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Foundations of Software Testing

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Foundations of Software Testing


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  • Mathematical and algorithmic approach followed to describe a wide range of simple to complex
    techniques for test generation.
  • Detailed treatment of topics such as test generation from finite state models, combinatorial
    designs and test selection and minimization for regression testing.
  • Test adequacy assessment using criteria mandated by the FAA and other agencies; data-flow
    based adequacy and mutation-based adequacy which are the most powerful of the available
    test adequacy criteria.
  • Step-by-step algorithms to generate tests.
  • Comparative analyses of commercially available testing tools to facilitate tool selection.


  • Copyright 2014
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  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 81-317-9476-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-81-317-9476-0

Foundations of Software Testing, Second Edition is aimed at the undergraduate, the graduate student, and the practicing engineer. It presents sound engineering approaches for test generation, ion, minimization, assessment, and enhancement. Using numerous examples, it offers a lucid description of a wide range of simple to complex techniques for a variety of testing-related tasks. It also discusses the comparative analyses of commercially available testing tools to facilitate the tool ion.

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Table of Contents

Part I: Preliminaries 

1. Preliminaries: Software Testing 

2. Preliminaries: Mathematical

Part II: Test Generation
3. Domain Partitioning
4. Predicate Analysis
5. Test Generation: FSM Models
6. Test Generation: Combinatorial Designs

Part III: Test Adequacy
7. Control Flow and and Data Flow 
8. Program Mutation

Part IV: Phases of Testing 

9. Regression Testing

10. Unit Testing 

11. Integration Testing


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