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Using the Microsoft Office Web Apps

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Using the Microsoft Office Web Apps


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  • Copyright 2010
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-4486-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4486-9

Get comfortable with the newest way to use Microsoft Office 2010. Don’t just read about it: See it, hear it, with step-by-step video tutorials and valuable audio sidebars delivered through the free Web Edition that comes with every USING book. For the price of the book you get online access anywhere with a web connection--no books to carry, updated content, and the benefit of video and audio learning. Way more than just a book, this is all the help you’ll ever need...where you want, when you want!

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Table of Contents

Introduction     1

How This Book Is Organized     2

Using This Book     2

Special Features     3

About the USING Web Edition     3

1 Introducing the Office Web Apps     4

Comparing the Web Apps and the Desktop Apps     5

Understanding Office Web App File Compatibility     6

Comparing General Interface Features      6

Comparing Excel and the Excel Web App     8

Comparing Word and the Word Web App     9

Comparing PowerPoint and the PowerPoint Web App     11

Comparing OneNote and the OneNote Web App     13

What You Need to Use the Office Web Apps     15

Browser Support     15

Obtaining a Windows Live ID     18

Installing Silverlight for Better Performance     19

Accessing the Office Web Apps     21

Accessing the Office Web Apps via SkyDrive     21

Accessing the Office Web Apps via SharePoint 2010     23

Scenarios for Using the Office Web Apps      24

Having Document Access Everywhere     25

Distribution Made Simple: One File, One Location     26

No Microsoft Office? No Problem!      26

Broadcasting Your Presentations     27

Collaborating in the Cloud     28

2 Learning Windows Live SkyDrive Essentials     29

Setting Up SkyDrive     29

Changing the Theme     29

Assigning a Picture to Your Profile     31

Working with SkyDrive Folders     32

Viewing a SkyDrive Folder     33

Navigating SkyDrive Folders     34

Creating a SkyDrive Folder     35

Changing the SkyDrive Folder View     37

Downloading a SkyDrive Folder     38

Deleting a SkyDrive Folder     38

Working with Office Documents in SkyDrive      39

Creating a New Office Document in SkyDrive     40

Uploading Office Documents to SkyDrive     41

Using Office 2010 to Save a Document to SkyDrive     45

Viewing an Office Document     46

Opening an Office Document for Editing     48

Working with SkyDrive Files     49

Moving a SkyDrive File to Another Folder     49

Copying a SkyDrive File to Another Folder     51

Renaming a SkyDrive File     51

Adding a Comment to a SkyDrive File     52

Disabling File Comments . .      53

Downloading a SkyDrive File     54

Deleting a SkyDrive File     55

3 Learning SharePoint 2010 Essentials     57

Managing SharePoint Document Libraries     57

Opening a Library     57

Navigating the Library Hierarchy     59

Adding a Library     61

Creating a Custom Library View     63

Downloading a Library     66

Deleting a Library     67

Dealing with Office Documents in SharePoint     68

Creating a New Office Document in SharePoint      68

Uploading Office Documents to SharePoint     70

Saving a Document to SharePoint Using Office 2010     72

Viewing an Office Document     74

Opening an Office Document for Editing     76

Managing SharePoint Files     78

Copying a SharePoint File to Another Library     78

Renaming a SharePoint File     80

Checking a Document Out and In     80

Deleting a SharePoint File     82

4 Collaborating with the Office Web Apps     84

Collaborating with the Office Web Apps Using SkyDrive     84

Working with SkyDrive Permissions     85

Configuring Your SkyDrive Network     86

Configuring Your SkyDrive User Categories     89

Configuring Your SkyDrive Folder Permissions     91

Letting People Know About Your SkyDrive Data     93

Collaborating on an Office Document in SkyDrive     99

Collaborating with the Office Web Apps Using SharePoint 2010     102

Working with Library Permissions     103

Letting People Know About Your SharePoint Data     110

Collaborating on an Office Document in SharePoint     115

5 Formatting Your Office Web Apps Documents     120

Changing the Font     120

Setting the Typeface     121

Changing the Type Size     123

Applying Type Effects     124

Setting Text Colors     126

Formatting Paragraphs     127

Building a Bulleted List     127

Creating a Numbered List     129

Setting the Indentation     130

Aligning Paragraphs     132

Applying Styles     134

Inserting a Link     136

Clearing Formatting     139

6 Working with the Office Web Apps File Features     140

Saving a File     140

Opening a Document in the Desktop Application     143

Downloading a Snapshot of an Excel Workbook     146

Downloading a Copy of an Excel Workbook     147

Closing a File     148

7 Using the Word Web App     150

Understanding the Word Web App’s Restrictions     150

Finding Text     151

Building Word Tables     153

Inserting a Table     154

Selecting Table Elements     155

Inserting Rows and Columns     156

Changing the Column Width and Row Height     157

Aligning Table Elements     158

Deleting Table Elements     159

Inserting Images     159

Inserting a Picture     159

Inserting Clip Art      161

Formatting Images     162

Proofing Word Documents     163

8 Using the Excel Web App     165

Understanding the Excel Web App’s Restrictions     165

Building a Worksheet      166

Entering Text, Numbers, and Dates     166

Building Formulas     170

Selecting Ranges     172

Making a Copy of a Range     174

Moving a Range      174

Inserting a Range     175

Deleting a Range     178

Formatting a Range     179

Adding Borders     179

Aligning Text Vertically Within a Cell     180

Wrapping Text Within a Cell     181

Applying a Numeric Format     181

Applying a Date Format     183

Controlling the Number of Decimal Places     185

Building Tables in the Excel Web App     186

Converting a Range to a Table      187

Toggling the Header Row and Total Row     188

Inserting New Table Records and Fields     189

Deleting Rows and Columns     190

Sorting Table Data     191

Filtering Table Data     192

Filtering Using a Filter List      193

Filtering Using Quick Filters     194

Clearing a Filter     197

9 Using the PowerPoint Web App     198

Understanding the PowerPoint Web App’s Restrictions     198

Building a Presentation     199

Adding a New Slide     200

Adding Text to a Slide     202

Rearranging Slides     204

Duplicating a Slide     204

Hiding a Slide     204

Deleting a Slide     205

Adding Notes     206

Working with Slide Pictures     207

Adding a Picture to a Slide     207

Setting the Picture Style     208

Changing a Picture     210

Adding SmartArt Graphics to a Slide     210

Adding a SmartArt Graphic to a Slide     211

Applying a SmartArt Color Scheme     213

Setting the SmartArt Style     213

Changing the SmartArt Layout      215

Viewing a Presentation Online     215

Switching to Reading View     216

Switching to Slide Show View     217

10 Using the OneNote Web App     219

Understanding the OneNote Web App’s Restrictions     219

Building a Notebook     220

Inserting a New Section     220

Inserting a New Page     222

Working with Page Containers     222

Tagging Items     223

Working with Pictures     226

Inserting a Picture     226

Inserting Clip Art     227

Formatting Images     228

Building OneNote Tables     229

Inserting a Table     229

Selecting Table Elements     232

Inserting Rows and Columns     232

Changing the Column Width and Row Height     233

Aligning Table Elements     234

Deleting Table Elements     234

Index     236


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