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Sams Teach Yourself Flash MX ActionScript in 24 Hours

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Sams Teach Yourself Flash MX ActionScript in 24 Hours

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  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-672-32385-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32385-0

Macromedia Flash delivers sound, interactivity, graphics, and animations across multiple browsers and platforms. It enables developers to create interactive interfaces and distinctive Web applications. ActionScript is the behind-the-scenes programming language that offers greater control and functionality in Flash programming.

Sams Teach Yourself Flash ActionScript in 24 Hours offers a clearly written, well organized introduction to programming Flash with ActionScript. The reader will be taught basic programming techniques while creating their own interactive Flash movies.



The examples developed for the book for Mac OS - 3,623 kb -- code.sea.hqx

The examples developed for the book for Windows - 2,972 kb -- code.zip

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapters

Controlling Flash MX Movie Clips

Controlling the Flow of the Movie in Flash MX

Learning to Program with Flash MX ActionScript

Moving and Changing Movie Clips in Flash MX

Selecting and Dragging Flash MX Movie Clips

Table of Contents

Introduction. Part I. Getting Started with ActionScript.

Hour 1. Your First Look at ActionScript.

What Scripts Are. What Scripts Can Do. Where Scripts Go. Task: Your First Script.

Hour 2. Using the Script Editing Window.

Accessing the Actions Panel. Normal Mode. Task: Writing Code in Normal Mode. Using Flash's Help System. Expert Mode. Task: Writing Code in Expert Mode.

Hour 3. Learning to Program.

How Computers Think. Commands, Functions and Operations. Variables. Conditions. Loops. Achieving the Impossible. Writing Bug-Free Code.

Hour 4. Writing Code in Flash.

Parts of a Script. Output Window. Task: Send a Message to the Output Window. Local and Global Variables. Comparisons and Operations. Task: Operations Quiz. Conditions. Loops. Functions. Dot Syntax. Comments. Debugging. Part II. Navigation and Animation with ActionScript.

Hour 5. Controlling the Flow of the Movie.

Stopping the Movie. Jumping from Frame to Frame. Creating Buttons. Task: Slideshow. Task: Simple Presentation.

Hour 6. Controlling Movie Clips.

Telling Movie Clips What to Do. Task: Animation Playback Controller. Targeting Movie Clips. Movie Clip Scripts. Task: Backward Movie Clip. Task: Clips Controlling Other Clips.

Hour 7. Moving and Changing Movie Clips.

Position. Task: Bouncing Ball. Mouse Location. Task: Follow the Mouse. Move Clip Rotation. Task: A Rotating Movie Clip. Stretching and Shrinking Movie Clips. Task: Simulated 3D Scaling. Visibility. Task: Fading Movie Clip.

Hour 8. Selecting and Dragging Movie Clips.

Selection. Task: Keypad Lock. Dragging. Drag and Drop. Task: Matching Game. Part III. Manipulating Information with ActionScript.

Hour 9. Getting Input from the User.

Detecting Keypresses. Task: Keyboard-Controlled Movie Clip. Input Text. String Operations and Functions. Task: User Input Form.

Hour 10. Creating and Controlling Text.

Dynamic Text. External Variables. Task: News Ticker. Task: Flashy Text.

Hour 11. Working with Numbers.

Numerical Operators and Functions. Trigonometry Functions. Strings and Numbers. Random Numbers. Task: Simple Calculator. Task: Orbiting Planets. Task: Random Snowflakes.

Hour 12. Objects and Arrays.

Custom Variable Objects. Color Objects. Date Objects. Arrays. Task: Word Animation. Task: Dragging with Trails. Part IV. User Interface Elements.

Hour 13. Rollovers.

Creating Custom Cursors. Task: Full-Time Custom Cursor. Task: Rollover Custom Cursor. Information Rollovers. Task: Quick Reference Application.

Hour 14. Scrolling.

Scrollbar Elements. Dynamic Text Scrolling. Task: Simple Text Scrolling. Task: Full-Featured Text Scrolling.

Hour 15. User Input Elements.

Check Boxes. Radio Buttons. Task: Simple Survey. Input Text Tab Order. Restricting Text Input. Task: Checking for a Valid Input.

Hour 16. Pull-Down Menus and Dynamic Buttons.

Simple Pull-Down Menus. Task: Using Pull-Down Menus. Push Pull-Down Menus. Dynamic Buttons. Task: Using Dynamic Buttons. Part V. Controlling External Events with ActionScript.

Hour 17. Browser Navigation and Communication.

Loading Browser Pages. Task: Navigation Bar. ActionScript and JavaScript. Task: Open a New Window. Task: JavaScript-Controlled Slideshow. Special Projector Commands.

Hour 18. Sending Information to the Server.

The LoadVars Object. Server-Side Applications. Task: Recording Survey Results.

Hour 19. Using XML with Flash.

XML Basics. The XML Object. Task: XML-Powered Display. Recursive XML Parsing.

Hour 20. Printing.

Setting Up Your Movie for Printing. The Print Commands. Task: Printable Form. Part VI. Advanced Topics.

Hour 21. Using Components.

ActionScript for Flash's Built-In Components. Task: Form with Components. Changing the Style of a Component.

Hour 22. Controlling Sound with ActionScript.

Playing a Sound. Task: Panning Sound. Sound Transforms. Task: Beat Box.

Hour 23. Managing Movie Streaming.

Monitoring Loading. Task: Simple Loader. Task: Complex Loader. Loading External Media.

Hour 24. Drawing with ActionScript.

Drawing Lines. Task: Allowing the User to Draw. Creating New Movie Clips. Task: Dynamic Snowflakes. Creating Text. Task: Flying Words.


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