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QuickBooks 2013 LiveLessons (Video Training): For All QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise Users, 2nd Edition

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Videos can be viewed on: Windows 8, Windows XP, Vista, 7, and all versions of Macintosh OS X including the iPad, and other platforms that support the industry standard h.264 video codec. Requires the free QuickTime Player software.


Lesson 1

Get Started With QuickBooks, Downloadable version

Lesson 1 "Getting Started with QuickBooks" covers how to: use QuickBooks is easy when using the sample data installed with your software, create your first QuickBooks file in minutes by using the QuickBooks Express Start, convert easily to QuickBooks from other software, work with multiple users, set up security in QuickBooks Enterprise, and report on user activity in QuickBooks.

Duration: 00:35:45  File Size: 123 MB


Lesson 2

Navigate QuickBooks, Downloadable Version

Lesson 2 "Navigate QuickBooks" covers how to: navigate and customize QuickBooks, set up preference, access help options in QuickBooks, and select a company file to open.

Duration: 00:20:36  File Size: 101 MB


Lesson 3

Accounting 101, Downloadable Version

Lesson 3 "Accounting 101" covers the basic principles of accounting such as the difference between accrual and cash basis reporting in QuickBooks, basic financial reports, and enter beginning balances.

Duration: 00:13:46  File Size: 54 MB


Lesson 4

QuickBooks Lists, Downloadable Version

Lesson 4 "QuickBooks Lists" covers how to create and manage the Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks; set up QuickBooks Items, use QuickBooks Class Tracking, use Customer Types, manage lists, list reporting; and find and fix errors.

Duration: 00:44:25  File Size: 236 MB


Lesson 5

Set Up Inventory, Downloadable Version

Lesson 5 "Set Up Inventory" covers how to enable the inventory features; add or edit inventory items in QuickBooks; use inventory assemblies; use the proper inventory processes in QuickBooks; and manage QuickBooks inventory backorders, customer and vendor returns.

Duration: 00:37:26  File Size: 181 MB


Lesson 6

Manage Inventory, Downloadable Version

Lesson 6 "Manage Inventory" covers adjusting inventory, record both quantity and value adjustments, manage your Inventory reports in QuickBooks using the Inventory Center and Report center, and properly report on the financial impact of inventory transactions.

Duration: 00:27:19  File Size: 94 MB


Lesson 7

Set Up Vendors, Downloadable Version

Lesson 7 "Set Up Vendors" covers how to customize the QuickBooks home page and set important vendor preferences; work efficiently with vendor activities in the QuickBooks Vendor Center; add, modifying, reporting on vendor transactions is easy from the Vendor Center; accurately record vendor purchases in QuickBooks; and control business costs by using the proper accounts payable process in QuickBooks.

Duration: 00:28:17  File Size: 126 MB


Lesson 8

Manage Vendors, Downloadable Version

Lesson 8 "Manage Vendors" covers how to accurately report on vendor activities in QuickBooks, learn which reports provide timely information about vendor transactions, and track and report on vendor 1099 earnings in QuickBooks.

Duration: 00:13:12  File Size: 68 MB


Lesson 9

Set Up Customers, Downloadable Version

Lesson 9 " Set Up Customers" covers how to customize the Home Page and set customer specific preferences to help work more efficiently in QuickBooks, record customer transactions, easily find customer transactions in your QuickBooks data, accurately set up Sales Tax in QuickBooks, customize your QuickBooks Invoices and other forms; create Estimates in QuickBooks for prospects, use Sales Orders for tracking backorders in QuickBooks, create QuickBooks invoices for your customers, prepare Cash on Demand (COD) customer invoice using the QuickBooks Sales Receipt, and keep your customer records up to date.

Duration: 02:01:21  File Size: 528 MB


Lesson 10

Manage Customers, Downloadable Version

Lesson 10 "Manage Customers" covers how to keep your QuickBooks customer records in order by reviewing important reports, manage overdue customer balances with the Collection Center, verify the QuickBooks sales tax setup, reconcile the company financials to the sales tax reports, properly adjust the reported QuickBooks Sales Tax, and properly pay the sales tax due.

Duration: 00:31:20  File Size: 172 MB


Lesson 11

Set Up Payroll and Employees, Downloadable Version

Lesson 11 " Set Up Payroll and Employees" covers how to set payroll specific preferences, use the Payroll Setup Interview to quickly get started with payroll in QuickBooks, add or edit employees in QuickBooks; find payroll transactions is easy using the Employee Center, create the needed payroll items in QuickBooks, pay employees, and prepare payroll liability payments.

Duration: 01:10:05  File Size: 280 MB


Lesson 12

Manage Payroll, Downloadable Version

Lesson 12 "Payroll Reporting" covers payroll reporting in QuickBooks made easy with the Report Center and readymade Excel reports; tax forms and filings, and how to use the Run Payroll Checkup to validate that your payroll data is setup properly.

Duration: 00:19:58  File Size: 96 MB


Lesson 13

Bank and Credit Card Transactions, Downloadable Version

Lesson 13 "Bank and Credit Card Transactions" covers how to create Write Check transactions to record business expenses in QuickBooks, use the Write Check to record bank debits, review your bank account register, create credit card transactions, transfer funds between bank accounts, use online banking with QuickBooks, and reconcile bank or credit card accounts.

Duration: 00:50:48  File Size: 229 MB


Lesson 14

QuickBooks Reports, Downloadable Version

Lesson 14 "QuickBooks Reports" cover how to use the QuickBooks Company Snapshot for dashboard reporting, use the Report Center, set specific report preferences in QuickBooks, modify reports, customize reports, automate displaying and printing reports in QuickBooks with Report Groups, use and manage Report Groups in QuickBooks, organize memorized reports, export and import report templates, export reports to Excel, and email reports.

Duration: 00:54:21  File Size: 234 MB


Lesson 15

Review Your Data, Downloadable Version

Lesson 15 "Review Your Data" covers how to review your QuickBooks Balance Sheet report; use the Balance Sheet report to track the company’s assets, liabilities and equity; review the QuickBooks Profit & Loss report; use the Profit & Loss report to track the company’s net income or (loss); and simplify your review of QuickBooks data with these important reports.

Duration: 00:24:38  File Size: 129 MB


Lesson 16

Share QuickBooks Data With Your Accountant, Downloadable Version

Lesson 16 "Share QuickBooks Data with Your Accountant" covers the different QuickBooks file types and their uses, how to share data with your accountant; use Accountant’s Copy, and how using the Send Journal Entries or Batch Enter Transactions in QuickBooks can save time for both the accountant and business owner.

Duration: 00:41:54  File Size: 178 MB


Lesson 17

Manage Your QuickBooks Database, Downloadable Version

Lesson 17 "Install QuickBooks" highlights what you need to know before installing your QuickBooks software. This lesson teaches about the Express Install or installing for multi-users, upgrading QuickBooks, installing QuickBooks maintenance releases, protecting your QuickBooks data by making a backup, and monitoring your QuickBooks database.

Duration: 00:23:04  File Size: 93 MB


Lesson 18

Other Planning and Management Tools in QuickBooks, Downloadable Version

Lesson 18 "Other Planning and Management Tools in QuickBooks" covers how to create a budget, and track your actual revenue and expenses to your budget, print and delete a budget and use QuickBooks Loan Manager. This lesson also covers where to find it and how it can help with year-end tasks; how to synchronize your QuickBooks Contacts with Microsoft Outlook, and use QuickBooks Timer.

Duration: 00:34:35  File Size: 145 MB


  • Copyright 2014
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-5183-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-5183-6

11+ Hours of Video Instruction

QuickBooks 2013 LiveLessons provides easy to follow instructions on how to properly setup and use your QuickBooks software.

This video training is for every entrepreneur, manager, accountant, and bookkeeper who wants to master QuickBooks fast!

Laura Madeira, QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor and member of the elite Intuit Trainer Writer Network shares with you her practical expertise in using the QuickBooks software.

Are you a business owner? Do you need help with your accounting software setup? Would you like a consultant to help you learn? In this video Laura is your own personal consultant as she provides easy to follow instructions on how to properly setup and use your QuickBooks software. Click play to follow along as Laura helps you learn how to use the many features of QuickBooks. Laura makes business accounting with QuickBooks "easy" for the non-accountant business owner with her straightforward approach to learning explaining both the "how" and "why" of an activity.

Laura Madeira, Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and member of the elite Intuit Trainer/Writer Network. Laura has presented to thousands of users the "What's New for QuickBooks" each fall. Laura is the author of  QuickBooks In Depth, QuickBooks Solutions Guide and co-author of QuickBooks on Demand.

Skill Level

  • All Levels
What You Will Learn

• Start-to-finish personal training on QuickBooks 2013: just watch and learn!

• Simple, quick video walkthroughs of the tasks you perform most often!

Lesson 1: Get Started With QuickBooks

1.1 Use QuickBooks Sample Data for Practice

1.2 Create a New QuickBooks File

1.3 Convert To QuickBooks From Other Software

1.4 Set Up Users and Permissions

1.5 User Security in QuickBooks

1.6 Report on User Activity

Lesson 2: Navigate QuickBooks

2.1 Home Page and Navigation

2.2 Set Preferences in QuickBooks

2.3 Access Help In QuickBooks

2.4 Select a Company File To Open

Lesson 3: Accounting 101

3.1 Basic Principles of Accounting

3.2 Basic Financial Reports

3.3 Enter Startup Transactions

Lesson 4: QuickBooks Lists

4.1 Chart of Accounts

4.2 QuickBooks Items

4.3 Class Tracking

4.4 Use Customer Types

4.5 Manage Lists

4.6 List Reporting

4.7 Bonus: Find and Fix Chart of Account Errors

Lesson 5: Set Up Inventory

5.1 Inventory Features, Preferences and Types

5.2 Add or Edit Inventory Items

5.3 Additional Inventory Features

5.4 Proper Inventory Processes

5.5 Handle Special Inventory Needs

Lesson 6: Manage Inventory

6.1 Adjust Inventory

6.2 Inventory Reporting

6.3 How QuickBooks Handles Negative Inventory

Lesson 7: Set Up Vendors

7.1 Customize The Home Page and Preferences

7.2 Work With the Vendor

7.3 The Accounts Payable Process

Lesson 8: Manage Vendors

8.1 Accounts Payable Reporting

8.2 Track and Report Vendor 1099-MISC Payments

Lesson 9: Set Up Customers

9.1 Customize the Home Page and Preferences

9.2 Work With the Customer Center

9.3 Work With Prospects in the Lead Center

9.4 Set Up Sales Tax

9.5 Other Useful Customer Lists

9.6 Customize QuickBooks Forms

9.7 Use Estimates

9.8 Use Sales Orders

9.9 Create Customer Invoices

9.10 Use Batch Invoicing

9.11 Use Memorized Invoice Groups

9.12 Use Time and Expense Invoicing

9.13 Use Sales Receipts

9.14 Statement Charges

9.15 Customer Payments and Bank Deposits

9.16 Customer Credits and Refunds

Lesson 10: Manage Customers

10.1 Accounts Receivable Reporting

10.2 Sales Tax Reporting

10.3 Pay and Adjust Sales Tax Due

Lesson 11: Set Up Payroll and Employees

11.1 Get Started with Payroll

11.2 Use the Payroll Setup Interview

11.3 Use the Employee Center

11.4 Add or Edit Payroll Items

11.5 Pay Employees

11.6 Prepare Payroll Liability

Lesson 12: Manage Payroll

12.1 Payroll Reporting

12.2 Tax Forms and Filings

Lesson 13: Bank and Credit Card Transactions

13.1 Create a Write Check Transactions

13.2 Create Credit Card Transactions

13.3 Transfer Funds Between Bank Accounts

13.4 Online Banking With QuickBooks

13.5 Reconcile Bank or Credit Card Accounts

Lesson 14: QuickBooks Reports

14.1 Use the Company Snapshot

14.2 Use the Report Center

14.3 Preferences for Reporting

14.4 Modify Reports

14.5 Report Groups

14.6 Memorized Reports

14.7 Export and Import Report Templates

14.8 Export Reports to Microsoft Excel

14.9 Email Reports

Lesson 15: Review Your Data

Lesson 15.1 Review the Balance Sheet

Lesson 15.2 Review the Profit & Loss Report

Lesson 15.3 Review Other Useful Financial Reports

Lesson 16: Share QuickBooks Data with Your Accountant

16.1 QuickBooks File Types

16.2 Data Sharing For the Owner

16.3 Data Sharing For the Accountant

16.4 Other Methods of Sharing Data

Lesson 17: Manage Your QuickBooks Database

17.1 Install QuickBooks

17.2 Keep Your Software Current

17.3 Protect Your QuickBooks Database

17.4 Monitor Your QuickBooks Database

Lesson 18: Other Planning and Management Tools in QuickBooks

18.1 Plan & Budget Tools In QuickBooks

18.2 QuickBooks Loan Manager

18.3 Use the Year-End Guide

18.4 Synchronize QuickBooks Lists with Microsoft Outlook

18.5: Use the QuickBooks Timer

LiveLessons Video Training series publishes hundreds of hands-on, expert-led video tutorials covering a wide selection of technology topics designed to teach you the skills you need to succeed. This professional and personal technology video series features world-leading author instructors published by your trusted technology brands: Addison-Wesley, Cisco Press, IBM Press, Pearson IT Certification, Prentice Hall, Sams, and Que. Topics include: IT Certification, Programming, Web Development, Mobile Development, Home and Office Technologies, Business and Management, and more.  View all LiveLessons on InformIT at http://www.informit.com/imprint/series_detail.aspx?ser=2185116




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