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Android App Development Fundamentals I and II LiveLessons (Video Training) - Downloadable Video, 2nd Edition

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  • Copyright 2014
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-390433-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-390433-8

17+ Hours of Video Instruction

Android App Development Fundamentals 2/e uses Paul Deitel's unique "app-driven" approach to get you up and running quickly with Google's popular Android SDK.

Paul Deitel–best-selling author and Oracle® Java™ Champion–carefully introduces you to Android app development with key Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and 4.4 (KitKat) features and APIs. You'll first learn how to install the Android development tools. Using the Deitel’s signature App-Driven Approach in which all concepts are presented in the context of complete working apps, you’ll then build seven Android apps that introduce everything you need to start creating your own–Welcome app, Tip Calculator app, Twitter® Searches app, Flag Quiz app, Cannon Game app, Doodlz drawing app and Address Book app. Android Topics covered include: Android 4.3 and 4.4, the Android Development Tools, Activities, Fragments, Intents, GUIs, Layouts, Menus, Resource Files, List Views, Adapters, Events, Touch/Gesture Processing, Preferences, Accessibility, Internationalization, Graphics, Immersive Mode, Printing Framework, PrintHelper, Assets (Images, Audio), View Animation, Threading, Collections, SQLite Database, Social sharing via implicit intents, Supporting Various Screen Sizes/Resolutions, and more.

About the Instructor
Paul Deitel is the co-founder of Deitel & Associates, Inc., the internationally recognized programming languages authoring, corporate-training and Internet business development organization. Paul and his father–Harvey Deitel–have written many international best-selling programming-language professional books and textbooks that millions of people worldwide have used to master C++, C, Java™, C#, Visual Basic®, Visual C++®, XML, Perl, Python, and Internet and web programming.

Skill Level

What you Will Learn

  • Android 4.3 and 4.4
  • Android Development Tools, Android Studio
  • Supporting Various Screen Sizes/Resolutions
  • Accessibility, Internationalization, Graphics
  • Activities, Fragments, Intents, Preferences
  • GUIs, Layouts, Menus, Resource Files, Lists, Adapters, Events, Touch/Gesture Processing
  • Immersive Mode, Printing Framework, PrintHelper
  • Assets (Images, Audio), View Animation
  • Threading, Collections, SQLite Database
  • Social sharing via implicit intents

Who Should Take this Course
Java Developers looking to learn Android Development skills

Course Requirements
A basic understanding of Java programming

Table of Contents
Before You Begin
This lesson shows you how to install Google's Android Integrated Development Environments (IDE).

Lesson 1: Test-Driving the Doodlz App (ADT Bundle Version)
This lesson shows you how to launch the ADT Bundle IDE (Eclipse-based IDE), how to import an existing project, and how to run the app in both the Android Virtual Device (AVD) and on a real device running Android.

Lesson 1: Test-Driving the Doodlz App (Android Studio Version)
This lesson shows you how to launch the Android Studio IDE (Google's preferred IDE), how to import an existing project, and how to run the app in both the Android Virtual Device (AVD) and on a real device running Android.

Lesson 2: Welcome App
This lesson shows you how to create a graphical user interface (GUI) visually and how to manipulate the GUI. You also learn about accessibility and internationalization.

Lesson 3: Tip Calculator App
In this lesson you learn to use various Android classes to create objects, call methods on those objects, define and call your own methods, and explore both inheritance and exception handling in Android.

Lesson 4: Twitter(R) Searches App
In this lesson you learn to use both ListView and ListActivity objects to create a scrollable list of items, how to use an image as a button, how to store and manipulate key-value pairs, how to use intents to launch the device's web browser, and how to display alerts and messages.

Lesson 5: Flag Quiz App
Fragments, Menus, Preferences, AssetManager, Tweened Animations, Handler, Toasts, Explicit Intents, Layouts for Multiple Device Orientations Among the key skills you'll acquire in this lesson are how to use Fragments to make better use of available screen real estate, display an options menu, manage user preferences, organize an app's assets, support multiple device orientations and use Android's logging mechanism to log error messages.

Lesson 6: Cannon Game App
This lesson shows you how to create a simple game app that’s easy to code and fun to play. In it you learn how to display the game's graphics, draw on screen, fire a cannonball, perform collision detection, and add sound to your game.

Lesson 7: Doodlz App
This lesson shows you how to create a drawing app. You learn to detect when the user touches the screen, ü process multiple touches, use the accelerometer to detect motion events, draw lines, create and display menu items on the action bar, use Android 4.4’s immersive mode to enable the user to draw on the entire screen, and use Android 4.4’s printing framework to allow the user to print a drawing

Lesson 8: Address Book App
This lesson shows you how to create an address book app. Among the key things you'll learn in this app is how to create, open, insert, and delete data from an SQLite database; and use multithreading to perform database operations outside the GUI thread and maintain application responsiveness.

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