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My iPad for Seniors, 6th Edition

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My iPad for Seniors, 6th Edition

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  • This eBook includes the following formats, accessible from your Account page after purchase:

    ePub EPUB The open industry format known for its reflowable content and usability on supported mobile devices.

    MOBI MOBI The eBook format compatible with the Amazon Kindle and Amazon Kindle applications.

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Additional Information

Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 3)


  • Copyright 2019
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 496
  • Edition: 6th
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-6032-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-6032-6

Easy, clear, readable, and focused on what you want to do.

Step-by-step instructions for the tasks you care about most

Large, full-color, close-up photos show you exactly what to do

Common-sense help whenever you run into problems

Tips and notes to help you get the most from your iPad

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your iPad working just the way you want. Learn how to

·         Wirelessly connect to the Internet at home or away

·         Personalize the way your iPad looks and works

·         Make your iPad easier to use if you have trouble seeing or tapping the screen

·         Use the Control Center to adjust frequently used settings

·         Browse and search the Internet with Safari

·         Use Siri’s voice commands to control your iPad and find useful information

·         Find useful health and travel apps and fun games in Apple’s App Store

·         Communicate with friends and family via email, text messaging, and FaceTime video chats

·         Shoot, share, and view photos and videos

·         Listen to music and watch movies and TV shows over the Internet

·         Use iCloud to store and share your photos and other important data online

·         Troubleshoot common iPad problems 

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Personalizing the Way Your iPad Looks and Works

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Buying and Unboxing Your iPad

Choosing the Right iPad for You

    iPad mini 4


    iPad Pro

    Which iPad Should You Buy?

Unboxing Your New iPad

    What’s Inside the Box

Powering Up Your iPad

    Turn It On–for the First Time

Chapter 2 Getting Started with Your iPad

Getting to Know Your iPad






Turning Your iPad On and Off

    Power On Your iPad

    Lock Your iPad

    Unlock Your iPad

    Power Off Your iPad

    Force a Restart

Using Your iPad

    Learn Essential Multi-Touch Gestures

    Perform Common Operations

    Navigate the Home Screen

    View the Today Screen

    View Notifications on the Cover Sheet

    Manage Open Apps

    Understand the Status Bar

Performing Basic Operations

    View and Respond to Alerts

    Display the Control Center

    Adjust the Brightness

    Activate Night Shift

    Change the Volume Level

    Rotate the iPad

    Activate Do Not Disturb Mode

    Enter Text with the Onscreen Keyboard

    Copy and Paste Text

    Set an Alarm

    Set a Timer

    Use the Stopwatch

Managing Your iPad’s Battery

    Recharge the Battery

    Monitor Battery Usage

Chapter 3 Personalizing the Way Your iPad Looks and Works

Personalizing the Lock and Home Screens

    Change the Wallpaper

    Arrange App Icons

    Add Icons to and Remove Icons from the Dock

    Organize Apps with Folders

Customizing the Today Screen and Control Center

    Customize the Today Screen

    Customize the Control Center

Configuring Device Settings

    Display the Settings Page

    Configure Notifications

    Configure the Display and Brightness

    Change System Sounds

    Configure Individual Apps

Managing System Settings

    Display and Manage General Settings

Managing Your Screen Time

    View Your Screen Time

    Configure Downtime

    Set App Limits

    Block Specific Content

Chapter 4 Making Your iPad More Accessible

Making the iPad Easier to Use for the Vision Impaired

    Read the Screen with VoiceOver

    Magnify the Screen with Zoom

    Invert Screen Colors

    Make Onscreen Text Larger and Bolder

Making the iPad Easier to Use for the Hearing Impaired

    Use a Hearing Aid with Your iPad

    Turn On Closed Captioning When Watching Videos

Making the iPad Easier to Operate

    Adjust the Touchscreen Display

    Enable AssistiveTouch

Chapter 5 Connecting to the Internet and Browsing the Web

Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network

    Connect to Your Home Wireless Network

    Connect to a Public Wireless Hotspot

    Change Networks

    Connect to a Network You’ve Previously Connected To

Using the Safari Web Browser

    Launch the Safari Browser

    Enter a Web Address

    Use Web Links

    View Multiple Pages in Tabs

    Bookmark Pages

    Revisit Past Pages

    Browse the Web in Private

    Configure Safari Settings

Making the Web More Readable

    Zoom into a Page

    Read Articles with Safari Reader

Searching the Web

    Search the Web with Google

    Change Your Search Engine

Chapter 6 Keeping Your iPad Safe and Secure

Creating a Safer Lock Screen

    Set a Simple Passcode

    Use Fingerprint Recognition with Touch ID

    Erase Data After Too Many Passcode Attempts

Reducing the Risk of Theft

    Keep Your iPad Safe

    Enable iPad Tracking

    Track a Lost or Stolen iPad

Staying Safe Online

    Protect Against Identity Theft

    Keep Your Private Information Private

    Protect Against Online Fraud

    Shop Safely

Chapter 7 Controlling Your iPad–and More–with Siri

Getting to Know Siri, Your iPad’s Virtual Personal Assistant

    Configure Siri

    Summon Siri

Using Siri to Control Your iPad and Apps

    Launch Apps

    Control System Functions

    Send and Receive Messages

    Manage Meetings, Events, and Reminders

    Take and View Pictures

    Listen to Music

Using Siri to Find Interesting and Useful Information

    Find Information

    Solve Equations and Make Conversions

    Find Businesses and Get Directions

Triggering Multiple Actions with Shortcuts

    Use an Existing Shortcut

    Initiate a Shortcut

Chapter 8 Installing and Using Apps

Working with Apps

    Launch an App from the Home Screen

    Launch an App from the Dock

    Search for an App

    Switch Between Apps

    Close an App

Finding New Apps in the App Store

    Browse and Search the App Store

    Purchase and Download Apps

Managing Installed Apps

    View and Manage Purchased Apps

    Update Your Apps

    Delete an App

Multitasking on Your iPad

    Open a Second App with Slide Over

    Display Two Apps at Once with Split View

    Drag and Drop Text and Pictures Between Apps

Chapter 9 Sending and Receiving Email

Configuring the Mail App

    Add an Email Account

    Get Notified of New Messages

    Create a Signature

Sending and Receiving Messages

    Select an Inbox

    Read a Message

    Reply to a Message

    Create and Send a New Message

    Attach a Photo to a Message

    Delete a Message

    Organize Messages in Files

    Deal with Junk Email (Spam)

Chapter 10 Managing Your Contacts

Using the Contacts App

    Add a New Contact

    Edit a Contact

    Delete a Contact

    Consolidate Contacts from Multiple Sources

Viewing and Contacting Your Contacts

    Display a Contact

    Search for a Contact

    Change How Contacts Are Displayed

    Contact a Contact

Chapter 11 Video Chatting and Texting

Text Messaging with the Messages App

    Send and Receive Text Messages

    Send an Audio Message

    Send a Photo

    Send a Video Message

Video Chatting and More with FaceTime

    Start a Video Chat

    Answer a Video Chat Request

    Make an Audio Call

Chapter 12 Getting Social with Facebook, Pinterest, and Other Social Networks

Understanding Social Networking

Using Facebook on Your iPad

    Navigate Facebook’s iPad App

    Read and Respond to Posts

    Post a Status Update

Using Pinterest on Your iPad

    View and Save Pins

    Pin from a Website

Using Twitter on Your iPad

    Read Tweets

    Create a New Tweet

Using LinkedIn on Your iPad

    Navigate the LinkedIn App

    Create a New Post

Chapter 13 Staying Organized with Calendar and Reminders

Using the Calendar App

    View Events

    Add a New Event

    Create a Recurring Event

    Create an Alert for an Event

    Invite Others to an Event

Using the Reminders App

    View and Manage Your Reminders

    Add a New Reminder

    Delete a Reminder

Chapter 14 Reading eBooks, Magazines, and Newspapers

Reading eBooks on Your iPad

    Find and Purchase Books with the Books App

    Read a Book with the Books App

    Find and Read Books with the Kindle Book Browser

Reading News Stories with the News App

    Personalize What News You Receive

    Read News Stories

Chapter 15 Shooting, Editing, and Sharing Photos and Videos

Shooting Digital Photos

    Launch the Camera App

    Take a Picture

    Take a Selfie

    Take a Panoramic Photo

Viewing and Editing Your Photos

    View Your Photos

    Organize Photos in Albums

    Crop and Straighten a Picture

    Apply Auto-Enhance

    Apply a Filter

    Adjust Brightness and Color

    Mark Up a Photo

Shooting and Editing Videos

    Shoot a Video

    Trim a Video

Sharing Photos and Videos

    Share via Text Message

    Share via Email

    Share via Facebook

Chapter 16 Listening to Music

Listening to Streaming Music

    Listen to Apple Music

    Listen to Pandora

Buying and Playing Music from the iTunes Store

    Purchase Music from the iTunes Store

    Play Your Tunes

Chapter 17 Watching TV Shows, Movies, and Other Videos

Watching Netflix

    Use the Netflix App

Watching Hulu

    Use the Hulu App

Watching Amazon Video

    Use the Amazon Prime Video App

Watching YouTube

    Use the YouTube App

Buying and Renting Videos in the iTunes Store

    Rent or Purchase a Video

    Watch a Video

Chapter 18 Controlling Your Smart Home

Understanding Apple HomeKit

    How HomeKit Works

    What’s Compatible with HomeKit

Adding Devices and Rooms

    Add a New Device

    Add a New Room

    Assign an Accessory to a Room

    Create a Scene

Controlling Your Smart Devices

    Control a Device or Scene

    Controlling Devices and Scenes with Siri

Automating Multiple Devices

    Set Up Your iPad as a Home Hub

    Create an Automation

Chapter 19 Traveling with Maps and Other Travel Apps

Traveling with the Maps App

    Display a Map

    Generate Driving Directions

Exploring Other Travel-Related Apps

    Discover Travel Apps

Chapter 20 Keeping Fit and Healthy

Exploring Health and Fitness Apps

    Discover Exercise and Yoga Apps

Exploring Food and Nutrition Apps

    Discover Dieting Apps

    Discover Cooking and Recipe Apps

Exploring Medical Apps

    Discover Medical-Related Apps

Chapter 21 Playing Games

Finding Games to Play

    Download Games from the App Store

Discovering Popular Games

    Action Games

    Adventure Games

    Arcade Games

    Board Games

    Card Games

    Casino Games

    Family Games

    Indie Games

    Music Games

    Puzzle Games

    Racing Games

    Role-Playing Games

    Simulation Games

    Sports Games

    Strategy Games

    Trivia Games

    Word Games

Chapter 22 Getting Productive

Using Your iPad’s Built-In Productivity Apps




Discovering More Productivity Apps


    Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

    Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word

Chapter 23 Managing Files on Your iPad and in the Cloud

Managing Your iPad Storage

    Examine Available Storage

    Manage Available Storage Space

Managing iCloud Files with the Files App

    Configure iCloud on Your iPad

    View and Open Files with the Files App

    Create a New Folder

    Add Other Cloud Storage Services to the Files App

Using AirDrop and AirPlay to Share Content with Other Devices

    Share Files with AirDrop

    Stream Media with AirPlay

Backing Up Your iPad to iCloud

    Back Up to iCloud

Chapter 24 Fixing Common Problems

Troubleshooting iPad Problems

    Your iPad Is Frozen

    Your iPad Won’t Turn On

    Your iPad Won’t Turn Off

    An Individual App Freezes or Doesn’t Work Right

    Your iPad Runs Slowly

    Your iPad’s Wi-Fi Connection Doesn’t Work

    Your iPad Charges Slowly or Not at All

    Your iPad Doesn’t Rotate

    Your iPad Keeps Asking for Your iCloud Password

    You Forgot Your iPad Passcode

Updating and Resetting Your iPad

    Update to the Latest Version of iOS

    Factory Reset Your Device to “Like New” Condition

    Restore from an iCloud Backup

    Restore from iTunes Backup


9780789760326   TOC   10/30/2018 


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