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Absolute Beginner's Guide to Winning Presentations

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Absolute Beginner's Guide to Winning Presentations


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  • Copyright 2004
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 240
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3121-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3121-0

Jerry Weissman, world-renowned guru of the corporate presentation and best-selling author, offers everyone, even absolute beginners, the benefit of his experience and expertise in crafting and delivering unforgettable speeches. Using the author's practical advice and step-by-step methods from his best-selling book, Presenting to Win, anyone can master the difficult task of communicating a call-to-action to others, be it a new customer, an employer, or an audience of hundreds.

The key to Weissman's philosophy is discovering what in the presentation represents the "Aha!" moment for the audience. Instead of focusing on flashy PowerPoint gimmicks or crafting facts to prove a point, this book walks the reader through the entire preparation process from brainstorming ideas and creating a story to preparing the slides and delivering the speech.

Using case studies from his work with companies like Yahoo!, Intel, Intuit, Cisco Systems, and Microsoft, Weissman demonstrates the techniques that have won him the respect and confidence of high-powered CEOs from around the world. After using this book to craft a high-quality message, even the most timid beginner will perform like a top-dollar, persuasive presenter with the audience feedback to prove it.

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Creating Winning Presentations for You and Your Audience

Finding Your Story: Creative Brainstorming

Finding Your Story: Creative Brainstorming

You and Your Audience

Table of Contents



1. Why Present?

Presenting Is Storytelling. A New Approach to Presentations. The Psychological Sell.

2. So What Is the Point?

The Problem with Presentations. Persuasion: Getting from Point A to Point B. Audience Advocacy. Getting Aha!s.

3. You and Your Audience.

What's in It for You? The Danger of the Wrong “You”.


4. Finding Your Story: Creative Brainstorming.

The Data Dump. Left Brain Versus Right Brain. Managing the Brainstorm: the Framework Form. Managing the Brainstorm: During the Session. Roman Columns: The Technique of Clustering. Focus Before Flow.

5. Plotting Your Story: Flow Structures.

Mapping Your Idea Forest. The Sixteen Flow Structures. Selecting the Right Flow Structure. Guidelines for Selecting a Flow Structure. The Four Critical Questions.

6. Starting Your Story: Capturing Your Audience Immediately.

Why Are We Here Again? Seven Classic Opening Gambits. Linking to Point B. Set 'Em Up, and Knock 'Em Down. Tell Them What You're Going to Tell Them. 90 Seconds to Launch.


7. Communicating Visually.

Visually, It's a Dump. The Proper Role of Graphics. Presenter Focus. Less Is More. Perception Psychology. Graphic Design Elements.

8. Making the Text Talk.

Bullets Versus Sentences. Crafting the Effective Bullet Slide. Using the Build. Verbal Style. Visual Style.

9. Making the Numbers Sing.

The Power of Numeric Graphics. The Hockey Stick. Subtle? Yes, But…

10. Using Graphics to Help Your Story Flow.

The 35,000-Foot Overview. Graphic Continuity Techniques. Presenter Focus Revisited. Graphics and the 35,000-Foot View.


11. In Front of the Room: Bringing Your Story to Life.

Verbalization: Shout It Out! Spaced Learning. Internal Linkages. Internal Linkages in Action. Phraseology. Practice Really Does Make Perfect (or At Least Gets You a Whole Lot Closer).

12. Customizing Your Presentation.

A Face in the Crowd. The Illusion of the First Time. External Linkages. Gathering Material for Customization. External Linkages in Action.

13. The Big Time: Putting It All Together.

It All Starts with Your Story. Practice, Practice, Practice. Every Audience, Every Time.


Tools of the Trade.

Using the Storyboard Flow Form. The Presentation Environment. Presentation Checklists.



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