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Essential Flash 5 for Web Professionals

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Essential Flash 5 for Web Professionals

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  • Concise coverage of key tools and techniques.
    • Covers Action Scripting, MP3 web publishing and more! Ex.___

  • Students learning by example.
    • Learn from real world examples and a live web site. Ex.___


  • Copyright 2001
  • Edition: 1st
  • Premium Website
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-091390-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-091390-6

  • Get results with Flash 5—today!
  • Learn from real-world examples and a live Web site
  • Hot new Flash 5 techniques: MP3 support, ActionScripting, and much more
  • By a top Web pro whose clients include DeBeers, Pfizer, and Lloyd's of London!
  • Endorsed by WOW (The World Organization of Web Masters)

With Flash 5's slick, fast-loading vector graphics and animation, you can build sites as hot as your imagination! Now, learn Flash 5 in a flash from a professional Web designer—through real-world projects you can view live on a linked Web site. Start with the basics, then master every key technique: from animation through navigation, interactivity through building a complete opening sequence. Along the way, you'll discover how to make the most of Flash 5's hottest features: from MP3 support to ActionScripting! Best of all, the projects are linked to a live Web site where you can see (and download) each Flash effect, in each stage of completion. It's all the guidance you'll need—every step of the way!

You'll learn all this and much more!

  • Master the revamped Flash 5 interface: timeline, tabbed panels, and more
  • Flash fundamentals: text, shape, fills, transparency, and imported graphics
  • Animation: timelines, frames, tweening, fading, transitions, and more
  • ActionScripting: new techniques that deliver sizzling interactivity
  • New Flash 5 drawing and graphics solutions
  • Publish to the Web: pre-loading, plug-in detection, server settings, and more

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Animating the Page with Flash 5

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Table of Contents

1. The Basics.

Introduction. The Flash Interface. Drawing Toolbar. Movie Properties. Work Area and Zoom. Drawing Simple Shapes and Text. Undo Levels. Selecting Graphics. Drawing and Modifying Text. Creating the Text Layer. Setting Text Properties. Creating Title Text. Creating Shadow Text. Linking Text. Moving Text. Drawing and Modifying Shapes. Creating Circles. Duplicating the Circle and Moving the Duplicates. Connecting Circles with Lines. Creating the Background Curve. Creating the Background Fill. Texture Fills and Transparency. Creating New Fill for Balls. Changing Fill of Circles. Creating and Modifying the Transparent Circle. Importing Graphics. Importing an Image. Changing the Photo Settings.

2. Animating the Page.

Timelines and Frames. Creating the Link Text Symbol. Creating the Logo Layer. Adding an Additional Background Layer. Creating Some Layers for the Circles. Frames and Animation. Tweening and Keyframes. Adding Keyframes to the Shelley Biotech Page. Movement Tweening. Animating the Tan Background Curve. A Quick Word about Onion-Skinning. Animating the Link Circles. Animating the Address Text. Animating the Text Links. Animating the Header Text. Shape Tweening. Creating the Beginning S Shape. Applying Shape Tweening to the S. Adding Shape Hints. Fading. Fading in the White Background. Fading in the Office Photo. Fading in the Logo Lines. Changing the Color of the Text Links. Changing the Color of the Address Text.

3. Making the Page Interactive.

Symbols. Creating Symbols. Using the Library to Access Your Symbols. Editing Symbols. Changing Symbol Types. Creating Buttons. Changing the Photo Symbol's Properties. Changing the Instance Properties for the Photo. Adding the Mouse-Over Action for the Office Photo. Adding the Web Links to the Buttons. Testing the Links. Button Actions. Opening the Button Frame Action Window. Adding the Keyframes for Button Actions. Creating the Hit Frame. Creating the Over Frame. Creating the Down Frame. Testing the Button Actions. Sound Effects. Adding a Sound to the Library. Using the Macromedia Sounds Library. Adding Sound to the Buttons. Testing the Sound Effect.

4. Publishing to the Web.

Finishing Touches. Deciding What Resolution to Use. Deciding Which Platforms to Use. Deciding Which Flash Version or File Type to Use. Publishing. Choosing Format Settings. Choosing Flash Settings. Choosing HTML Settings. Publishing the Movie. Viewing the Size Report. Optimizing the Movie. Writing the HTML for the .swf File. Creating a Non-Flash Version of the Page. A Few Final Web Publishing Issues. Preloading. Adding a Scene to the Current Movie. Modifying the Preload Scene. Creating the Preloading Animation. Adding the Action Code. Putting in a Stop Action. Detecting the Plug-In. Modifying the Movie for Flash Detection. Creating the HTML Page for This Movie. Web Server Settings. Configuring Apache. Configuring IIS 4.0.

5. Fine-Tuning Graphics.

Reshaping. Getting Started. Drawing the Needle Graphic. Filling in Needle Texture. Tilting the Needle. Drawing the Thread. Intersections. Creating the Button Texture. Creating the Buttonholes. Adding the Thread Fill to the Buttonholes. Creating the Text. Coloring the Text. Adding the Photographic Image. Brush Effects. Creating the Shadow for the Button and Photo. Creating Gradient for Shadows.

6. Advanced Animation.

Animating Symbols. Creating the Button Symbol. Animating the Button. Creating Other Symbols. Opening Sequence. Getting Started. Moving the Button Image. Fading in the Thread Image. Stitch Text Animation and Fading. Fashion Text Animation and Fading. Blues Text with Motion Layer. Needle Rotation, Fading, and Movement. Text Shadow Movement, Shape, and Tint. Photograph Fade-in. Background Music. Creating the New Movie. Creating the First Button. Creating the Second Button. Creating the Movie Clip. Inserting the Buttons in the Movie. Modifying the Action Layer. Adding Music to the Music Layer. Adding the Clip to the Splash Screen.

7. Advanced Effects.

Animated Buttons. Creating the Parent Button. Creating the Movie Clip. Adding the Movie Clip to the Button Over State. Transitions. Creating a New Scene. Copying Frames. Fading Out Images. Moving and Resizing the Other Images. Adding More Motion to the Button Symbol. Putting in the Link Buttons. Adding the Articles and Photos. Lengthening the Thread. Stopping the Action at the End of the Menu Scene Animation. Forms. Creating the Form. Setting the Variables. Creating a New Scene. Adding the Actions. Interactive Activity. Getting Started. Adding the Static Elements. Creating a Movie Clip. Adding the Colored Buttons. Adding Some Text Labels. Applying the Action to the First Button. Applying the Action to the Second Button. Applying Actions to the Third and Fourth Buttons. Setting Actions for the First Keyframe. Creating the Movie Clip for the Second Keyframe. Applying the Action to the First Button. Setting Actions for the Second Keyframe. Adding Next and Previous Buttons. Final Production: Publishing.

Appendix A: Glossary.




The first time I ever tried creating graphics with Flash, I loved it. By the end of the first week, I was convinced that it was one of the best Web development applications on the market. Flash 5 is a wonderful product, but if you are like me, you have no time to spend weeks learning the intricacies of every Web technology. This book is for anyone who wants a jump-start on the most commonly needed Flash techniques, and who is then interested in looking up how to accomplish specific tasks. My book is written for the Web professional desiring to learn the essentials of Flash quickly and easily.Welcome to Essential Flash 5 for Web Professionals! Contained in this book are step-by-step instructions for creating wonderful Flash animations and interactive activities. This hands-on book explains how to use Flash to create
  • quick-loading vector graphics
  • impressive animations
  • shape morphing
  • buttons with actions and Web links
  • buttons and movies with sound and music
  • interactive movies
  • simple Web forms

Several important concepts are also presented, including optimizing Flash movies for better download, detecting the plug-in, and preloading Flash.

How to Use This Book

This book consists of step-by-step instructions for creating two hypothetical Web sites. The first site is a straightforward Flash site with simple vector graphics created in Flash, basic animation, animated buttons, and buttons with sound. For the second site, instructions on creating a splash screen with music and a music on/off control are given. Also covered are more advanced graphics creation and animation, an interactive dressing room, and an email form.

To use this book, follow the instructions to create the sites. As you work through the steps, you will be presented with checkpoints where you should save your work. Also, these checkpoints will give you a URL to the book's Web site, where you can download the project at that point. That way, if you ever have difficulty with some of the steps, you can get the file with these steps already completed to assist you in understanding. The Web site for this book is located at http://www.phptr.com/essential/.

If you have any difficulty with the instructions presented in this book or if you would just like to drop me a line about it, you can reach me by email at lynn@rainc.com.

About the Author

Lynn Kyle has been a Web professional since 1992. She has worked for the Naval Research Laboratory as a computer scientist and more recently was a Webmaster at Palm, Inc. Currently, she works for Yahoo! Inc. Lynn has received many honors for her Web designs, including PC Magazine's Top 100 Web Sites and Point Com's Top 5% of the Web, as well as print recognition in major publications such as the New York Times, Newsweek, and the Los Angeles Times. Some of the companies she has designed for include Lloyd's of London, Pfizer, and DeBeers.


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