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Fun with Photoshop Elements 3: Foto-Fakery for Everyone

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Fun with Photoshop Elements 3: Foto-Fakery for Everyone


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  • Copyright 2005
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 224
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-672-32730-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-672-32730-8

Wish your ex-boyfriend wasn't in that great picture of you with your family? Cut him out! Hate the shirt you're wearing in the picture of you with your best friend? Change the color! You can do all of this and more with Photoshop Elements 3 and Fun with Photoshop Elements 3 can show you how. Get your feet wet and your hands dirty with this cheeky look at how to use the program for fun. Learn the key tools and tricks through objective-based lessons that will show you how to complete a task quickly and easily so you can move on to the next task. By the end of the book, you will be able to combine elements of two photos into one image, perform "head transplants," makeover your clothes or face, edit people into and out of images and graft images together to create giant, mystical creatures. The possibilities are endless-let us help you reel them in!



The source files for this book take up a lot of space even when compressed. If you're on a broadband connection or don't mind a huge download, you can download all the examples at once. Otherwise, you can download the individual chapters as needed.

All the example files developed for the book - 46.4 MB -- allimages.zip

Images for Chapter 1 - 8.9 MB -- Chapter01.zip

Images for Chapter 2 - 3.1 MB -- Chapter02.zip

Images for Chapter 3 - 2 MB -- Chapter03.zip

Images for Chapter 4 - 2.2 MB -- Chapter04.zip

Images for Chapter 5 - 1.6 MB -- Chapter05.zip

Images for Chapter 6 - 7.5 MB -- Chapter06.zip

Images for Chapter 7 - 4.6 MB -- Chapter07.zip

Images for Chapter 8 - 6.2 MB -- Chapter08.zip

Images for Chapter 9 - 3.8 MB -- Chapter09.zip

Images for Chapter 10 - 1.7 MB -- Chapter10.zip

Images for Chapter 11 - 456 KB -- Chapter11.zip

Images for Chapter 12 - 3.6 MB -- Chapter12.zip

Sample Content

Online Sample Chapters

Mirror, Mirror, Off the Wall

Mirror, Mirror, Off the Wall: Altering Reality with Photoshop

Table of Contents


1. The Old Switcheroo.

    Project 1: The Forest and the Trees

    Project 2: Replace the Face

    Project 3: Making Faces

    Project 4: Body Transplants

    Project 5: Antelope, Schmantelope

2. Now You See It, Now You Don’t.

    Project 1: Colorful Tongues

    Project 2: Gone But Not Forgotten

    Project 3: Out of Africa–Completely

    Project 4: Protective Coloration

3. Mirror, Mirror, Off the Wall.

    Project 1: A Younger You in Minutes

    Project 2: Fast Forward

    Project 3: Who’s the Tallest of Them All?

4. A Cruel Twist of Face.

    Project 1: Elastic Surgery

    Project 2: Distort Reform

    Project 3: A Hair-raising Experience

    Project 4: Oral Surgery Gone Wrong

5. From Insult to Injury.

    Project 1: Warts and All

    Project 2: Pock Marks the Spot

    Project 3: Gratuitous Violence

    Project 4: Collision Coverage

6. Location, Location, Location.

    Project 1: Where Am I? An Incredible City

    Project 2: Stonedhenge

    Project 3: Environmental Deception

7. Just Faux Fun.

    Project 1: A Room for Improvement

    Project 2: Cabinet Appointments

    Project 3: A Realtor’s Nightmare

    Project 4: Housepainter’s Fantasy

8. The Write Stuff.

    Project 1: Postcard from Somewhere

    Project 2: What Is Mona Lisa Thinking?

    Project 3: Fake Highway Signs

    Project 4: Take It and Stick It! (On Your Bumper)

9. Kid Stuff.

    Project 1: Quick Cartoons

    Project 2: Trace and Fill

    Project 3: Play with Your Food!

    Project 4: Chocolate Treats

    Project 5: Decorate Your Room

10. Fool Me Twice.

    Project 1: Not-so-soft Drink

    Project 2: Bugs for Breakfast?

11. Artsy-Craftsy.

    Project 1: Olde Tyme Photography

    Project 2: Pre-War Portraits

    Project 3: Naked Babies

12. Artsy-Phartsy.

    Project 1: Come Up and See My Filters

    Project 2: Mom and Pop Art

    Project 3: Make a Good Impressionist

Appendix A. Resources.

    Searching the Internet for Images

    Using Royalty-Free Stock Images

    Scanning Images

    Printing from the Desktop

    Outsourcing Print Jobs



Appendix B. Photoshop in a Peanut Shell.

    Where Is It?

      Selection, Selection, Selection

      Rectangular or Elliptical Marquee

      Lasso Tool

      Magic Wand

      Managing Selections


      Adjustment Layers

      Blending Modes


    Gradient Fills

    Clone Stamp

    Toning Tools

    Text and Effects

    Differences Between Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CS




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