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Database Systems Using Oracle, 2nd Edition

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Database Systems Using Oracle, 2nd Edition


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  • NEW - Updated material for Oracle 9 i—Introduces the new features of Oracle 9i.
    • Provides students with the latest material available for this powerful relational database.

  • NEW - More examples—Provided throughout the text; coding examples are replaced by more than 250 actual screen shots.
    • Illustrates for students the general syntax of SQL and PL/SQL, and helps them avoid mistakes.

  • NEW - Enhanced material—Provides new and enhanced information all existing topics, including Oracle's data dictionary; and updated ERD.
    • Enables students to utilize a text that is comprehensive and current.

  • NEW - New chapters—Includes Database Administration with Enterprise Manager and a new chapter on database connectivity with Java/C++ and SQLJ.
    • Provides students with a clearer explanation of relational database concepts.

  • NEW - New lesson on SQL*Plus—Includes exercises for SQL workshet and iSQL*Plus environments; these add to the already numerous hands-on exercises and lab activities for each chapter.
    • Provides students with ample opportunities to practice the concepts learned in class.

  • Two sample databases—Used throughout the book as examples and for lab activities; the first is a typical college student's database with demographic, schedule, and registration information; the second is a corporation's employee database with demographic and job-related data.
    • Enables students to understand how the text's concepts are applied to address real-world needs.

  • Versatility—Covers the SQL and PL/SQL features that work with any version of Oracle.
    • Allows students to use the text with different versions of Oracle and with different environments, making it an invaluable future reference work.

  • SQL Review section—Provides a review of SQL statements covered in chapters 3-9, and includes a sample database.
    • Provides students with ample opportunity to self-test. Enables instructors to check students' progress.

  • Comprehensive appendices.
    • Provides students and instructors with an easily accessible reference.

  • Complete supplement package—Includes a Test Bank; Solutions to Chapter Questions and Labs; PowerPoint slides; and scripts for sample databases.
    • Gives instructors an easy environment to create tests and quizzes, assign homework, and prepare lectures.

  • Companion software—Makes Oracle 9i available at a reasonable price.
    • Enables students to use the software to enhance the examples provided in the text.


  • Copyright 2004
  • Dimensions: 7" x 9-1/4"
  • Pages: 456
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-101857-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-101857-0

This easy-to-read book provides quick lessons on relational database terminology and normalization with very little effort. Updated for Oracle 9i, its thorough coverage of Oracle's SQL and PL/SQL and introduction to advanced SQL topics makes this a must for busy professionals. The many examples, with output shown as screenshots, provide ample opportunity for the reader to easily understand and learn to use Oracle and SQL. KEY TOPICS: First introducing relational database concepts, the book covers SQL (Structured Query Language); Programming Language (the extension to SQL); and then proceeds to advanced topics, which include Oracle architecture and database administration with enterprise tools. MARKET: For any IT professional who needs to understand SQL or Oracle database systems.

Sample Content

Table of Contents


 1. Database Concepts: A Relational Approach.
 2. Database Design: Data Modeling and Normalization.


 3. Oracle 9i: An Overview.
 4. Oracle Tables: Data Definition Language (DDL).
 5. Working with Tables: Data Manipulation and Retrieval.
 6. Working with Tables: Functions and Grouping.
 7. Multiple Tables: Joins and Set Operators.
 8. Subqueries: Nested Queries.
 9. Advanced Features: Objects, Transactions, and Data Control.
SQL Review: Review of SQL Statements Covered in Chapters 3-9 with a Sample Database.


10. PL/SQL: A Programming Language.
11. More on PL/SQL: Control Structures and Embedded SQL.
12. Cursors and Exceptions.
13. PL/SQL Composite Data Types: Records, Tables, and Varrays.
14. PL/SQL Named Blocks: Procedure, Function, Package, and Trigger.


15. Connecting to Oracle Database: JDBC, SQLJ.
16. Oracle 9i Architecture and Administration.
Appendix A: Sample Databases—Table Definitions.
Appendix B: Quick Reference to SQL & PL/SQL Syntax.
Appendix C: Reference to SQL*Plus Commands.
Appendix D: Object Orientation with Oracle.
Appendix E: Additional References—Websites and Books.


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