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Jini and JavaSpaces Application Development

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Jini and JavaSpaces Application Development


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  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-672-32258-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32258-7

Jini and JavaSpaces Application Development demonstrates real-world usage and application of the Jini technology. Specifically the book presents and builds on the concept of a "virtual development center." It will use the concepts of distributed development, open-source, virtual corporations, and the borderless world as a backdrop to developing products and services using Jini and JavaSpaces technologies.



The source code for the examples developed in the book - 185 kb -- code.zip

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

Jini and JavaSpaces: Supporting Technologies

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Chapters conclude with a Summary.)



1. Introduction to Jini.

The Jini Evolution. Goals of the Technology.. What Are Jini Services? How Does Jini Solve Real-World Problems? The Evolving View of Services. The Tipping Point.

2. Jini in the Age of Services.

The Emerging Networked Application.. Understanding the Layers of Communication.. The New Protocols.. Existing Protocols in the Middleware Maze.. Summary.

3. Supporting Technologies.

The HTTP Server.. Remote Method Invocation.. Summary.

4. Building on Jini Foundation Concepts.

Foundational Services.. Summary.


5. JavaSpaces Service.

The JavaSpaces Service.. The Architecture of JavaSpaces.. Entries Revisited.. The Simple API.. Distributed Data Structures.. Application Basics.. Deploying JavaSpaces.. A Sample Application-Building the MessagePad.. Summary.

6. Transaction Service.

Distributed Transactions.. The Jini Transaction Framework.. The Mahalo Implementation.. JavaSpaces Transaction Example.. Transactional Shell Example.. Summary.

7. The Helper Services.

Overview of Helper Services.. The Disconnected Client or Service Entity.. The LDS Interface Explained.. The LRS Interface Explained.. The EMS Interface Explained.. Summary.

8. Service Administration.

Service Administration Overview.. Client Administration.. The Administrative Interfaces.. Building on Your Service Framework.. Client-Side Implementation.. Summary.

9. Security in Jini..

Defining Security Requirements.. Jini-Specific Requirements.. Java Security.. The Java Virtual Machine.. Configuring Basic Security with Policy Files.. Additional Security Considerations and Alternative Techniques.. In Need of Evolution.. Summary.


10. GroupWare.

Defining the JWorkPlace.. The Role of XML in Workplace Definition.. The Supporting Services: reggie, outrigger, and mahalo.. Client-Side Service Discovery.. Introducing the ServiceUI Project.. Summary.

11. Workflow.

What Is Workflow?. A Collaborative Workflow Framework Example.. The Supporting Services.. Change in State as a Flow-of-Objects.. The Event Mailbox Service as a Remote Event Notification Platform.. Integrating Workers with JavaSpaces and the Event Mailbox Service.. Content Management Workflow.. Summary.

12. Agents.

Agents of Collaboration.. Simple Agent Frameworks.. An Example Process Control Agent.. Future Jini Agents.. Summary.

13. Jini as a Web Service.

Business-to-Business E-commerce.. What Are Web Services?. Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) as a Transport Technology.. Jini in the B2B Context.. SOAP-to-Jini Integration.. Summary-The Road to (Dis)-Integration.

14. Pervasive Computing and Mobile Devices.

Jini Environment and Assumptions.. Can Jini Scale Down?. Will Devices Scale Up?. The Network Reality-Pervasive Computing.. Summary.


Appendix A. Setting Up Your Environment.

What You Will Need.. Gotchas and Common Pitfalls.

Appendix B. Tools.

Start-up Scripts.. Building Jini.. Service Browsing and Administration.. Summary.

Appendix C. Links, Community, Resources.

Links.. Specifications.. Community.. Resources.



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