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My MacBook

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My MacBook


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  • Copyright 2010
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-4303-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4303-9
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-4378-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4378-7

My MacBook

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to MacBook photos that show you exactly what to do.

Help when you run into MacBook or Snow Leopard problems or limitations.

Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your MacBook.

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping

your MacBook working just the way you want. The tasks include:

• Managing and organizing your desktop

• Accessing the Internet through wired, wireless, and cellular networks

• Communicating via email, audio, and video chat

• Troubleshooting system problems

• Entertaining with music and videos

• Keeping in touch and on-time with Calendars and Contacts

• Accessing your data from anywhere with MobileMe

• Sharing files, printers, and even scanners over your network connection

• Expanding your capabilities with peripheral devices

• Protecting and securing your data

• Recording video and publishing it instantly to YouTube or MobileMe

• Configuring your AirPort base station to best support your MacBook’s capabilities


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Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

My MacBook: Managing Contacts and Appointments

Sample Pages

Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 4 and Index)

Table of Contents



Getting to Know the MacBook Hardware

The Built-In Battery

Special Keyboard Keys

What You Need to Know

The Menu Bar

The Dock

The Finder

System Preferences

Window Controls

Contextual Menus

Windows Compatibility

Boot Camp


1 Making the Most of Your MacBook’s Desktop Space



Organizing in the Dock

Adding and Removing Items from the Dock

Using Folders and Stacks in the Dock

Customizing the Dock’s Appearance

Customizing Finder Windows

Configuring the Sidebar’s System Shortcuts

Manually Modifying the Sidebar

Modifying the Finder Toolbar

Previewing Document Contents with Quick Look

Viewing a File with Quick Look

Previewing Files Using Finder Icons

Swimming in a Sea of Application Windows with Exposé

Choosing Between Application Windows

Showing the Desktop

Configuring Exposé Shortcuts

Creating Unlimited Desktop Space with Spaces

Configuring Spaces

Activating and Using Spaces

Using Instant-Access Utilities in the Dashboard

Activating the Dashboard

Adding and Removing Dashboard Widgets

Configuring Dashboard Widgets

Finding Information with Spotlight

Searching for Files and Information

Customizing Spotlight Searching

Saving Searches as Smart Folders in the Finder

2 Connecting Your MacBook to a Network



Connecting to a Wired Network

Making an Ethernet (Wired) Connection

Connecting to a Wireless Network

Making a Wireless Connection

Authenticating on a Wireless Network

Disabling (and Enabling) Wireless Networking

Manually Configuring Network Settings

What to Collect Before Proceeding

Configuring TCP/IP and Proxy Settings

Activating PPPoE for DSL Connections

Making Mobile Connections with the iPhone and Cellular Data Cards

Tethering Wirelessly to an iPhone

Tethering with USB to an iPhone

Using Cellular Data Cards

Creating Virtual Private Network Connections

Creating a VPN Connection

Configuring VPN On Demand

Managing Multiple Connections with Locations and Configurations

Creating Configurations

Adding and Using Locations

Seeking Automated Network Assistance

Launching Diagnostics

Launching the Setup Assistant

3 Communicating Online with Your MacBook



Using Mail

Things You Need Before Setting up an Email Connection

Adding an Email Account (Simple)

Adding an Email Account (Advanced)

Finding Your Way Around Mail

Reading Email

Composing Email

Managing Your Email

Using RSS Feeds in Mail

Instant Messaging with iChat

Adding an Account to iChat

Logging into Your Account

Configuring Your iChat Identity

Managing Your Buddy List

Communicating with Your Buddies

Sharing Files, Photos, and Your Screen

Web Browsing in Safari

Managing Bookmarks and Top Sites

Advanced Browsing Features

Adding Web Content to the Dashboard

4 Managing Contacts and Appointments



Managing Contacts in Address Book

Adding Groups

Adding Contacts

Using Network Contacts

Exporting vCards from Address Book

Printing Addresses

Working with Schedules in iCal

Adding Calendars

Viewing Calendars and Calendar Groups

Working with Events

Working With To Do Items

Printing Calendars

5 Sharing Devices, Files, and Services on a Network



File Sharing on Your MacBook

Sharing Files and Folders

Accessing Shared Files

Sharing Printers

Enabling Network Printer Sharing

Setting Printer Sharing Permissions

Accessing a Network Printer

Sharing a Scanner

Enabling Network Scanner Sharing

Accessing a Shared Scanner

Sharing an Optical Drive

Enabling DVD and CD Sharing

Accessing a Shared Optical Drive

Sharing Your MacBook Screen

Enabling Screen Sharing

Setting Screen Sharing Permissions

Accessing the Screen of a Local Mac

Accessing Remote Computers and Non-Macs

Sharing Your Internet Connection

6 Accessing Entertainment on the Go



Using DVD Player

Playing a DVD

Setting Bookmarks

Viewing Browser Video or Downloaded Video Files

Playing QuickTime Files in Your Web Browser

Playing QuickTime Files from Your Desktop

Creating a Media Library in iTunes

Running iTunes for the First Time

Finding Your Way Around iTunes

Building Your Media Library

Viewing the Library

Using Playlists

Playing Internet Radio

Keeping Media in Sync

Presenting Media with Front Row

Entering and Exiting Front Row

7 Using MobileMe to Access Your Data from the Road



Setting Up MobileMe

Creating an Account

Configuring Your MacBook for MobileMe

Sharing Storage with iDisk

Configuring iDisk Syncing

Configuring Your iDisk Public Folder

Accessing Your iDisk

Accessing Other MobileMe iDisks

Using the iDisk MobileMe Web Features

Enabling MobileMe Syncing

Configuring Synced Data

Initiating a First-Time Sync

Resetting Synced Computers

Using Back to My Mac

Configuring Back to My Mac

Using the MobileMe Web Applications

Accessing MobileMe Email

Accessing MobileMe Contacts

Accessing MobileMe Calendars

Using MobileMe Web Galleries

8 Making the Most of Your MacBook Hardware



Balancing Battery Life and Performance

Monitoring Battery Life

Configuring Display, Computer, and Hard Disk Sleep

Creating a Sleep/Wake Schedule

Updating Keyboard Settings

Setting Keyboard Repeat Rate

Changing Keyboard Illumination

Creating Keyboard Shortcuts

Changing Trackpad Options

Setting Trackpad Speeds

Controlling Gestures

Adjusting the LCD Display

Setting Display Resolution

Controlling Display Brightness

Choosing a Color Profile

Calibrating the LCD Display

Setting Sound Input and Output

Setting the Output Volume

Configuring Alert Sounds

Choosing and Adjusting an Output Device

Picking and Calibrating an Input Device

Recording Audio,Video, and Screen Actions

Recording Audio

Recording iSight Video

Recording Screen Actions

Transferring your Recordings to iTunes,MobileMe, and YouTube

9 Connecting Devices to Your MacBook



Connecting USB Input Devices

Configuring a USB Keyboard

Configuring a USB Mouse

Using Bluetooth Devices

Pairing a Bluetooth Mouse

Pairing a Bluetooth Keyboard

Connecting a Bluetooth Headset

Adding and Using the Bluetooth Status Menu

Using External Displays and Projectors

Adding the Display Menu to your Menu Bar

Detecting and Activating a Display

Setting Monitor Arrangements

Activating Mirrored Video

Connecting and Using a Printer

Adding a Printer

The Printing Process

Connecting and Using a Scanner

Adding a Scanner

Scanning in Preview

10 Securing and Protecting Your MacBook Data



Working with Users and Groups

Creating User Accounts

Creating Groups

Configuring General Account Security

Assigning File Permissions to Users and Groups

Tracking Passwords with Keychain Access

Viewing Keychain Items

Adding Data to the Keychain

Creating New Keychains

Adding a Keychain Menu Item

Encrypting Your Account Files

Activating FileVault

Setting a Master Password

Achieving Network Security with the Built-in Firewall

Activating the Snow Leopard Firewall

Configuring Incoming Services

Backing up Important Information

Using Apple Backup

Using Time Machine

11 Troubleshooting Your MacBook System



Dealing with Troublesome Software

Force Quitting Applications

Testing with the Guest Account

Removing Corrupted Application Files

Restarting and Correcting a Frozen Machine

Starting in Safe Mode

Changing Login Applications

Removing Startup Applications and Launch Daemons

Disabling Extensions

Removing System Preference Panes

Fixing Disk Problems with Disk Utility

Repairing Permission Problems

Verifying and Repairing Common Disk Errors

Gathering Information About Your MacBook

Monitoring System Activity

Generating a System Profiler Report

Viewing the System Logs

Remember Your Backups!

12 Upgrading Your MacBook Hardware and Software



Upgrading Your Built-In Hardware

General Guidelines for Conducting MacBook Surgery

Verifying Your MacBook RAM Upgrade

Preparing a New Hard Drive

Adding External Storage

Preparing the Storage Device

Mounting and Unmounting Devices

Upgrading Your Operating System

Setting an Update Schedules

Manually Checking for an Update

Applying a System Update

Installing New Applications

Unarchiving Zip Files

Accessing Disk Images

Finding Useful Apps for Your MacBook

13 Configuring AirPort Extreme Services for Your MacBook



Configuring AirPort Extreme Services

Logging into the Airport

Sharing a Printer

Connecting and Sharing Disks

Connecting a Disk to the Airport

Setting Up Sharing Access

Accommodating MobileMe Services

Enabling NAT-PMP

Configuring MobileMe Support



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