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Usability Engineering: Process, Products & Examples

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Usability Engineering: Process, Products & Examples


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Focus on the process and the stages of development of a usability engineering project:

–       Uses examples from a typical class project throughout to illustrate the user interface development process.

–       This medium-scale development example is presented in sufficient detail for instructors to be able to use as a model for their own term projects.

Coverage of the entire usability engineering lifecycle:

–       Emphasizes select techniques and methodologies.

–       Helps students understand the activities and goals in the usability engineering process rather than a particular methodology.

Projects can use a variety of development environments, with no specific programming language or development environment used in the text.

Examples throughout the text that apply to a number of settings, including the Web – but are for the most part not Web-based to give students experience with the kind of projects they might encounter in their careers.

A number of chapter exercises solidify the points of the chapters.


  • Copyright 2008
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  • Pages: 336
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  • ISBN-10: 0-13-157008-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-157008-5

Written in an accessible, conversational style, this comprehensive introduction to usability engineering takes a project-based approach to the development process. KEY TOPICS: Provides detailed coverage of the fundamentals without unnecessary depth or breadth, focusing readers on understanding the goals and process of usability engineering. Covers the entire usability engineering lifecycle, emphasizing select techniques and methodologies. Illustrates the user interface development process with examples from a medium-scale development example. MARKET: For anyone interested in learning more about usability and user interfaces in computer systems and software.

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Table of Contents


I. Introduction to usability.

1. What is a user interface?

2. What do we mean by HCI, usability, and user interfaces?

3. Defining usability and models of usability.

II. The process of usability engineering.

4. The process of usability engineering.

III. Defining and documenting the user’s needs.

5. Understanding and documenting the UI that the user has in mind.

6. Large-scale example of analysis and specification of user context, tasks, and characteristics.

IV. Designing a user interface to match the user needs.

7. Designing the interaction and designing a solution.

8. Interaction styles and how they relate to project situations.

9. More guidelines, some standards and generally some more ideas to improve your design of interaction.

V. Revisiting the process.

10. Revisiting the process: Prototyping your interaction.

11. Usability assessment.

VI. A little more about design.

12. Interaction design and evaluation example.

13. Specifying and analyzing your (quality) software design.

VII. Context, constraints and responsibilities for user interface design.

14. The ‘H’ in HCI.

15. Usability for everyone.

16. References.


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