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Sams Teach Yourself Photoshop Elements 2 in 24 Hours

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Sams Teach Yourself Photoshop Elements 2 in 24 Hours

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  • Copyright 2003
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-672-32430-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32430-7

Photoshop Elements is a more accessible version of Adobe's flagship product, Photoshop. Elements is geared to business users, students, and home users who nonetheless want professional-looking images for their print and Web projects. Topics covered in the book include capturing and editing photos from traditional or digital cameras, correcting color, working with layers, erasing backgrounds and creating photo-illustrations, editing Web graphics, and simulating print and drawing techniques. Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Photoshop Elements in 24 Hours is an easily accessible tutorial that uses a friendly, conversational writing style to teach readers the basics - an approach that should especially appeal to Photoshop Elements users.



The graphics files used for examples in the book - 547 kb -- examples.zip

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Starting and Saving Your Work

Starting and Saving Your Work in Photoshop Elements

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with a Summary, Q&A, and Workshop.)



Hour 1. Welcome to Photoshop Elements.

Getting Help.

Hour 2. A Tour of the Desktop.

Finding Your Way Around. Understanding the Shortcuts Bar. Task: Starting a New Image. Using the Tools in the Toolbox. Understanding the Options Bar. Using the Menus. Taking a Look at the File and Edit Menus. Taking a Look at the Image Menu. Taking a Look at the Enhance Menu. Taking a Look at the Layer Menu. Taking a Look at the Select Menu. Taking a Look at the Filter Menu. Taking a Look at the View Menu. Taking a Look at the Window Menu. Setting Preferences.

Hour 3. Starting and Saving Your Work.

Starting a New Image File. Browsing for a File. Task: Browsing and Opening an Image. Saving Your Work. Adjusting Resolution. Saving for the Web. Exporting a PDF. Undoing and Redoing. Using the Undo History Palette.

Hour 4. Importing Source Images.

Using a Scanner. Making a Scan. Task: Scanning. Importing Images from a Digital Camera. Importing Still Frame Captures. Changing Image and Canvas Sizes.

Hour 5. Making Selections and Using Layers.

Using the Selection Tools. Task: Drawing a Donut with the Marquee Tool. Selecting with the Lasso Tools. Making Selections with the Magic Wand. Modifying Selections. Stroking and Filling Selections. Using the Paint Bucket Tool to Fill a Selection. Working with Layers. Task: Experimenting with Layers. Managing Layers.

Hour 6. Adding Type.

Using the Type Tools. Using the Type Mask Tools. Working with Layer Styles and Text. Task: Applying Layer Styles to Text. Warping Text.

Hour 7. Printing Your Pictures.

Understanding Color Systems. Choosing a Printer. Preparing the Image. Printing the Page. Making Contact Sheets and Picture Packages.

Hour 8. Posting Your Work on the Web.

Internet Limitations and What They Mean to You. Optimizing Images for the Web. Task: Optimize a Graphic. Preparing Text for the Web. Preparing Backgrounds. Making Transparent Images. Making Pages Load Faster. Creating a Web Gallery. Emailing a Picture.


Hour 9. Cropping and Resizing Your Pictures.

Cropping. Task: Crop a Picture. Thinking About Good Composition. Resizing. Rotating an Image.

Hour 10. Straightening, Skewing, and Distorting an Image.

Straightening the Horizon. Straightening an Image. Skewing Images. Task: Create Text and Its Shadow. Distorting Images. Changing the Perspective of an Image. Task: Fix Perspective. Liquify an Image. Task: Reflecting Text.

Hour 11. Removing Red Eye, Dust, and Scratches.

Making Basic Cleanups. Fixing Red Eye. Task: Fixing Red Eye from Scratch. Removing Dust and Scratches.

Hour 12. Too Light/Too Dark: Adjusting Brightness, Contrast, and Color.

Using the Automatic Correction Tools. Adjusting by Eye with Color Variations. Adjusting Color with Color Cast. Adjusting Color with Hue/Saturation. Removing and Replacing Color. Task: Replace Color. Compensating for Lighting Mistakes. Using the Quick Fix Dialog Box. Task: Fix a Badly Overexposed, Very Blue Photo.

Hour 13. Using Repair Recipes and Tutorials.

Using How To/Recipes. Task: Create a Text Panel Using a Recipe. Following a Tutorial. Going Online for Help and Inspiration.


Hour 14. Repairing Black-and-White Pictures.

Easy Fixes. Task: Using the Dodge and Burn Tools. Preparing an Old Photo for Repair by Removing Sepia. Repairing Serious Damage. Applying Vignetting. Task: Cleaning Up a Picture, Step by Step. Applying Tints.

Hour 15. Making Color Repairs.

Correcting Color Cast. Using Fill Flash. Making Selective Color Adjustments. Image Correction Tools. Task: Adjusting Saturation. Making Repairs When Nothing's Really Wrong. Hand Coloring a Black-and-White Photo.

Hour 16. Removing and Replacing Objects.

Drag-and-Drop Copying. Removing a Person. Replacing a Face. Putting Back What Was Never There.

Hour 17. Using the Improvement Filters.

Working with Filters. Using the Sharpen Filters. Task: Applying the Unsharp Mask Filter. Using the Blur Filters. Adding or Removing Noise. Using the Render Filters. Adding Texture. Adjusting the Effect of Filters.


Hour 18. Using the Artistic Filters.

Using the Watercolor Filters. Simulating Oil Painting. Working with Pastels, Chalk, Charcoal, and Pen. Creating a Neon Effect with Glowing Edges. Adding a Neon Glow. Texturizing with Grain. Sponging an Image.

Hour 19. Creating Art from Scratch.

Choosing Colors. Using the Shape Tools. Task: Create an Umbrella. Using the Brush Tool. Task: Create Rain for Your Umbrella. Using the Pencil Tool. Task: Adding Ribs to Your Umbrella. Using the Eraser Tools.

Hour 20. Making Composite Images.

Working with Lighting and Scale. Using Layer Styles to Create Composites. Using Adjustment Layers to Fix Image Problems. Task: Add Layer Styles and Adjustment Layers to Our Umbrella. Understanding Blending Modes. Applying Effects. Making an Effect from Scratch. Task: Painting with Hot Metal. Creating Drop Shadows from Scratch. Making Reflections. Using Distortions to Blend Composite Images. Putting Together Stitched Panoramas.

Hour 21. Going Wild with Your Images.

Posterizing Colors. Adjusting the Threshold. Liquifying an Image. Replacing Colors with Gradient Map and Invert. Adding Metallic Effects. Task: Creating Gold Type from Scratch. Using Weird Effects.

Hour 22. Creating Backgrounds and Textures from Scratch.

Creating Backgrounds with the Gradient Tool. Task: Create a Composite Image from Scratch. Other Sources for Backgrounds and Textures-Working with Stock Photos. Creating Backgrounds and Textures.

Hour 23. Building Your Own Brushes and Patterns.

Using the Preset Manager. Customizing Libraries. Defining Brushes. Task: Plant Some Grass with the Grass Brush. Defining Patterns.

Hour 24. Animated GIFs and other Cool Tricks.

Animating a GIF. Setting Type in a Circle. Using the Magic Eraser. Using Third-Party Filters.



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