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iPodpedia: The Ultimate iPod and iTunes Resource

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iPodpedia: The Ultimate iPod and iTunes Resource

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  • Copyright 2007
  • Edition: 1st
  • Premium Website
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3674-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3674-1

iPodpedia is the first book to show you everything that the iPod and iTunes have to offer—from music to movies and beyond. Whether you want to get the most out of your iPod’s music playback, create your own playlists, edit your music info and album art, convert your home movies and DVDs to iPod videos, listen to audiobooks and podcasts, or just unfreeze a frozen iPod, iPodpedia will show you how to do it.

Here’s some of what’s covered inside…

•    Using the iPod, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle™

•    Apple’s new iPhone™

•    Purchasing music and movies from the iTunes Store

•    Using iTunes to rip and burn CDs

•    Managing music and playlists

•    Finding cover art and other music file tag information

•    Dealing with DRM (Digital Rights Management)

•    Watching movies, TV shows, and other videos

•    Listening to audiobooks and podcasts

•    Viewing digital photos and slideshows

•    Connecting your iPod to a home audio/video system

•    Using the iPod in your car or boat

•    Playing iPod games

•    Using the iPod as a calendar and scheduler

•    Exercising with the Nike+iPod Sports Kit

•    Transferring files from your iPod to your PC

•    Using add-on software programs

•    iPod accessories

•    iPod tips, tricks, and hacks

•    Troubleshooting iPod problems

Part 1:    Background

1    The History

2    The iPod Family

3    The iPhone

Part 2:    Operation

4    Using the iPod

5    Using the iTunes Software

6    Using the iTunes Store

Part 3:    Applications

7    Music

8    Podcasts

9    Audiobooks
10  Photos

11  Videos
12  Games

Part 4:    Special Uses

13    Using Your iPod in the Living Room

14    Using Your iPod in the Car

15    Using Your iPod as a Portable Storage Device

16    Using Your iPod to Record Audio and Podcasts

17    Using Your iPod for Running and Exercise

18    Using Your iPod as a Calendar/Scheduler

19    Using iTunes to Manage Your Music Purchases

Part 5:    Secrets

20    iPod Tips and Tricks

21    iPod Hacks

Part 6:    Support

22    iPod Accessories

23    Third-Party Software
24    iPod Troubleshooting

Part 7:    Appendixes

Michael Miller has written more than 75 non-fiction how-to books over the past two decades, including Googlepedia: The Ultimate Google Reference, Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Computer Basics, How Microsoft Windows Vista Works, How Home Theater and HDTV Work, Tricks of the eBay Masters, and YouTube 4 You. His books have collectively sold more than a million copies worldwide, and he has established a reputation for offering real-world advice about complicated topics. More information can be found at the author’s website (www.molehillgroup.com) and at iPodPedia: The Blog (ipodpediatheblog.blogspot.com).

Category  Digital Music

Covers     iPod and iTunes for Windows® and Mac®

Level        Intermediate to Advanced

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Using Podcasts 101: A Guide for Beginners

Using Your iPod in the Car

Using Your iPod in the Car

Using Your iPod to Record Audio and Podcasts

Using Your iPod to Record Audio and Podcasts

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Download Chapter 16

Table of Contents

Part 1:    Background

1    The History

    The iPod Phenomenon

    The iPod Story: Conception to Birth and Beyond

        2000: Apple’s Quest

        2001: The Concept Develops

        2002: Expanding the Market

        2003: More Models, More Music

        2004: Introducing the mini

        2005: The Market Explodes

        2006: Business as Usual–and Then Some

        2007: Introducing the iPhone

    iPods in the Future

2    The iPod Family

    Common Features

        Audio and Video Playback

        File Storage

        Operating System and Memory




    Comparing iPod Models

        The iPod

        The iPod mini

        The iPod nano

        The iPod shuffle

3    The iPhone

    Introducing the iPhone

        What It Does

        How It Does It


    Using the iPhone

        The iPhone Home Screen

        Making Phone Calls

        Sending Text Messages

        Taking Photos

        Viewing Photos

        Listening to Music

        Watching Videos

        Sending and Receiving Email

        Browsing the Web

        Viewing Maps

        Using Other Widgets

    Is the iPhone for You?



        Bottom Line

Part 2:    Operation

4    Using the iPod

    Using the 5G iPod

        Using the Click Wheel

        Performing Basic Operations

        Navigating the Menus

        Evaluating Battery Life

        Syncing and Recharging the iPod

        Playing Music on Your iPod

        Viewing Photos on Your iPod

        Viewing Videos on Your iPod

        Using Your iPod’s Extras

        Configuring the 5G iPod

    Using the iPod nano

        Menu Options

        Basic Operations

    Using the iPod shuffle

        Using the Control Pad

        Basic Operations

        Syncing, Charging, and Battery Life

    Using the iPod with the iTunes Software

5    Using the iTunes Software

    Navigating the iTunes Software

        The iTunes Interface

        Transport and View Controls

        Source List

        Album Art Area

        Cover Flow Display

        Track List

        Status Bar/Controls

        Displaying the Mini Store

        Displaying the Mini Player

    Configuring the iTunes Program

    Managing Your Music Collection

        Listening to Music

        Viewing Your Music Collection

        Searching for Music

        Using the Equalizer

        Cross-Fading Songs

        Standardizing Playback Volume

        Changing the Way Songs Shuffle

        Showing the Visualizer

        Manually Adding Music to iTunes

    Listening to Internet Radio

    Viewing Videos

    Syncing Your iPod

        Displaying Basic Information

        Configuring Sync Options

        Syncing Music

        Autofilling the iPod shuffle

        Syncing Movies

        Syncing TV Shows

        Syncing Podcasts

        Syncing Photos

        Syncing Contacts and Calendars

        Syncing Games

        Managing Files on Your iPod

    Visiting the iTunes Store

6    Using the iTunes Store

    Navigating the iTunes Store

    Creating an Apple Account

    iTunes Store Pricing

    Searching the iTunes Store

    Browsing the iTunes Store

    Purchasing Items from the iTunes Store

        Purchasing Music

        Purchasing Videos

        Purchasing Audiobooks

        Purchasing iPod Games

        Downloading Podcasts

    Dealing with DRM

        FairPlay Restrictions

        Authorizing Computers for Playback

        The DRM Workaround

Part 3:    Applications

7    Music

    Understanding Digital Audio File Formats

        How Digital Sampling Works

        Understanding File Compression

        Compatible File Formats

        Incompatible File Formats

        Understanding Bit Rates

    Ripping Music from CD

        Setting File Format and Bit Rate

        Ripping the CD

    Burning Music to CD

    Playing CDs

    Managing Music in iTunes

        Deleting Tracks

        Editing Track Information

        Editing Multiple Tracks

        Adding and Editing Album Art

        Adding Lyrics

        Setting Playback Volume and Equalization

        Rating Tracks

        Editing Track Length–and Splitting Tracks

    Using Playlists

        Creating Custom Playlists

        Creating Smart Playlists

        Using the Party Shuffle

        Organizing Playlists into Folders

        Sharing Playlists

        Uploading iMix Playlists to the iTunes Store

        Using Third-Party Playlist Software

    Printing Your Music Library List

        Printing a Song List

        Printing an Album List

        Exporting a Music Library List

8    Podcasts

    Understanding Podcasts

    Finding and Downloading Podcasts from the iTunes Store

        Browsing the iTunes Podcast Directory

        Downloading and Subscribing to Podcasts

    Finding and Subscribing to Other Podcasts on the Web

        Finding More Podcasts

        Subscribing to Other Podcasts

    Playing Podcasts

        Listening to–and Managing–Podcasts in iTunes

        Listening to Podcasts on Your iPod

    Watching Video Podcasts

9    Audiobooks

    Downloading Audiobooks from the iTunes Store

        Browsing and Searching for Audiobooks

        Purchasing Audiobooks

    Listening to Audiobooks

        Playing Audiobooks in iTunes

        Playing Audiobooks on Your iPod

    Using Non-iTunes Audiobooks on Your iPod

        Audiobooks at Audible.com

        Ripping Audiobooks from CD

        Using Audiobook Software

        Manually Changing Ripped Files

10    Photos

    About Photos and Your iPod

    Transferring Photos to Your iPod

    Viewing Photos on Your iPod

        Viewing Single Photos

        Viewing a Photo Slideshow

        Viewing a Slideshow with Music

        Setting Slideshow Options

        Viewing iPod Photos on Your TV

    Using Your iPod as a Digital Photo Storage Device

        Configuring Your iPod for Photo Storage

        Transferring Photos from Your Camera to Your iPod

11    Videos

    Understanding iPod Video

    Downloading Videos from the iTunes Store

        What’s Available in the Store

        Purchasing Videos in the iTunes Store

        Transferring Videos to Your iPod

    Playing iPod Videos

        Playing Videos in iTunes

        Playing Videos on Your iPod

        Playing iPod Videos on Your TV

    Converting Other Videos to iPod Use

        Converting Existing Videos

        Converting Recorded TV Programs

        Converting DVD Movies

        Recording “Live” Programming to the iPod

    Other Places to Find iPod-Friendly Videos

        Sites with iPod-Format Videos

        Converting YouTube Videos with iTube

12    Games

        Playing Built-In iPod Games

        Purchasing and Downloading Games from the iTunes Store

        Finding Other iPod Games Online

Part 4:    Special Uses

13    Using Your iPod in the Living Room

    Connecting Your iPod to External Speakers

        Connecting to Computer Speakers

        Connecting to a Tabletop Speaker

        Connecting to an iPod Bookshelf Audio System

    Connecting Your iPod to Your Home Entertainment System

        Connecting for Audio via an Adapter Cable

        Connecting for Audio and Video

        Connecting via an iPod Dock

        Connecting Wirelessly

        Connecting to iPod-Ready Receivers

    iPod and iTunes for Audiophiles

    Using iTunes in Your Home Entertainment System

        Connecting Your PC Directly to Your Home Audio System

        Connecting Wirelessly

        Sharing Your Music Across Your Home Network

        Listening to iTunes via Windows Media Center

    Listening to Music with Apple TV

        Specs and Connections

        Using Apple TV

        Apple TV vs. Windows Media Center

14    Using Your iPod in the Car

    Connecting to an iPod-Enabled Car

    Installing an Aftermarket iPod-Ready Car Audio System

    Connecting to an Existing Car Audio System

    Connecting via a Cassette Adapter

    Connecting via an FM Transmitter

    Other iPod Car Accessories

        Power Adapters

        Car Mounts

15    Using Your iPod as a Portable Storage Device

    Configuring and Using Your iPod for Data Storage

        Configuring Your iPod

        Managing Files

    Copying Music from Your iPod to a PC

        Copying Music the Windows Way

        Copying Music with iPod File Management Programs

        Copying Music the Apple Way

    Different Ways to Use Your iPod for Data Storage

        Transferring Files from One PC to Another

        Backing Up Important Data

        Storing Digital Photos on the Go

16    Using Your iPod to Record Audio and Podcasts

    Turning Your iPod into a Voice Recorder

        How iPod Microphones Work

        Popular iPod Microphones

    Recording Podcasts on Your iPod

        Recording in the Field

        Recording with TuneStudio

        Editing Podcasts on Your Computer

        Distributing Your Podcast via iTunes

17    Using Your iPod for Running and Exercise

    Choosing the Right iPod for Running and Exercise

    Carrying Your iPod While You Exercise

        iPod Sports Cases and Armbands

        Sports Earphones

    Finding Music for Exercise

    Using Your iPod as a Stopwatch

    Training with the Nike+iPod Sport Kit

        What’s in the Kit?

        Using the Sport Kit

        Analyzing Your Workout Data

18    Using Your iPod as a Calendar/Scheduler

    Importing Calendars into Your iPod

        Getting Your iPod Ready for Calendar Use

        Importing Calendars from Microsoft Outlook

        Importing Individual Calendar Items from Microsoft Outlook

        Importing Calendars from iCal

        Importing Google Calendars

        Importing Yahoo! Calendars

    Using iPod Calendars

        Viewing Calendars

        Setting an Alarm for Calendar Events

    Importing Your Contacts into Your iPod

        Importing Contact Lists from Outlook and Outlook Express

        Importing Individual Contacts from Outlook and Outlook Express

        Importing Contacts from Your Mac

    Viewing Contacts on Your iPod

19    Using iTunes to Manage Your Music Purchases

    Managing Your iTunes Purchases

        Use the Shopping Cart Instead of 1-Click

        Use Wish Lists Instead of Buying

        Keep Track of Your Purchase History

    Managing Your Children’s iTunes Purchases

        Give Your Kids an iTunes Allowance

        Deauthorize Your Childrens’ Computers

        Keep Your Kids from Buying Explicit Content

    Giving the Gift of Music

        Giving Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

        Giving Songs, Albums, and Playlists

Part 5:    Secrets

20    iPod Tips and Tricks

    iPod Tricks

        Extend Your iPod’s Battery Life

        Recharge Your iPod–Without a PC

        Get Extra Life with an External Battery

        Rate a Song

        Use Your iPod as an Alarm Clock

        Use Your iPod as a Laser Pointer–or a Flashlight

        Use Your iPod for Presentations

        Record FM Radio for iPod Playback

        Record Internet Radio for iPod Playback

        Store Cocktail Recipes on Your iPod

        Teach Yourself Foreign Languages on Your iPod

        View Subway Maps on Your iPod

        View Google or Yahoo! Maps on Your iPod

        Read Your Email on Your iPod

        Listen to Your Email on Your iPod

        View Web Pages on Your iPod

        Find Out How Much Free Space You Have Left

        Rename Your iPod

        Customize Your iPod’s Main Menu

        Mod Your iPod

        Use Cheat Codes for iPod Games

    iTunes Tricks

        Search Smarter

        Request a Tune

        Use iTunes Hotkeys

        Customize the Visualizer

        Add New Visualizations

        Back Up Your Purchased Music

        Enhance Your Audio

        Create Multiple iTunes Libraries

        Delete Duplicate Tracks from Your Library

        Find Out Which Playlists Contain a Certain Song

        Convert Multiple Tracks in a Batch

        Rip a CD Directly to a Playlist

        Correct Ripping Errors

        Remove Copy Protection from a Track–and Use Your Music Any Way You Want

        Split a Hidden Track into Its Own Track

        Group Compilation Albums

        Use Groupings to Create Sophisticated Playlists

        Improve Preview Playback on a Dial-Up Connection

        Download Free Music and Videos via Podcast Subscriptions

        View PDF Files in iTunes

21    iPod Hacks

    Hacking Your iPod with iPodWizard

    Hacking Your iPod with Rockbox

    Hacking Your iPod with iPodLinux

        Changing Your iPod’s Interface

        Adding Functionality to Your iPod

    Hacking iTunes

        Hacking iTunes on the Mac

        Hacking iTunes on Windows

Part 6:    Support

22    iPod Accessories


    Backpacks and Bags


    Earphone Splitters

    Portable Speakers

    Bookshelf Speakers

    Alarm Clocks

    A/V Docks and Connecting Kits

    Audio/Video Cables

    Remote Controls

    Recharging Docks

    Power and Battery Kits

    Car Kits, Transmitters, and Mounts

    Portable Video Displays

    FM Radio Tuners

    Audio Recorders

    Video Recorders


    Camera Adapters/Media Readers



    iPod Customization

    Cleaning and Scratch Removal

    Toys and Oddities

    Other Accessories

23    Third-Party Software

    Tag Editors

    Album Art Importers

    Playlist Creators

    Audio File Converters

    DRM Strippers


    Audio Enhancement

    Lyrics Downloaders

    Other iTunes Music Utilities

    Audiobook Converters and Managers

    Internet Radio Recorders

    Video-to-iPod Converters

    DVD-to-iPod Converters

    File Managers

    Podcast Creators/Editors

    Email, Contacts, and the Web

    Language Training

    Electronic Books, Reference, and Learning

    Text-to-Audio Converters


    Interface Customization

    Other Programs

24    iPod Troubleshooting

    Understanding Onscreen Icons

    Troubleshooting Common Problems

        Your iPod Freezes

        Your iPod Won’t Turn On

        Your Computer Doesn’t Recognize Your iPod

        You Can’t Disconnect Your iPod from Your PC

        Your iPod Skips During Music Playback

        Your Music Doesn’t Sound Right

        Some Songs Don’t Play Back

        iTunes Doesn’t Display Album Artwork

        iTunes Displays an “iPod Is Linked to Another Library” Message

    Troubleshooting iPod Problems with Diagnostic Mode

    Restoring Your iPod’s Firmware

    Reformatting Your iPod

    Dealing with a Scratched or Broken Screen

    Dealing with iPod Battery Problems

    Finding Professional Help

Part 7:    Appendixes

A    Additional Resources

0789736748, TOC, 3/29/2007


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