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Absolute Beginner's Guide to iPod and iTunes

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Absolute Beginner's Guide to iPod and iTunes


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  • Copyright 2004
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 408
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-3177-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3177-7

The only book that gives both Windows and Mac music lovers everything they need to maximize their music experience.

  • Empowers users to get the most from their iPod and iTunes as separate tools, and use them together for maximum musical pleasure!
  • Covers all of these tools in one place for both Windows and Mac users - no other book does this!
  • Describes everything music lovers need to know to go digital.

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Using an iPod

Table of Contents


Meet the Digital Music Triumvirate.

Quick Guide to Absolute Beginner's Guide to iPod and iTunes.


1. Touring the iPod.

The Apple iPod: A Lot of Hype or Really Hip? So What Is an iPod Anyway? All iPod Models Aren't Equal, But They Are All Cool. What You Can Do with an iPod.

2. Getting Started with an iPod.

Exploring the iPod's Box. Charging the iPod's Battery. Installing the iPod's Software (Including iTunes). Connecting and Configuring an iPod on Your Computer. Connecting an iPod to a Computer with a Dock.

3. Using an iPod.

Getting Ready to Play. Controlling an iPod. Controlling an iPod Mini. Looking at the iPod's Menus and Screens. Using the iPod's Backlight. Putting an iPod on Hold. Turning an iPod Off.

4. Listening to Music on an iPod.

Selecting Music to Which You Want to Listen. Controlling Your Music. Creating and Using an iPod On-The-Go Playlist. Monitoring an iPod's Battery. Adding and Using Apple's iPod Remote.

5. Building an iPod's Music Library.

Creating an iTunes Music Library. Assessing the Size of Your iTunes Library and How Much Disk Space Your iPod Has. Understanding and Configuring iPod Synchronization Options. Updating Specific Songs and Playlists Automatically. Manually Updating an iPod.

6. Configuring an iPod to Suit Your Preferences.

Configuring Music Playback. Setting Up Your Main Menu Preferences. Setting the Screen's Contrast. Setting the Sleep Timer. Configuring the Clicker. Working with the iPod's Language. Returning an iPod to That Factory-Fresh Feeling.

7. Rocking Your World with iPod Accessories.

Controlling Your iPod Remotely. Powering and Charging an iPod When You Aren't at Your Computer. Connecting an iPod to a Computer and to Other Audio Devices. Creating Your Own iPod Radio Station. Carrying an iPod.

8. Using an iPod with a Home Stereo or Car Stereo.

Choosing an iPod Connection Kit. Using an iPod with a Home Stereo. Using an iPod with a Car Stereo.

9. Using the iPod's Calendar, Contact Manager, and Other Non-Music Tools.

Keeping Track of Time with the iPod Clock. Planning Your Days with the iPod Calendar. Using an iPod to Keep an Address Book. Using the iPod to Store and Display Text.

10. Taking the iPod Further.

Using an iPod as a Portable FireWire/USB 2 Hard Drive. Using an iPod with More Than One Computer. Using an iPod to Capture Sound. Using an iPod to Store Digital Pictures.

11. Maintaining an iPod and Solving Problems.

Maintaining Your iPod's Power. Updating or Restoring an iPod's Software. Identifying and Solving iPod Problems.


12. Touring iTunes.

What You Can Do with iTunes. Audio File Formats You Might Encounter When You Use iTunes. The iTunes Music Library. Where Does All That Music Come From? Playlists: Customize Your Music Experience. The Other Members of the Band: The iPod and the iTunes Music Store.

13. Getting Started with iTunes.

Installing iTunes on a Windows PC. Installing and Configuring iTunes on a Macintosh. Getting to Know iTunes.

14. Listening to Audio CDs and Internet Audio with iTunes.

Listening to an Audio CD. Listening to Internet Radio. Customizing the iTunes Window. Setting iTunes Effects Preferences.

15. Building, Browsing, Searching, and Playing Your iTunes Music Library.

Gathering Your Music from All the Right Places. Determining Where and How the Music Library Music Is Stored. Understanding Encoding and Other Important Format Options. Adding Music from Audio CDs to Your iTunes Music Library. Importing Audio Files into Your Library. Browsing and Searching Your Music Library. Playing Music in Your Music Library. Removing Tunes from the Music Library.

16. Labeling, Categorizing, and Configuring Your Music.

Understanding Song Tags and Knowing Why You Should Care About Them. Viewing Song Information. Labeling Your Music. Configuring a Song's Options. Adding and Viewing Album Artwork. Customizing the Content Pane.

17. Creating, Configuring, and Using Playlists.

Understanding Playlists. Building and Listening to Standard Playlists. Becoming a Musical Genius with Smart Playlists.

18. Equalizing Your Music.

Touring the iTunes Equalizer. Configuring the Equalizer Manually. Working with Presets. Setting the Equalizer for Specific Songs.

19. Burning Your Own CDs or DVDs.

Understanding the Types of Discs You Can Burn. Getting Your Computer Ready to Burn. Burning Discs.

20. Sharing iTunes Music Over a Network.

Understanding How iTunes Music Sharing Works. Sharing Your iTunes Music with Others. Listening to Music Being Shared with You.

21. Maintaining iTunes and Solving Problems.

Keeping iTunes Up to Date. Backing Up Your iTunes Music Library. Solving iTunes Problems.


22. Touring the iTunes Music Store.

Why the iTunes Music Store Rocks. How the iTunes Music Store Works. What Can You Do with Music You Buy from the iTunes Music Store?

23. Configuring iTunes for the Music Store.

Understanding Your Shopping Options. Configuring Your iTunes Music Store Account. Choosing Your Shopping Preferences.

24. Shopping in the iTunes Music Store.

Going into the iTunes Music Store. Browsing for Tunes. Searching for Specific Tunes. Previewing Tunes. Buying Tunes.

25. Working with Purchased Music.

Understanding What Happens When You Buy Music from the iTunes Music Store. Using the Purchased Music Playlist. Understanding Authorization. Moving Purchased Music to Other Computers. Viewing the Music You Have Purchased. Backing Up Purchased Music.

26. Solving iTunes Music Store Problems.

Recovering Music That Wasn't Downloaded Successfully. Solving the "Not Authorized to Play" Problem. Correcting Problems with Your iTunes Music Store Account. Getting Help with iTunes Music Store Problems. Reporting Music You Can't Find in the Store.



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