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Investing Crash Course in Commodities, An: Understanding the Markets, the Exchanges, and the Mechanics of the Trade, (Video)

Investing Crash Course in Commodities, An: Understanding the Markets, the Exchanges, and the Mechanics of the Trade, (Video)

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  • Copyright 2011
  • Dimensions: 5-3/8" x 8-1/4"
  • Edition: 1st
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-269244-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-269244-1

In 8 easy to follow and understand video lessons, expert trader Carley Garner demystifies commodities trading, helping you to improve your trading skills fast! Garner explains futures markets, contracts, long versus short, delivery, arbitrage, cost-to-carry, offsetting and rollover trades, spreads, costs, and more. Learn powerful trading techniques at your pace...get specific solutions when you need them!

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Sample Content

Table of Contents

Introduction: Commodity market volatility; what creates it and how it influences the lives of traders and society

Section 1: How it all began

Lesson 1: Birth of the Chicago Board of Trade and the domestic futures industry

Lesson 2: Futures contract definition and purpose

Lesson 3: Cash market vs. futures market

Section 2: Futures market mechanics

Lesson 4: Long vs. short

Lesson 5: The glue that holds it all together--delivery, arbitrage, and cost to carry

Lesson 6: Offsetting and rolling over trades

Lesson 7: Bid/ask spread

Lesson 8: Round turns and transaction costs

Total run time: 59:12


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