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iPod + iTunes for Windows and Mac in a Snap, 2nd Edition

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iPod + iTunes for Windows and Mac in a Snap, 2nd Edition

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  • Copyright 2006
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Premium Website
  • ISBN-10: 0-672-32899-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32899-2

iPod enthusiasts, this book is for you. iPod + iTunes for Windows and Mac in a Snap, Second Edition has been updated to cover the latest version of iTunes and the entire family of iPods, including the new Nano, and podcast and video download features. Organized into a series of well-organized, bite-sized, quickly accomplished tasks, the book lets you zero right in on the one particular task you want to accomplish, quickly figure out what to do, do it, and then get back to your favorite thing to do: play with your iPod.

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Online Sample Chapters

Building Your Digital Music Library

Building Your Digital Music Library in iTunes

Downloadable Sample Chapter

Download the sample chapter

Table of Contents

Jump in anywhere! Find the task or technique you want to learn from this list (for example, Repair a Missing Song Entry.) Note the number in the tab (, in this case). Then, just flip through the book until you find that tab number on the edge of one of the pages.

Each short lesson lists any techniques that might be good to know as background (4 Before You Begin) as well as any other lessons that may be related or that might give you more information ( ‹ See Also). Have fun!

Chapter 1: Start Here           

Chapter 2: Setting Up iTunes

and iPod

 Download and Install iTunes

 Run iTunes for the First Time

 Select Your iPod’s Language

 Connect Your iPod for the First Time

 Set the iPod’s Date and Time

 Configure Your iPod for Your Headphones or Speakers

 Configure the iPod’s Backlight

Chapter 3: Building Your

Digital Music Library

 About Music and Video Formats

 Import a Music CD into iTunes

 Get CD Track Names Manually

 Add a Music or Video File to Your iTunes Library

 Import Your Existing Digital Music Collection into iTunes

 Add Album Art to Songs

 Submit CD Track Names to the Gracenote Database

 Import a CD with Joined Tracks

 Extract a “Secret Track” into the iTunes Library

Chapter 4: Using the iTunes

Music Store

 About Digital Rights Management Technology

 Sign Up for the iTunes Music Store

 Browse the iTunes Music Store

 Purchase a Song, Album, Video, or Audiobook from the iTunes Music Store

 Purchase Music Using a Shopping Cart

 Check for Purchased Music or Videos

 Authorize a Computer to Play Purchased Music

 Find More Music by Artists in Your iTunes Library

 Publish a Playlist as an iMix

 Give Gift Music to Someone Else

 Redeem Gift Music, a Gift Certificate, or an iTunes Music Card

 Create an iTunes Music Store Allowance

 Request Music from the Music Store

 Watch for Newly Added Music Using an RSS Feed

 Tell a Friend About an Album in the iTunes Music Store

 Create a Web Link to Your Favorite Music for Sale

Chapter 5: Enjoying Your

Music in iTunes

 Find and Play Music in iTunes

 Customize Smart Shuffle Options

 Create a Playlist

 Create a Smart Playlist

 Rate Your Music in iTunes

 Find and Play Videos in iTunes

 Subscribe to and Listen to Podcasts

 Listen to an Internet Radio Station

 Use the iTunes Visualizer

 Provide Customized Background Music with Party Shuffle

 Auto-Level Song Volumes

 Create Crossfades Between Songs

 Protect Your Kids from Explicit Content

Chapter 6: iPod: iTunes

to Go

 Transfer Your Music and Videos to Your iPod

 Put Your Home Videos and Downloaded Videos on Your iPod

 Use a Large iTunes Library with a Small iPod

 Autofill Your iPod shuffle or iTunes Phone

 Transfer Your Music to a Mobile Device

 Find and Play Music on the iPod

 Find and Play Videos on the iPod

 Rate Your Music on the iPod

 Transfer Only Preferred Music to the iPod

 Create an On-the-Go Playlist

 Listen to an Audiobook or Podcast at Home or on the Go

 About the Care and Feeding of Your iPod

Chapter 7: Sharing Your

Music with Others

 Create an Audio CD from a Playlist

 Customize CD Burning Options

 Create an MP3 CD

 Print a CD Jewel Case Insert with Album Art

 Create an MP3 CD from Purchased AAC Music

 Export a Song List

 Share Your Music over the Local Network

 Listen to Shared Music on the Local Network

 AirTunes: Connect iTunes to a Stereo System with AirPort Express

Chapter 8: Maintaining Your

Music Library

 About Organizing Your Music

 Repair a Missing Song Entry

 Re-import a Music CD for Improved Quality

 Customize Importing Options

 Import a CD in CD-Quality (Lossless) Format

 Convert Audio Files to Other Formats

 Consolidate Your Music Library

 Find Music Files from iTunes Entries

 Examine and Modify Song Information Tags

 Eliminate Duplicate Tracks

Chapter 9: Making the Most

of iTunes

 Customize Which Information Columns Are Displayed

 Control iTunes from the Dock, Dashboard, or System Tray

 Train iTunes to Play Your Favorite Music

 Adjust the Global Equalizer

 Adjust Equalizer Settings for Individual Songs

 Add a Third-Party Visualizer

 Automatically Download Album Art

Chapter 10: iPod Extras

 Carry and View Digital Photos and Slideshows on an iPod

 Download Photos from Your Camera Directly to Your iPod

 Display Your Photos on a TV

 Display Your Videos on a TV

 Use Your iPod as an External Hard Disk

 Play iPod Games

 Customize the iPod’s Main Menu

 Transfer and View Contacts

 Transfer and View Calendar Events

 Synchronize Contacts and Calendar Items Using iTunes or iSync (Mac Only)

 Transfer and View Text Notes

 Use Your iPod as a Stopwatch

Bonus Content on the Web

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Bonus Chapter 1:

iPod Add-Ons

 Listen to FM Radio

 Record Voice Memos

 Temporarily Store Digital Photos on Your iPod’s Disk

 Use Your iPod as an Alarm Clock

 Listen to Your iPod in the Car

 Turn Your iPod into a Boom Box with Remote Control

 Enhance Your iPod’s Battery Capacity

 About Third-Party iPod Software

Bonus Chapter 2:

Protecting Your Investment

 Back Up Your Music to CD or DVD

 Back Up Your Music Using .Mac Backup (Mac only)

 Restore Your Music from Backup

 Restore Your Music Library Database from a Backup Copy

 Copy Your Music from the iPod Back to iTunes

 Secure Your iPod Against Theft

 Update Your iPod’s Software

 Restore Your iPod to Factory Settings

 Turn a Scratched iPod into a Brushed Metal iPod


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