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How to Use Photos for Mac (Que Video)

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How to Use Photos for Mac (Que Video)

Online Video


  • Copyright 2016
  • Edition: 1st
  • Online Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-449410-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-449410-4

3+ Hours of Video Instruction

How to Use Photos for Mac provides viewers with a comprehensive overview of how to us OS X’s built-in photography app to organize, edit, and share their digital pictures.


How to Use Photos for Mac is an easy-to-understand, but comprehensive, 3+ hour video course that introduces viewers to the Photos for Mac application, it’s interface and tools, and then explains exactly how to use this powerful application on a Mac running OS X El Capitan. In non-technical, non-geeky terms, Michael Grothaus guides viewers step-by-step through organizing, editing, and sharing their photos using Photos for Mac.

Skill Level

• Beginner to Intermediate

What You Will Learn

• How to master the Photos interface—one menu button at a time
• How to quickly organize and edit photos
• How to tag photos using Faces and Places
• How to create Moments, Albums, and Smart Photo Albums
• How to create personalized keepsakes, such as books, cards, and slideshows
• How to share photos via Facebook, Flickr, and more…all without leaving the Photos app
• How to store, access, share, and edit photos in iCloud Photo Library

Who Should Take This Course?

• Anyone who wants to understand and use all the features and tools in the Photos app for Mac OS X El Capitan.

Course Requirements

• Have access to a Mac running El Capitan.

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Part 1: Importing and Viewing Your Photos
Photos supports importing your pictures from a range of devices, including card readers, iPhones, digital cameras, or even your Mac’s hard drive. In the following lessons, you learn all the ways to import your photographs as well as how to view and sort your photographs once they’ve been imported. By the end, you’ll be navigating your Photos library like a pro!

Part 2: Marking, Searching, and Deleting Your Photos
Underneath the visual layer of your photographs is a host of digital information called metadata that records information such as when and where the photo was taken, what kind of camera it was taken with, and even who is in the photo. In the following lessons, you learn how to read and understand that metadata and use it to perform powerful searches. You also learn how to mark photos as favorites, hide photos from prying eyes, and delete photos you no longer want to keep.

Part 3: Working with Albums, Faces, and Maps
Photos for Mac offers powerful organizational tools to arrange all the pictures in your library how you like. The lessons in this part show you how to create regular and smart albums, sort your photos into Faces collections so you can see who’s in them, and view your photos on a map so you can quickly see all the photographs you took in a particular location.

Part 4: Editing Basics
The true power of Photos for Mac becomes evident when you begin using its editing tools–and the app has a lot of them! In the following lessons, you learn to use Photos’ basic editing tools, and those you can use in just a few clicks. You’ll be amazed at how easy the basic editing tools are to use and how they can transform your pictures from good to works of art in no time!

Part 5: Advanced Editing
The Photos for Mac app isn’t limited to just basic tools. It hosts a collection of advanced, pro-level tools that can really take your photographs to the next level. These tools aren’t for everyone, however. But after viewing these lessons, you’ll be able to edit your pictures like a pro. Also included in this part is a lesson on using Photos to edit your video clips.

Part 6: Sharing Your Photos
One of the best things about photography is sharing your pictures with others. Photo for Mac includes a wide array of sharing options, allowing you to post your images to social media, email them to family and friends, and stream them via iCloud Photo Sharing–all right from within the Photos app! These lessons show you how to share your images with the audience that matters most to you.

Part 7: Creating Keepsakes
Photos for Mac also allows you to create physical keepsakes containing your favorite images. These keepsakes include hard and soft cover books, cards, and calendars. In the following lesson, you learn how to create a keepsake project using your pictures that you can then order and send as a gift to family and friends.

About Que Video
Que Video helps you learn technology efficiently with easy-to-follow video tutorials covering popular software apps, online games, and more. Each Que video is professionally produced and features the highest quality step-by-step instruction designed by trusted authors and trainers from Que Publishing, an imprint of Pearson–the world’s leading learning company. View Que Videos at http://www.quepublishing.com/quevideo.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

Part 1: Importing and Viewing Your Photos
Lesson 1.1 Import photos from anywhere
Lesson 1.2 Set up iCloud Photo Library or Photo Stream
Lesson 1.3 View and sort your photos

Part 2: Marking, Searching, and Deleting Your Photos
Lesson 2.1 View and edit metadata
Lesson 2.2 Use keywords and the Keyword Manager
Lesson 2.3 Search for photos
Lesson 2.4 Hide and delete your photos

Part 3: Working with Albums, Faces, and Maps
Lesson 3.1 Create regular albums
Lesson 3.2 Create smart albums
Lesson 3.3 Manage your albums
Lesson 3.4 Create Faces collections
Lesson 3.5 Navigate and view your photos on a map

Part 4: Editing Basics
Lesson 4.1 Use the Enhance, Retouch, Filter, and Redeye tools
Lesson 4.2 Use the Rotate and Crop tools
Lesson 4.3 Use Extension tools

Part 5: Advanced Editing
Lesson 5.1 Make basic adjustments
Lesson 5.2 Make details adjustments
Lesson 5.3 Make advanced adjustments
Lesson 5.4 Advanced editing tips
Lesson 5.5 Edit videos

Part 6: Sharing Your Photos
Lesson 6.1 Lesson 6.1: Share your photos on social media
Lesson 6.2 Lesson 6.2: Share your photos in apps
Lesson 6.3 Lesson 6.3: Share your photos with iCloud Photo Sharing

Part 7: Creating Keepsakes
Lesson 7.1 Create a project


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