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Leo Laporte's Guide to Mac OS X Tiger

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Leo Laporte's Guide to Mac OS X Tiger


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  • Copyright 2006
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 408
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3393-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3393-1

The ads make it all look so easy, so simple and oh so utterly uncomplicated, don't they? Buy a Mac, live happily ever after. While we'll agree that right-out-of-the-box, Macs are more intrinsically friendly than their PC counterparts, they get difficult in a hurry, especially if you try to do anything useful with them. Setting up wireless networking, troubleshooting network problems, dealing with peripherals run amuck, futzing with security settings and living in a PC-dominated world is enough to make even grizzled Mac veterans turn a little green around the gills. Now that the honeymoon is over and you've realized that just because you have a Mac and an iPod, you most certainly aren't invincible, it's time to make that cheery little Mac of yours do what Apple and the media would lead you to believe it can do right out of the box. Leo Laporte's Guide to Mac OS X Tiger spotlights troubleshooting, problem solving, the latest Tiger features, security and using common gadgets (iPod, smartphones, PDAs) with your Mac. This book leans away from a "describe the menus" and instead focuses on tips and techniques the help you really understand Mac OS X Tiger and how to make it sing. Throughout this book, you'll find dozens of useful tips that will help you get closer to that original Mac-driven nirvana you pictured when you first carried your beloved Mac over the threshold.

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Applications and the Dock

Applications and the Dock in Mac OS X Tiger

Table of Contents


    Who Should Use This Book

    How This Book Is Organized

    How to Read This Book

    Get More Info

1. What Makes Mac OS X Unique?

    History of Mac OS X

    What's Different About Mac OS X?

    The Mac OS X Metaphor

      The Mac's Approach to Pointing and Clicking

      Windows in Mac OS X

      Dialogs and Alert Boxes

      Special Selectors and Controllers

      Inside Mac Menus

      Exploring Toolbars

    Setting Preferences

    The Apple Menu and Basic Mac Commands

      Info, Updates, and Downloads

      Recent Items and Force Quit

      Sleep, Shut Down, and Log Out

2. The Finder and Your Files.

    The Finder and the Home Folder Concept

    Introducing the Finder Window

      The Sidebar

      Browsing Your Files

      Icon and List Views

      Selecting, Copying, and Moving Items

      Creating and Managing Folders

      Labeling Folders and Files

      Learn More About Items and Understand Permissions

    Disks and Discs

    Trashy Issues

    The True Finder: Spotlight

      Using Spotlight

      The Spotlight Window

      Other Search Tools

3. Applications and the Dock.

    The Applications Folder

    Launching an Application

    Opening, Saving, and Closing Documents

      Launching Documents

      Saving Documents

      Closing Documents

    The Dock

      Placing Apps on the Dock

      Launching and Switching Between Applications

      Docs and Folders and Windows on the Dock

      Icon Menu on the Dock

      Dock Preferences

    Getting Help

4. Conquering the Mac OS X Interface.

    Cut, Copy, and Paste

      The Skinny on Cut, Copy, and Paste

      Put Cut, Copy, and Paste into Action

    Taking Drag and Drop Seriously

    Hidden Powers of the Keyboard

      Keyboard Shortcuts      99

      Move by Keystroke

      Switching Applications

    Using Exposé and Dashboard

      Using Exposé

      Using Dashboard

    Automator: Making Magic Happen

    The System Preferences Basics

      Meet System Preferences

      Exploring the Panes

    User Accounts and Fast User Switching

      Creating User Accounts

      Login Options and Fast User Switching

5. Work Those Peripherals.

    Hardware Ports and Support

    Checking Out System Profiler

    Printing and Faxing

      Set Up Your Printer

      Page Setup and Printing

      Manage Print Jobs

      Faxing Documents

      Print (and Fax) Sharing

    Customizing Your Display

    Getting Pictures Off Your Digital Camera

    Using FireWire Devices

      Working with DV Camcorders

      Storing Files on External Hard Disks

      Creating CDs and DVDs

6. Manage Your Contacts and Schedule.

    Work with Address Book

      Create Contacts

      Viewing and Sorting Cards

      Deleting a Contact

      Do Stuff with Your Contacts

      Creating Groups

      Printing Your Contacts and Groups

      Import, Export, and vCard

      Share Contacts

    Explore iCal

      Add Events

      Edit and Delete Events

      Create To Dos

      Working with Multiple Calendars

      Publish Your Calendar

      Subscribe to Calendars

    Sync Address Book and iCal

7. iPods, iTunes, and iSync.

    The iPod and iTunes Music

      Get Songs into iTunes

      Managing Songs in iTunes

      iTunes and Your iPod

      The iPod As a Hard Drive

    What's iSync All About?

      Syncing Your Devices

      Sync Your iPod

      Working with Bluetooth Stuff

8. Get on the Internet.

    How Internet Connections Work

      Configure for Dial-Up

      Configure a DSL Connection

      Configure a Cable Modem and Other Connections

      Connecting via AirPort

      Troubleshooting Connections

    Internet Connections at Multiple Locations



    The .Mac Question

    Accessing Your iDisk

9. Mail and Chat Basics.

    Introducing Mail

      Set Up an Account

      Reading Messages in Mail

      Replying To and Forwarding Messages

      New Messages and Sending Attachments

      Add Your Signature

      Mail and the Address Book

      Dealing with Junk Mail

      Managing Your Accounts and Mailboxes

      Using Rules

    Using iChat AV

      Setting Up iChat

      Chatting by Typing

      Sending and Receiving Files

      iChat's AV Features

      Create a Group Chat

10. Browsing the Web: Safari and Sherlock.

    Introducing Safari

      Browser Basics

      Google Searches

      Reliving History

      Managing Bookmarks

      Reading RSS "Newsfeeds" in Safari

      Using Tabs

      Digging into Safari's Preferences

    QuickTime and Streaming Multimedia

    Explore Sherlock

11. Build a Home or Office Network.

    How Networks Work

    Connecting Your Macs

      Connecting via Ethernet

      Set Up AirPort Connections

      Configuring the Protocols

      Set Up TCP/IP

      Turn on AppleTalk

    Turn On Services and Share Files

      Turn On Personal File Sharing

      Accessing Networked Macs

      User Accounts and File Sharing

      Share Your Printer

    Enabling Other Sharing Services

      Windows Sharing

      Personal Web Sharing

      Other Services

    Internet Access for Your Network

      Set Up Router Hardware

      Set Up the Software

    iChat AV and Bonjour

12. Swiss Army Apps: Mac OS X's Utilities.

    Using System Profiler

    Digging into Disk Utility

      First Aid





      Creating Disk Images

    Manage Performance with Activity Monitor

      Managing Processes

      Checking Activity

    It's Terminal, But It Won't Kill You

13. Common Problems and Solutions.

    Application Crashing and Freezes

      Hangs, Freezes, and Force Quit

      Dealing with Errors and Corruption

      Kernel Panics

    Resetting Passwords

    Using Software Update

    Viruses and Virus Protection

14. Securing Your Mac.

    Using Your User Passwords

      Set Your Password

      Use Your Password

    Storing Items Securely on the Keychain

      Using Keychain Access

      Keychain Settings and Passwords

      Add a Password Item

      Add a Secure Note

    Securing Your Files

      Encrypting Some of Your Files

      Encrypting All of Your Documents

      Securely Toss the Trash

    Set Your Open Firmware Password

    Exploring Internet Security

      Secure Your Mac from Access

      Secure and Private Browsing

      Parental Controls



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