Network Properties    382

Viewing Network Connection Properties    383

Joining a Workgroup Network    384

Joining a Domain Network    386

Connecting to a Network Using a Modem    388

Connecting to a Network over the Internet    390  New!

Connecting to a Wireless Network    392

Setting Up a Wireless Network    394

Disabling or Enabling a Wireless Network    395

Managing a Wireless Connection    396  New!

Disconnecting a Network    398

Mapping and Disconnecting a Network Drive    399

Creating a Shortcut to a Network    400

Sharing an Internet Connection    402

Setting Network Sharing Options    403

Setting Homegroup Sharing Options    404

Sharing with a Homegroup    406

Keeping Files in Sync    408

Working with Offline Files    410

Controlling a Remote Desktop    412

Syncing Files at a Workplace Network    414  New!

Connecting Devices to a Workplace Network    416  New!

15  Printing, Faxing, and Scanning    417

Understanding Printers    418  New!

Viewing Printers    419

Installing a Printer    420  New!

Specifying a Default Printer    422

Renaming or Deleting a Printer    423

Printing Documents    424  New!

Managing Printers and Print Jobs    426

Changing Printer Properties    428

Changing Printer Preferences    429

Sharing a Printer    430

Creating an XPS Document    431

Understanding Faxes    432

Setting Up a Fax    433

Creating a Fax Cover Page    434

Sending a Fax    436

Managing Outgoing Faxes    438

Receiving a Fax    439

Reviewing a Fax    440

Changing Fax Properties    441

Scanning a Document    442  New!

16  Maintaining Your Computer    443

Understanding Disk File Systems    444

Formatting a Disk    446

Displaying Disk and Folder Information    448

Setting Disk Quotas for Users    449

Detecting and Repairing Disk Errors    450

Encrypting a Disk    451

Optimizing a Disk    452

Cleaning Up a Disk    453

Boosting Speed with a Removable Disk    454

Adding or Removing Windows Components    455

Installing and Uninstalling a Program    456

Updating Windows    458  New!

Updating and Refreshing Windows    460  New!

Keeping a File History    462  New!

Restoring a File History    464

Creating a System Image    465

Restoring System Settings    466

Creating a System Recovery Drive    468

Setting Startup and Recovery Options    469

Starting Windows When Problems Occur    470

17  Managing Hardware    471

Understanding Plug and Play Hardware    472

Viewing Hardware Devices    474

Installing Hardware Devices    476

Viewing System Hardware Settings    477

Changing Windows Update Driver Settings    478

Changing Keyboard Settings    479

Changing Mouse Settings    480  New!

Changing Phone and Modem Options    482

Managing Storage Spaces    483

Managing Color    484

Using the Windows Mobility Center    485

Adding a Secondary Monitor    486

Controlling Power Options    488

Removing Hardware Devices    490

Removing Plug and Play Hardware    491

Troubleshooting Problems    492

18  Administering Your Computer    493

Exploring Windows Administrative Tools    494  New!

Scheduling Tasks    496

Monitoring Activity with Event Viewer    497

Managing an Event Log    498

Managing All Printers    500

Checking Memory for Problems    501

Viewing and Creating Performance Charts    502

Monitoring Local Security Settings    504

Viewing Computer Management Tools    506

Managing Disks    507

Managing Local Users and Groups    508

Viewing and Saving System Information    509

Setting System Configuration Options    510

A  Appendix: Installing Windows 8.1    511

Preparing to Install Windows 8.1    512  New!

Installing Windows 8.1    514  New!

Updating Windows 8.1    516  New!

Reinstalling Windows 8.1    518

Using Windows To Go    519

Transferring Files and Settings from Another PC    520

Getting Help+Tips for Windows 8.1    522  New!

New Features    523  New!

Index    529


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