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Real-Time Java Programming: With Java RTS

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Real-Time Java Programming: With Java RTS


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  • Copyright 2009
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 432
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-714298-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-714298-9

The Definitive Guide to Java RTS for Developers and Architects 

  • For Java developers and architects moving to real-time, and real-time developers moving to Java
  • Walks through start-to-finish case study applications, identifying their constraints and discussing the APIs and design patterns used to address them
  • Written by the former leader of the real-time Java standards process and one of Wall Street’s top real-time developers

Sun Microsystems’ Java Real-Time System (Java RTS) is proving itself in numerous, wide-ranging environments, including finance, control systems, manufacturing, and defense. Java RTS and the RTSJ standard (JSR-001) eliminate the need for complicated, specialized, real-time languages and operating environments, saving money by leveraging Java’s exceptional productivity and familiarity.

In Real-Time Java™ Programming, two of Sun’s top real-time programming experts present the deep knowledge and realistic code examples that developers need to succeed with Java RTS and its APIs. As they do so, the authors also illuminate the foundations of real-time programming in any RTSJ-compatible environment.

Key topics include

  • Real-time principles and concepts, and the unique requirements of real-time application design and development
  • How Java has been adapted to real-time environments
  • A complete chapter on garbage collection concepts and Java SE collectors
  • Using the Java RTS APIs to solve actual real-time system problems as efficiently as possible
  • Utilizing today’s leading Java RTS development and debugging tools
  • Understanding real-time garbage collection, threads, scheduling, and dispatching
  • Programming new RTSJ memory models
  • Dealing with asynchronous event handling and asynchronous transfer of control

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Real-Time Java for the Rest of Us

Sample Pages

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Table of Contents

Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xix

About the Authors xxi

Part I: Real-Time Computing Concepts 1

Chapter 1: Real-Time for the Rest of Us 3

Qualities of Real-Time Systems 3

Predictability and Determinism 7

Real-Time Computing 15

Real-Time Scheduling 18

Further Reading 35

Chapter 2: Real-Time and Java SE 37

Is Java a Real-Time Language? 37

Garbage Collection 40

Garbage Collection in Sun’s Java SE 6 HotSpot 48

Real-Time GC Algorithms 66

The Java Dilemma 76

Chapter 3: The Real-Time Specification for Java 77

A Foundation for Real-Time Java 78

Inside the RTSJ 81

Optional RTSJ Facilities 92

The Future of Real-Time Java 92

Chapter 4: The Sun Java Real-Time System 95

A Prelude to Java RTS Programming 96

Installing Java RTS 102

Guide to Determinism 107

Command-Line Options 133

Part II: Inside Java RTS 143

Chapter 5: Threads, Scheduling, and New Memory Models 145

Schedulable Objects 146

Real-Time Threads 159

Memory Models 185

Chapter 6: Synchronization 203

Resource Sharing 203

Wait-Free Thread Communication 209

Chapter 7: The Real-Time Clock API 223

The Clock API 223

Java RTS High-Resolution Time Operations 226

A Conflated Stock Data Feed Example 229

Chapter 8: Asynchronous Events 237

Asynchronous Event Processing 237

Building an Asynchronous Event Handler (AEH) 240

Time-Based Events 258

Chapter 9: Asynchronous Transfer of Control and Thread Termination 269

Asynchronous Transfer of Control (ATC) 269

Asynchronous Thread Termination 284

Chapter 10: Inside the Real-Time Garbage Collector 289

RTGC Theory of Operation 290

RTGC Memory Allocation 302

RTGC Policies 306

Part III: Using Java RTS 315

Chapter 11: An Equities Trading System 317

The Equities Market 317

The Trading System Implementation 319

The Java SE Version 322

The Java RTS Version 333

The Java RTS No-Heap Version 336

Application Confi guration 346

Chapter 12: Java RTS Tools 347

Java RTS Development 347

The Thread Schedule Visualizer (TSV) 353

Java RTS DTrace Probes 373

Bibliography 391

Index 393


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