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Scrum Product Owner LiveLessons (Video Training)

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  • Copyright 2018
  • Edition: 1st
  • Online Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-484044-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-484044-4

4+ Hours of Video Instruction

Learn how to maximize your role as Product Owner in the Scrum process.


Scrum Product Owner LiveLessons helps you as a Product Owner understand your role in the Scrum process. It also provides you with tips and practices that Tommy has learned over the years to help you consistently deliver high quality, valuable products to your customers.

Skill Level

  • Basic understanding of Scrum

Learn How To
  • Identify potential product owners
  • Create the product backlog
  • Estimate and prioritize work
  • Do release planning
  • Make the product backlog visible
  • Begin and execute the sprint
  • Refine the product backlog
  • End the sprint
  • Incorporate customer feedback
  • Identify owner patterns and anti-patterns
  • Understand the available product owner certifications

Who Should Take This Course
  • Team members enacting the product owner role and managers seeking to understand it

Course Requirements
  • Basic understanding of Agile and Scrum

Lesson Descriptions

Lesson 1: Product Owner Overview
Lesson 1 provides an overview of the activities a product owner performs and the skills and attributes commonly found in a good product owner. It also covers how roles in an existing organization might be compatible (and not so compatible) with the role of product owners.

Lesson 2: Managing the Product Backlog
This is one of the more critical parts of the job of product owner The lesson starts at the beginning with capturing the user’s voice and how you can then take that and create a product backlog. Next, the lesson tackles how you can mature you backlog items, estimate them with your team, prioritize them for maximum value, and then from that create a release plan. Finally, the lesson addresses how you can make the product backlog visible to the entire organization to foster clear communication.

Lesson 3: Creating the Product Increment
Now that you have a solid product backlog in place, it is time to discuss how to begin and execute a sprint in order to deliver some small increment of your eventual product. As you are doing that, you want to also learn good practices around keeping your product backlog fresh by continually refining it during the sprint.

Lesson 4: Incorporating Feedback
After you are done with your sprint, you need to cover the activities around ending it. Plus, you now have your product out there in the wild, and you will want to maximize your learning by incorporating feedback from your customers.

Lesson 5: Product Owner Patterns and Anti-Patterns
So far you’ve learned the product owner role as it was meant to be implemented, but you know the real world often has other plans. In this lesson, we cover a few common situations I’ve experienced as a product owner that stray from the prescribed path. You learn how to try to work within these scenarios and how you might move past them.

Lesson 6: Product Owner Certifications
I am constantly asked by people wanting to become product owners if they should pay to get certified, and if so, which certification should they get. In this lesson, you learn about the practical reasons surrounding getting certified as a product owner and your options.

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Sample Content

Table of Contents


Lesson 1:  Product Owner Overview
1.1 What Does a Product Owner Do?
1.2 Attributes and Skills of a Good Product Owner
1.3 Where Do You Find Product Owners?
Lesson 2:  Managing the Product Backlog
2.1 Where Do You Begin?
2.2 Creating the Product Backlog
2.3 Product Backlog Maturity Model
2.4 Estimating Work
2.5 Prioritizing Work
2.6 Release Planning
2.7 Making the Product Backlog Visible
Lesson 3:  Creating the Product Increment
3.1 Beginning the Sprint
3.2 Executing the Sprint
3.3 Product Backlog Refinement
Lesson 4:  Incorporating Feedback
4.1 Ending the Sprint
4.2 Incorporating Customer Feedback

Lesson 5:  Product Owner Patterns and Anti-Patterns
5.1 Product Owner Patterns and Anti-Patterns, Part 1
5.2 Product Owner Patterns and Anti-Patterns, Part 2

Lesson 6:  Product Owner Certifications
6.1 Product Owner Certification or Not?
6.2 If Yes, Which Certification?



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