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Organize Your Office In No Time

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Organize Your Office In No Time


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  • Copyright 2006
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 216
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3218-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3218-7

Are you jealous of the neat and organized cubicle next to you? Do you look at the files and folders and papers piled around you and wonder if you'll ever be buried alive? Now you can turn your organizational nightmare into a dream come true with the help of professional organizer Monica Ricci and Organize Your Office In No Time. By using step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow to-do lists, Monica shows you the best ways to tame a messy desk, overcome an impossible schedule and take back precious time in your day. This isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, either. Monica helps you find the type of organization that works best for your personality, work style and needs, and then she recommends specific products to help you get on your way to organizational bliss. Get the tools that you need to take back your space with Organize Your Office In No Time. An organized office and more productive day is just a book away!

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Creating Your Office Framework

Organize Your Office in No Time by Creating Your Office Framework

Table of Contents



1. Determining Your Work Style.

    The Work Style Quiz

    Scoring the Quiz

      The Speed Demon

      The Ponderer

      The Scarlett O'Hara

      The Visual

      The Aesthetic

      The Combination


2. Creating Your Office Vision.

    Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Begin

    Determining Your Work and Information Flow

      Identifying the Information You Receive and Sorting the Information You Have

      Applying Logic To Workflow

    Deciding Where Your Information Should Live

      Keeping Files for Later Reference

      Keeping Information Long Term

    Setting Up Zones in Your Office

      Identifying Zone One

      Identifying Zone Two

      Identifying Zone Three

    Setting Priorities


3. Creating Your Office Framework.

    Choosing Your Primary Furniture

      Choosing a Desk and Desktop Storage

      Selecting the Right Office Chair

    Using a Scale Model to Lay Out Your Office

      Measuring and Creating Scale Drawings

      Creating Furniture Cutouts

      Laying Out Your Furniture

    Choosing the Right s For Your Office

      Understanding the Importance of and Lighting

      Experimenting With Schemes

    Choosing Floor and Window Treatments

      Considering Your Flooring Options

      Adding Window Treatments

      Choosing Office Lighting

    Adding Plants and Office-Appropriate Pets

    Adding Personal Items

      Projecting the Right Appearance

      Finding and Maintaining the Right Balance

    Establishing the Habit of Decluttering


4. Time Management at Work.

    Choosing a Planning Tool

      Weighing the Pros and Cons of Paper and Electronic Tools

      Using a Combination of Paper and Electronic Planning Tools

    Handling Interruptions

      Managing Human Interrupters

      Minimizing Phone Interruptions

      Handling Email Interruptions

    Overcoming Procrastination

      Understanding Why You Procrastinate

      Strategies to Combat Procrastination



5. Selecting a Filing System.

    Understanding Direct Versus Indirect Access Filing

    Using an Alphabetical Filing System

      Maintaining and Using an Alphabetic System

      Comparing Advantages and Disadvantages of Alphabetic Filing Systems

    Using a Numeric Filing System

      Straight Numeric (Sequential) Filing

      Terminal Digit Filing

      Decimal Filing

    Setting Up and Using a Topical Filing System

      Determining Your Primary Classes

      Creating Categories and Subcategories

      Comparing Advantages and Disadvantages of Topical Filing

    Using an Electronic Filing System

      Paper Tiger Electronic Indexing System

      Using FileWISE


6. Choosing Filing Storage and Supplies.

    Choosing File Storage

      Choosing Filing Cabinets

      Open Filing Shelves

      Using File Boxes

      Rolling File Carts

    Hanging Folders

      Letter or Legal?

      Specialty Hanging Folder Products

    File Folders

    Other Filing Supplies and Tools

      Hanging Wall Bins

      The Ins and Outs of Desktop File Sorters


7. Putting Your Filing System in Place.

    Using in Your Filing System

    Labeling Your Files

      Hand-Written Labels

      Using Computer Labels

      Electronic Label Makers

    Creating a Filing Schedule

      Matching Your Filing Schedule to Your Work Style

      Getting Help with Filing Chores

    Staying Flexible with Your Filing System



8. Tackling Paper.

    Using the F.A.I.T.H. System of Paper Management

      File It


      In Progress


      Hand Off

    Handling Incoming Mail Using the F.A.I.T.H. System

      Setting Up a Sorting Station and System

      Using Your Mail System

    Using a Tickler File

    Storing Reference Materials

    Reducing Paper Clutter: Creating a Document Retention Policy


9. Organizing Your Computer.

    Organizing Your Computer Desktop

      Choosing Wallpaper

      Creating and Using Shortcuts to Save Time

      Organizing Your Icons

    Storing Electronic Documents

    Backing Up Your Data

      Backup Options

      Choosing Your Backup Plan

    Managing Email

    Using Contact Management Software


10. Staying Organized on the Road.

    Choosing and Organizing Your Briefcase

      Organizing Your Briefcase Contents

      Choosing the Things You'll Carry

    Traveling with Your Computer

      Laptop Cases and Sleeves

      Protecting Your Laptop and Its Data

    Traveling with Paperwork: Filing Organizers

    Making Use of Travel Downtime

    Making the Most of Your Hotel Stay

      Using the Hotel Concierge

      Using the Hotel Business Center



11. Using Vertical Space to Organize.

    Sizing Up Your Free Space

      Thinking in Terms of Cubic Feet

      Working with Vertical Space

    Choosing and Using Tools for Vertical Storage

      Using Bookshelves to Add Storage

      Using Wall-Mounted Shelves to Stay Organized

      Using Wall Bins, Standing Racks, and Storage Cubes

      Using Hooks and Door Racks



A. References and Resources.

    Groups and Organizations

    Product Retailers

      Laptop Bags

      Filing Supplies and Software


      Organizing Tools, Furniture, and Accessories

    Internet and Mail Order-Only Retailers

    Product Manufacturers

    Suggested Reading

    Internet Learning Resources and Services

      Stop the Junk

      Online Data Backup Services

      Antivirus, Antispyware, Antispam, and Firewall Providers



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