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C# 2012 Fundamentals LiveLessons Part III of IV (Video Training)

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  • Copyright 2014
  • Edition: 1st
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-349103-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-349103-6

7+ Hours of Video Instruction

C# 2012 Fundamentals LiveLessons Part III picks up where Part II leaves off. You begin by exploring string and characters in C#, then files and streams. Next comes Generics, Collections, anda deeper exploration of LINQ. The Lesson ends with a review of Microsoft's web application development technology and C# 2012's new asychronous programming features.

Paul Deitel is co-founder of Deitel & Associates, Inc. and co-author of the best-selling C# 2012 For Programmers, 5/e. He is a Microsoft C# MVP. In this LiveLesson, Paul picks up from where he left off in Part II. He begins with deep coverage of strings and characters, then moves on to files and streams and generics. Next comes collections, an expanded treatment of LINQ, and web app development in C#. Paul then skips to Lesson 26 to cover C#'s new asynchronous programming features.

NOTE this LiveLesson is one in a series of four:

  • C# 2012 Fundamentals LiveLessons Part I
  • C# 2012 Fundamentals LiveLessons Part II
  • C# 2012 Fundamentals LiveLessons Part IV

Table of Contents:

Lesson 17: Strings and Chracters: A Deeper Look
17.1 Introduction
17.2 string Constructors
17.3 string Indexer, Length property and CopyTo Method
17.4 Comparing strings
17.5 Determining Whether a String Begins or Ends with a Specified String
17.6 Locating Characters and Substrings in strings
17.7 Extracting Substrings from strings
17.8 Concatenating strings
17.9 Miscellaneous string Methods
17.10 Class StringBuilder Constructors
17.11 Length and Capacity Properties, EnsureCapacity Method and Indexer of Class StringBuilder
17.12 Append Method of Class StringBuilder
17.13 AppendFormat Method of Class StringBuilder
17.14 Insert and Remove Methods of Class StringBuilder
17.15 Replace Method of Class StringBuilder
17.16 Char Methods
17.17 Simple Regular Expressions and Class Regex
17.18 Regular-Expression Character Classes and Quantifiers
17.19 A More Complex Regular Expression
17.20 Validating User Input with Regular Expressions and LINQ
17.21 Regex Methods Replace and Split

Lesson 18: Files and Streams
18.1 Introduction
18.2 Using Classes File and Directory
18.3Using LINQ to Search Directories and Determine File Types
18.4 BankLibrary: Reusable Class BankUIForm
18.5 BankLibrary: Reusable Class Record
18.6 Creating and Writing to a Sequential-Access File
18.7 Reading Date from a Sequential-Access Text File
18.8 Case Study: Credit-Inquiry Program
18.9 BankLibrary: Class RecordSerializable
18.10 Creating a Sequential-Access File Using Object Serialization
18.11 Reading and Deserializing Data from a Binary File

Lesson 19: Generics
19.1 Introduction
19.2 Motivation for Generic Methods
19.3 Generic-Method Implementation
19.4 Type Constraints
19.5 Generic Classes
19.6 Generic Methods That Receive Objects of Generic Classes as Arguments

Lesson 20: Collections
20.1 Introduction
20.2 Class Array and Enumerators
20.3 Class ArrayList
20.4 Class Stack
20.5 Class ClassHashtable
20.6 Generic Class SortedDictionary
20.7 Generic Class LinkedList

Lesson 21: Databases and LINQ
21.1 Introduction
21.2 Relational Databases
21.3 Books Database
21.4 Books Database: Entity-Relationship Diagram
21.5 LINQ to Entities and the ADO.NET Entity Framework
21.6 Querying a Database with LINQ: Demonstrating the Display Authors Table App
21.7 Querying a Database with LINQ: Demonstrating the Display Authors Table App
21.8 Querying a Database with LINQ: Creating the ADO.NET Entity Data Model Class Library
21.9 Querying a Database with LINQ: Creating a Windows Forms Project and Configuring It to Use the Entity Data Model
21.10 Querying a Database with LINQ: Data Bindings Between Controls and the Entity Data Model
21.11 Querying a Database with LINQ: Code for the Data Bindings Between Controls and the Entity Data Model
21.12 Dynamically Binding Query Results
21.13 Dynamically Binding Query Results: Creating the Display Query Results GUI
21.14 Dynamically Binding Query Results: Coding the App
21.15 Dynamically Binding Query Results: Coding the App
21.16 Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables with LINQ
21.17 Creating a Master/Detail View App
21.18 Address Book Case Study
21.19 Address Book Case Study: Creating the GUI
21.21 Address Book Case Study: Coding the app

Lesson 22: Web App Development with ASP.Net
22.1 Introduction

Lesson 26: Asynchronous Programming with async and await
26.1 Introduction
26.2 Basics of async and await
26.3 Introduction to the Fibonacci calculation used in Sections 26.3-26.5
26.4 Executing an Asynchronous Task from a GUI App
26.5 Sequential Execution of Two Compute Intensive Tasks
26.6 Asynchronous Execution of Two Compute Intensive Tasks
26.7 Invoking a Flickr Web Service Asynchronously with WebClient


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