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Drupal 7 Explained Video, Downloadable Version

Drupal 7 Explained Video, Downloadable Version

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  • Copyright 2013
  • Edition: 1st
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-336673-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-336673-0

In "Part I: Essentials" of the Drupal 7 Explained Video, viewers will learn all of the essential concepts and knowledge needed to get started with Drupal 7.   This part of the video training covers installing Drupal, navigating a basic installation, creating content types, using Modules, applying Themes, managing roles and permissions, and a doing a local install on a Mac or Windows machine with Dev Desktop.

In “Part II: Intermediate,” viewers will learn how to master fields, Views and Panels to create sophisticated Drupal sites.  In the first three parts of the intermediate section, viewers learn how to build a movie website.  Then the video tackles Views, which is the most important module in Drupal.  Views allow the site to display the information entered in useful and highly customized ways.  Next, viewers learn how to layout information using the Panels module.  Finally, viewers get to practice everything that they have learned about Drupal so far and recreate the most famous Drupal website in the world: WhiteHouse.gov.

Drupal 7 Explained requires absolutely no prior experience with Drupal or coding.

Table of Contents:

Part I: Essentials
-Introduction to the Course
-What is Drupal?

-Manual Install
-One Click Install

-Touring a Fresh Installation of Drupal
-Update the Basic Information

-Introduction to Content Types
-Creating an Article
-Creating a Basic Page
-Other Built-In Content Types
-Creating a New Content Type
-Editing and Deleting Content Types
-Adding Revisions
-Formatting Fields
-Introduction to Taxonomy

-Introduction to Modules
-The Polls Module
-The Blog Module
-Find and Install New Modules
-The Webform Module
-The AddtoAny Module
-The Site Map Module
-The Star Rating Module

-An Introduction to Themes
-Applying Themes
-Find and Install New Themes
-Menu Management

-People Management
-Roles and Permissions
-The Masquerade Module
-Reports and Help Menu

-Local Install on a Mac with Dev Desktop
-Local Install on Windows with Dev Desktop

Part II: Intermediate

-Warm Up Tasks
-Update Site Configuration

-Introduction to the Project
-Adding the Poster
-Adding the Parental Rating
-Adding the Movie Length
-Adding the Movie Genre
-Adding the Release Date
-Adding the Short Summary
-Adding the Five-Star Rating
-Adding the Watchlist
-Adding the Trailer
-Adding the Key People
-Managing the Display

-Populating our Site with the Devel Module
-Create a Block View
-Create a Page View
-Create the IMDB Page View
-Modify the IMDB Page View
-Create the Actors Block View

-Creating a New Homepage
-Redesigning an Existing Page or Node

-Set Up a New Site
-Content Types
-Add Content using Devel
-Views: Photo of the Day
-Views: Featured Legislation
-Views: The Blog
-Views: Featured Topics
-Views: Slideshow of Headlines
-Design: Theme, Views and Blocks
-Panels: Create Homepage

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