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IP Subnetting Video and Practice Questions Kit

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  • The Premium Edition Video is a digital-only certification preparation product combining a video course with enhanced Pearson IT Certification Practice Tests.

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  • Copyright 2020
  • Edition: 1st
  • Premium Edition Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-564728-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-564728-8

More than 900 practice questions and 1+ hour of video instruction.

Do you want to master subnetting? Then you need to first understand the concepts, then understand the math, and then practice the math until you internalize the math processes. This product focuses on subnetting math, giving you a tool to help you uncover your mistakes, correct them, perfect your skills, and quickly do subnetting calculations.

This product focuses on the final part of mastering subnetting: practicing the math to the point that you can do it without needing a calculator. The IP Subnetting Video and Practice Questions Kit includes more than 900 subnetting practice questionsbut it goes far beyond just a large number of questions. More importantly, it provides detailed explanations of how to find the answers to every question. Its like having a subnetting math tutor guide you through your subnetting homework sessions. The kit includes
* About 1.5 hours of videos focused on how to do the subnetting math required by the questions in this kit* More than 900 subnetting questions in both multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank formats* A step-by-step description of how to apply the process to each specific question, which re-teaches the related subnetting process* Exams (large question sets) and quizzes (smaller question sets) that let you choose how much (or how little) time to spend in each study session* Cisco exam preparation through video advice on speed goals so you can be ready to attain Cisco CCNA certification* A testing app that includes a built-in exam timer to test your speed and accuracy

The Kit As a Supplement
The IP Subnetting Video and Practice Questions Kit supplements your learning with almost any other TCP/IP networking books, videos, or courses. Most networking learning tools include subnetting, and at its core, this product provides high-volume repetition and practice. If you sit in a Cisco Networking Academy course, are studying for Network+ or Cisco CCNA, are reading a book for study or are learning with videos, the IP Subnetting Video and Practice Questions Kit can help.

The IP Subnetting Video and Practice Questions Kit works particularly well with some other products from author Wendell Odom. The explanations of each question match the processes described in detail in these popular products:
* (Book) CCNA 200-301 Official Cert Guide, Volume 1* (Recorded Video) IP Subnetting from Beginning to Mastery: A Complete Video Course for IT Pros and Cisco CCNA Candidates* (OReilly Learning Live Course) IP Subnetting from Beginning to Mastery: IP Subnetting for IT Pros and Cisco CCNA Candidates
 Skill Level

What youll learn from the videos: 
* The basics of IP subnetting* The list of significant math processes related to IP subnetting* Examples of each significant math process* The user interface and content in the IP Subnetting Video and Practice Questions Kit so that you can make good use of the product* Suggestions for speed goals if youre preparing for Cisco exams

What youll learn from the practice questions: 
* Skills in performing the various subnetting math processes* A basic understanding of subnetting math, which leads to a confident mastery of subnetting math* Enough practice so that, if you put in the work, you can learn to perform subnetting math quickly
 Who Should Take This Course
* IT and networking professionals who want to fully understand subnetting by mastering the math processes, even to the point of doing the math without a calculator regularly in their jobs* Network certification candidates (Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CompTIA Network+, and so on) who need to be ready to do the math, with no calculator and no reference information, at speed, at least for exam day
 Course Requirements
Anyone using this product should already know something about subnetting. While it is possible to use these practice questions to learn the math, this product is meant to be a supplemental tool. For instance, anyone who has read a CCNA certification guide or a general TCP/IP book that discusses subnetting math should have enough background to make good use of this product.

Lesson descriptions 
Lesson 1, Introducing the Subnetting Practice Kit: A series of video lectures that describes the product features and how to best use the product to learn more about subnetting.
Lesson 2, Examples of Subnetting Math Per Exam: The 13 videos in this lesson discuss the 13 different exams in the practice questions kit. Each video describes the types of subnetting processes in the questions in the corresponding exam. 
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Video Lessons are available for download for offline viewing within the streaming format. Look for the green arrow in each lesson. 

Sample Content

Table of Contents

IP Subnetting Video and Practice Questions Kit: Introduction
Module 1: The IP Subnetting Practice Kit
Module 1: Introduction
Lesson 1: Introducing the IP Subnetting Practice Kit
Learning objectives
1.1 IP Subnetting Practice Question Kit
1.2 Exams in the Practice Kit
1.4 How to Best Use the Practice Kit
1.5 How to Best Use Exams 2 Through 5
1.6 Complementary Subnetting Learning Tools
1.7 Practice Question Kit Demo
Lesson 2: Examples of Subnetting Math Per Exam
Learning objectives
2.1 Exam 1: Find Subnet Facts, Easy Masks
2.2 Exam 2: Find Subnet Facts, Difficult Masks
2.3 Exam 3: Find Subnet Facts, Difficult Masks
2.4 Exam 4: Find Subnet Facts, Difficult Masks
2.5 Exam 5: Find Subnet Facts, Difficult Masks
2.6 Exam 6: Convert DDN Subnet Masks to Prefix
2.7 Exam 7: Convert Prefix Subnet Masks to DDN
2.8 Exam 8: Find Network Facts
2.9 Exam 9: Find All IP Subnets, Easy Masks
2.10 Exam 10: Find All IP Subnets, Difficult Masks
2.11 Exam 11: Interpret Existing Masks
2.12 Exam 12: Choose a Subnet Mask
2.13 Exam 13: Find a VLSM Overlap
IP Subnetting Video and Practice Questions Kit: Summary 


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