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Upgrading and Repairing Laptops, Rough Cuts, 3rd Edition

Upgrading and Repairing Laptops, Rough Cuts, 3rd Edition

Rough Cuts

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  • Copyright 2010
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 900
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Rough Cuts
  • ISBN-10: 0-7686-9188-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7686-9188-7

This is a working draft of a pre-release book. It is available before the published date as part of the Rough Cuts service.

While pricing for laptops has come down considerably in recent years, they still represent a significant expense and pose a number of challenges for the user who wants to upgrade their laptop as opposed to simply buying a new one. Scott Mueller uses laptops exclusively now and has assembled the only resource for upgrading and repairing laptops ever published! Beyond cutting edge, Scott goes where no computer book author has gone before - right past all the effusive warranty stickers, hidden screws and the fear factor to produce a real owner's manual that every laptop owner should have on his/her desk. Scott demystifies the laptop, shows you the upgrades you can perform, the ones that are better left to the manufacturer and how to use add-on peripherals to make the most of your laptop. This book is perfect if you've ever wondered what goes on inside your portable PC, how to upgrade/repair your PC or how to live on the road with it, then this is the one must-have book of the year!

  • Scott digs elbow-deep into laptops and shows readers how to upgrade, repair and hotrod their laptop and peripherals!
  • This is the owner's manual that should be sold with laptops!
  • Never-before-seen video shows you the inside of a laptop and what makes it tick
  • Extensive coverage of new dual-core laptops, which make laptops every bit as powerful as a desktop

Sample Content

Table of Contents

FM Frontmatter
IN Introduction
1 Portable Systems Background
2 Portable PC Overview: Types and Features
3 System Maintenance and Assembly
4 Processors
5 Motherboards
6 Memory
7 Power
8 Expansion Card Buses
9 Hard Disk Storage
10 Removable Storage
11 Graphics and Sound
12 Communications
13 Keyboards and Pointing Devices
14 Portable System Accessories
15 Problem Solving and Troubleshooting
16 Portable Resource Guide
A List of Acronyms and Abbreviations
B Glossary
C Key Vendor Contact Information


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