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Beginning Linux System Administration LiveLessons

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  • Copyright 2016
  • Edition: 1st
  • Online Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-458931-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-458931-2

More than 3 Hours of Video Instruction

Learn Linux administration fundamentals in just 3 hours!


Learn solid fundamental Linux operating system skills with Beginning Linux System Administration LiveLessons. Taught by best-selling author and trainer Sander van Vugt, Beginning Linux System Administration LiveLessons walks you through the essential system administration tasks you need to know to get up and running in Linux quickly.

This 12 lesson video course starts with the basics, from determining which distribution is right for you to walking through the steps of installing Linux on the two most popular flavors: Ubuntu and Red Hat. Next, you will connect to Linux and really get your feet wet, using an editor and working with files. You will then dive into managing permissions, processes and software before working with logs, exploring Linux security and finally managing services.

The Sander van Vugt uses real world examples throughout and focuses on teaching you how to operate and manage some of the most frequently used Linux services. This course also provides information on how Linux administration is typically dealt with in corporate environments, with a focus on content management systems, automatic deployment systems and operating Linux from the cloud.


The video lessons cover the following topics:

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Linux

Lesson 2: Installing Linux

Lesson 3: Connecting to Linux

Lesson 4: Using an Editor

Lesson 5: Working with Files

Lesson 6: Managing Users and Groups

Lesson 7: Managing Permissions

Lesson 8: Managing Processes

Lesson 9: Managing Software on Linux

Lesson 10: Working with Logs

Lesson 11: Applying Basic Security

Lesson 12: Managing Services

Skill Level

  • Beginning

What You Will Learn

  • Linux System Administration basics

    Who Should Take This Course

    The target audience for this course consists of anyone who wants or needs to perform basic tasks on Linux. There are no prerequisites. A secondary audience consists of people that are looking for an introduction to Linux system administration on a path to more profound Linux knowledge.

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Sample Content

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Linux

1.1: Choosing the Right Linux for You

1.2: Starting Easy: Getting Linux from AWS

1.3: Understanding Linux System Administration Tasks

Lesson 2: Installing Linux

2.1: Installing Ubuntu Linux

2.2: Installing Red Hat Linux

2.3: Understanding Linux Deployment in Corporate Environments

Lesson 3: Connecting to Linux

3.1: Connecting as Different Users

3.2: Logging In Using a Local Console

3.3: Connecting to Linux using SSH

3.4: Connecting to Linux from Windows

Lesson 4: Using an Editor

4.1: The Importance of Using Editors

4.2: Using vi

4.3: Using nano

Lesson 5: Working with Files

5.1: Understanding Linux Directory Structures

5.2: Listing Files

5.3: Looking at File Contents

5.4: Copying, Moving, and Removing Files

5.5: Understanding Links

Lesson 6: Managing Users and Groups

6.1: Understanding User and Group Accounts

6.2: Creating Users and Groups

6.3: Managing Passwords

Lesson 7: Managing Permissions

7.1: Applying Ownership

7.2: Managing Read, Write, and Execute Permissions

Lesson 8: Managing Processes

8.1: Understanding Processes

8.2: Monitoring Processes

8.3: Managing Processes

8.4: Starting Processes Automatically

8.5: Scheduling Processes

Lesson 9: Managing Software on Linux

9.1: Software Installation versus Deployment

9.2: Managing RPM-based Software Packages

9.3: Managing APT-based Software Packages

Lesson 10: Working with Logs

10.1: Reading Log Files

10.2: Understanding Where to Find Logs

10.3: Using journalctl

Lesson 11: Applying Basic Security

11.1: Configuring a Firewall

11.2: Applying SSH Security

11.3: Understanding SELinux

Lesson 12: Managing Services

12.1: Configuring an Apache Web Server

12.2: Configuring an FTP Server

12.3: Setting up a Samba Server

12.4: Working with KVM Virtualization


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