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Building and Repairing PCs (Que Video)

Building and Repairing PCs (Que Video)

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  • Copyright 2014
  • Edition: 1st
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-385406-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-385406-0

While many think that the world of PCs is an off-the-rack business, virtually nothing could be further from the truth. There are millions of people out there who still prefer to "roll their own" when it comes to their PCs. Buying off the rack is easy, to be sure, but if you want a system tailored to your specifications, then you're pretty much relegated to purchasing it piecemeal, then grabbing a screwdriver and rolling up your shirtsleeves. PC gamers, graphics professionals, power user and all around geeks still prefer the "from scratch" approach. Problem is, there are a dizzying number of new technologies introduced each year - and not all of them play nice with each other. Even a bona fide, pocket protector wearing geek can have trouble sorting through the maze of hardware available.

Just some of what you will learn here includes:

1. Choosing the right parts

2. Building the system from the ground up

3. Installing Windows

4. Connecting to a network

5. Tweaking your BIOS

6. Overclocking your PC for raging performance

7. Installing some of the newest PC components, including solid-state hard drives

8. Configuring your PC for game peformance, including setting up SLI and CrossFire dual-card rigs.

9. Upgrading your laptop hard disk

10. Upgrading your existing PC

This three-hour, downloadable video is a groundbreaking compilation of four teaching formats:

- Pure video: shot in a professional studio using an HD camera
- Camtasia:¿ Video capture of Windows desktop and programs with voiceover
- PowerPoint:¿ Slides with optional photos
- Photomovie:¿ Photos converted into a movie with voiceover and transition

This video is primarily a hands-on tutorial dedicated to building and repairing desktop and laptop PCs. Viewers will be walked through each step - starting with choosing the right parts, then assembling each part, tweaking the BIOS, loading Windows, overclocking and beefing up your computer for today's demanding games and power-hungry application.

While learning all of this in three hours might sound daunting, fortunately, PC hardware enthusiast and expert, Mark Soper, is at the ready. Mark has been training people how to use computers - including how to build and repair them - for more than 25 years, and he will guide you, step-by-step.

Sample Content

Table of Contents

1.¿¿ ¿Choosing components (34 minutes)
- Choosing the right motherboard (3 minutes)
- Choosing the right chassis (3 minutes)
- Camtasia:¿ using a power-supply vendor website to select the minimum watt rating for a power supply (3 minutes)
- Selecting a power supply (2 minutes)
- Choosing the right-sized hard disk (2 minutes)
- When to use an SSD (3 minutes)
- Choosing the right optical drive (2 minutes)
- Choosing the right mouse and keyboard (2 minutes)
- Choosing a card reader (2 minutes)
- Choosing add-on or integrated graphics (4 minutes)
- Choosing a display (4 minutes)

2.¿¿ ¿Preparing the chassis (10 minutes)
Video:¿ Opening the system and preparing drive bays (2 minutes)
Video:¿ Determining location of standoffs and attaching them (2 minutes)
Video:¿ Installing the power supply (3 minutes)
Video:¿ Installing fans (3 minutes)

3.¿¿ ¿Assembling and installing your motherboard (21 minutes)
Video:¿ Installing the processor, heatsink and fan (6 minutes)
Video:¿ Installing memory (3 minutes)
Video:¿ Installing the motherboard into the case (3 minutes)
Video:¿ Installing front-panel cables, USB and other headers (4 minutes)
Video:¿ Connecting power and fans (3 minutes)
Video:¿ Connecting the mouse and keyboard (2 minutes)

4.¿¿ ¿Installing Drives (12 minutes)
Video:¿ Installing an SATA hard disk (3 minutes)Video:¿ Installing an SATA DVD or BluRay drive (3 minutes)
Video:¿ Installing a PATA DVD drive (3 minutes)
Video:¿ installing a flash memory card reader (3 minutes)

5.¿¿ ¿Installing and Using an SSD Drive (12 minutes)
- SSD drives versus hard disks (2 minutes)
- Preparing to install an SSD (2 minutes)
Video:¿ Installing an SSD into a desktop PC (6 minutes)
Video:¿ Installing an SSD into a laptop PC (5 minutes)
Video:¿ Reinstalling Windows 7 and applications (7 minutes)
Video:¿ Configuring Windows 7 libraries to use other drive letters for data

6.¿¿ ¿Installing Video Cards and Displays (21 minutes)
Video:¿¿ Installing a video card (3 minutes)
Video:¿¿ Installing two cards for SLI (3 minutes)
Video:¿¿ Installing two cards for CrossFire X (3 minutes)
Video:¿ Connecting a display to VGA, DVI, and HDMI ports (3 minutes)
Video:¿ Installing a TV tuner (4 minutes)
Video: Installing a wall mount on an LCD or LED display (5 minutes)

7.¿¿ ¿Configuring BIOS Settings (17 minutes)
- Overview of BIOS settings (2 minutes)
- Basic BIOS settings (2 minutes)
- Advanced BIOS settings (2 minutes)
- Onboard ports settings (2 minutes)
- Photomovie:¿ PC Health and Power management (2 minutes)
- Graphics-related settings (2 minutes)
- Boot sequence and saving changes (3 minutes)

8.¿¿¿ Overclocking Your PC (25 minutes)
- Overview of overclocking methods (2 minutes)
- Adjusting memory speeds and voltage manually (4 minutes)
- Adjusting processor speed and voltage manually (3 minutes)
- Checking PC Health settings after overclocking (2 minutes)
Video:¿ Replacing active heatsink on processor (5 minutes)
Video:¿ Adding heatsinks to memory (4 minutes)
- Testing memory after overclocking (2 minutes)
Camtasia:¿ Burning in PC after overclocking to test stability (3 minutes)

9.¿¿¿ Installing Windows 7 (12 minutes)
PowerPoint or Photomovie:¿ Selecting the right Windows 7 edition (4 minutes)
Video:¿ Preparing the hard disk, selecting a partition, selecting installation options, finishing up (8 minutes)

10.¿¿¿ Configuring the Windows Desktop (18 minutes)
Camtasia: Overview of configuration process; arranging desktop icons (3 minutes)
Camtasia:¿ Select wallpaper, screen saver, and theme ( 3 minutes)
Camtasia:¿ Set up and use dual displays (4 minutes)
Camtasia:¿ Customize taskbar and start menu (4 minutes)
Camtasia:¿ Add desktop applets (4 minutes)

11.¿¿¿ Set Up and Use Windows Backup (16 minutes)
PowerPoint or Photomovie:¿ Select an external hard disk for backup (3 minutes)
Video: Connect USB 2.0, USB 3.0, or eSATA hard disk to system for backup (2 minutes)
Camtasia: Change file system to NTFS for backup (2 minutes)
Camtasia: Set up Windows Backup for first time use and run it (6 minutes)
Camtasia: Retrieve files from backup (3 minutes)

12.¿¿¿ Connect Your PC to a Network (15 minutes)
PowerPoint or Photomovie: Overview of networking (2 minutes)
Camtasia: Determining the network hardware in your computer (3 minutes)
Camtasia:¿ Connect to a wireless network (5 minutes)
Camtasia:¿ Connect to a wired network (2 minutes)
Camtasia:¿ Configure firewall (3 minutes)

13.¿¿¿ Upgrade to a Bigger Desktop Hard Disk (15 minutes)
Video:¿ Connect a new hard disk via USB adapter or eSATA adapter (3 minutes)
Camtasia:¿ Clone the hard disk to the new drive [Windows portion] (3 minutes)
PowerPoint or Photomovie: Clone the hard disk to the new drive [non-Windows portion] (3 minutes)
Video:¿ Remove old drive, install new drive (6 minutes)

14.¿¿¿ Upgrade to a Bigger Laptop Hard Disk (15 minutes)
Video:¿ Connect a new hard disk via USB or eSATA adapters (3 minutes)
Camtasia:¿ Clone the hard disk to the new drive [Windows portion] (3 minutes)
PowerPoint or Photomovie: Clone the hard disk to the new drive [non-Windows portion] (3 minutes)
Video:¿ Remove old drive, install new drive (6 minutes)

15.¿¿¿ Reusing Your Old Hard Disk (12 minutes)
Video:¿¿ Install your old drive into an enclosure (3 minutes)
Video:¿ Connect your drive via USB 2.0, USB 3.0, eSATA or FireWire (3 minutes)
Camtasia: Format the hard disk (2 minutes)
Camtasia: Add the drive to a Windows 7 Library (4 minutes)

16.¿¿¿ Configuring a RAID 0 Array (13 minutes)
Camtasia:¿ Checking current drive size and model number (2 minutes)
Video:¿ Installing second hard disk (5 minutes)
PowerPoint or Photomovie: Configuring BIOS for RAID functionality (3 minutes)
Video: Creating RAID array (3 minutes)

17.¿¿¿ Configuring a RAID 10 Array (14 minutes)
Camtasia:¿ Checking current drive size and model number (2 minutes)
Video:¿ Installing additional hard disks (6 minutes)
Configuring BIOS for RAID 10 functionality (3 minutes)
Video: Creating RAID 10 array (3 minutes)

18.¿¿¿ Installing and Using an All-in One Unit (10 minutes)
Overview of all-in-one units (1 minute)
Video and Camtasia:¿ Install all-in-one unit (3 minutes)
Camtasia:¿ Scan a photo (2 minutes)
Video and Camtasia:¿ Copy a document (2 minutes)
Video and Camtasia: Print directly from camera or flash card (2 minutes)


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