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Enterprise Software Delivery: Bringing Agility and Efficiency to the Global Software Supply Chain

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Enterprise Software Delivery: Bringing Agility and Efficiency to the Global Software Supply Chain


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  • Copyright 2012
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-321-80301-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-80301-6

Globalization, rapid technology churn, and massive economic shifts have made it more difficult than ever to deliver high-value enterprise software.

In Enterprise Software Delivery, IBM Distinguished Engineer Alan W. Brown guides decision-makers in understanding these new challenges, choosing today’s best solutions, and successfully anticipating future trends.

Alan presents detailed, actionable techniques for building software supply chains that improve agility and innovation while responding to growing cost pressure. Using real-world case studies, he introduces the modern global software factory, demonstrating how to integrate and leverage global outsourced teams, collaborative application lifecycle management, and cloud-based virtual infrastructures.

Drawing on his extensive experience leading IBM Rational software strategy, and consulting with IBM enterprise customers, Alan illuminates everything from software R&D to metrics. Coverage includes

  • Understanding recent dramatic changes in enterprise software delivery requirements and practices
  • Overcoming false assumptions, outdated data and delivery models, and inexperience with strategy, innovation, education, or research
  • Incorporating integrators and partners in centers of excellence that specialize in delivering business value
  • Establishing team-based practices that encourage agility, scalability, and quality
  • Building adaptive software factories that integrate real-time feedback and respond rapidly to change
  • Using virtualized collaborative infrastructure to connect worldwide teams for developing software, assembling solutions, and delivering results
  • Transcending barriers related to geography, organization, skills, and culture

If you’re an enterprise software leader, strategist, or practitioner, this book can help you improve every facet of performance you care about, including agility, quality, predictability, innovation, and value.


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Anatomy of an Enterprise Software Delivery Project

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Table of Contents

List of Figures xi

Foreword xvii

Preface xix

Acknowledgments xxv

About the Author xxvii


Chapter 1: Why Is Enterprise Software Delivery So Difficult? 1

1.1 Introduction 2

1.2 What Is an Enterprise System? 5

1.3 What Is Different Today? 7

1.4 What Is the Focus of an Enterprise Software Delivery Organization? 9

1.5 How Are the Needs for Enterprise Software Delivery Evolving? 11

1.6 Conclusions 13

Chapter 2: Anatomy of an Enterprise Software Delivery Project 15

2.1 Introduction 15

2.2 MyCo and the MyProj Enterprise Software Delivery Project 16

2.3 Business and Organizational Context 17

2.4 Project Context 18

2.5 Project Execution Results 19

2.6 Post Hoc Analysis 20

2.7 Commentary 25

2.8 Conclusions 27

Chapter 3: The Software Supply Chain and Software Factories 29

3.1 Introduction 30

3.2 Toward a Software Supply Chain 31

3.3 Industrializing Enterprise Software Delivery: An Analogy 33

3.4 A Software Factory Approach to Enterprise Software Delivery 34

3.5 Key Elements of the Software Factory 37

3.6 Examples and Illustrations 40

3.7 Observations and Commentary 47

3.8 Conclusions 50

Chapter 4: Collaborative Software Delivery 53

4.1 Introduction 53

4.2 Globally Distributed Development 55

4.3 Collaborative Delivery Environments 64

4.4 Collaborative Application Life- Cycle Management 67

4.5 Examples 70

4.6 Conclusions 80

Chapter 5: Agile Software Delivery 81

5.1 Introduction 82

5.2 Rethinking Enterprise Software Delivery 85

5.3 Agility at Enterprise Scale 90

5.4 Examples of Large- Scale Agile Adoption 109

5.5 Conclusions 115

Chapter 6: Software Quality 117

6.1 Introduction 118

6.2 A Broader View of Software Quality 120

6.3 Quality across the Software Supply Chain 126

6.4 Software Testing Factories 129

6.5 Security 134

6.6 Conclusions 136

Chapter 7: Governance, Measurement, and Metrics 137

7.1 Introduction 138

7.2 Measuring Enterprise Software Delivery 139

7.3 Managing the Global Software Supply Chain 146

7.4 Examples 150

7.5 Conclusions 153

Chapter 8: A Case Study in Agile- at- Scale Adoption at Danske Bank 155

8.1 Introduction 156

8.2 Motivation for Change 158

8.3 The Focus on Adopting an Agile Approach 159

8.4 The Danske Bank Agile Delivery Process 161

8.5 Implementing an Agile Delivery Process Workbench 163

8.6 Piloting the Danske Bank Agile Delivery Process 165

8.7 Measuring Success 167

8.8 Rollout Principles 168

8.9 Lessons Learned 170

8.10 Conclusions 171

Chapter 9: A Case Study in Global Software Product Delivery at IBM Rational 173

9.1 Introduction 174

9.2 Status and Motivation 175

9.3 Goals and Objectives for Software Delivery in Rational 176

9.4 Introducing Agile Delivery at Rational 179

9.5 Results and Observations 193

9.6 Conclusions 195

Chapter 10: Lessons for Success in Global Enterprise Software Delivery 197

10.1 Introduction 198

10.2 Revisiting the Enterprise 198

10.3 Risks and Limitations 204

10.4 Lessons from Other Domains 213

10.5 Examples and Illustrations 220

10.6 Conclusions 225

Chapter 11: The Future of Global Enterprise Software Delivery 227

11.1 Introduction 228

11.2 The Beginning of the End, or the End of the Beginning? 229

11.3 Into the Clouds 231

11.4 Sourcing Options 241

11.5 The Third Wave 244

11.6 Conclusions 246

Appendix A: Enterprise Software Delivery Revisited 249

A.1 Introduction 250

A.2 The Enterprise Software Delivery Organization 251

A.3 Managing an Enterprise Software Portfolio 254

A.4 Examining the Mix of Portfolio Solutions 257

A.5 Enterprise Integration Issues 266

A.6 Managing Change 272

A.7 Conclusions 274

References 277

Index 283


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