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10 Minute Guide to Lotus Notes Mail 4.6

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10 Minute Guide to Lotus Notes Mail 4.6


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  • Copyright 1997
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-1534-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-1534-0

The 10 Minute Guide to Lotus Notes Mail teaches you how to use the advanced features of Notes Mail to create more personalized messages for greater clarity and impact. This book teaches you how to maximize Notes Mail's groupware capabilities through mini-tutorials, each of which can be completed in ten minutes or less. The two-color design makes learning quick and painless. Learn to leverage Notes Mail in your office, on the road, across the Internet and from within other applications.

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Table of Contents

1. Understanding Lotus Notes Concepts.

Understanding Clients and Servers. Understanding Databases. Understanding Documents and Forms. Understanding Views.

2. Getting Started with Lotus Notes.

Using the Workspace. Customizing Workspace Pages. Changing the Information Displayed on a Database Icon. Turning on Large Fonts.

3. Using the Properties Box and SmartIcons.

Using the Properties Box. Using SmartIcons.

4. Understanding the Lotus Notes Mail Database Window.

Opening the Mail Database. Moving Around the Mail Database Window. Using Folders and Views. All Documents View. Understanding Trash.

5. Using Lotus Notes Help.

Understanding Lotus Notes Help. Using the Help Menu. Working with Guide Me. Getting Additional Help for Mobile Users.

6. Creating Mail.

How Lotus Notes Mail Works. Using Email Etiquette. Creating a Mail Message. Using the Address Options. Filling in the Mail Message Document. Using Spell Check. Creating Memos from Calendar Entries and Tasks.

7. Formatting Text.

Understanding Rich Text Fields. Methods of Formatting Text. Changing Text Formats. Formatting Paragraphs.

8. Advanced Formatting.

Creating Sections. Inserting Tables.

9. Using the Address Books.

What Is the Address Book? Using the Public Address Book. Using Your Personal Address Book. Creating Business Cards. Creating and Using Groups. Creating a Mail Message from the Personal Address Book.

10. Sending Mail Messages.

Using Delivery Options. Creating Mood Stamps. Setting Send Options. Saving Copies.

11. Reading and Printing Mail.

Opening Your Mail. Understanding Read Marks. Changing Views. Using the Preview Pane. Printing Mail.

12. Replying to Mail.

Understanding Replies. Using Reply Options. Forwarding Mail.

13. Managing Mail Messages.

Deleting Mail. Creating Folders. Discussion Thread View. Archiving Mail.

14. Attaching Files.

Understanding Attachments. Creating Attachments. Viewing Attachments. Detaching Files. Launching Files. Printing the Attachment.

15. Understanding Links and Pop-Ups.

Creating Document, Database, and View Links. Creating Pop-Ups. Link Hotspots.

16. Using Mail Tools.

Creating Stationery. Choosing Letterhead. Using the Out of Office Message. Creating Phone Messages. Creating Serial Route Messages.

17. Using Tasks.

Creating Tasks. Converting Tasks. Viewing Task Status. Marking a Completed Task. Updating Status.

18. Setting Up to Use the Calendar.

Configuring Options. Setting Your Calendar Profile. Setting Your Delegation Profile.

19. Using the Calendar.

Making Calendar Entries. Viewing Free Time. Responding to Invitations. Printing the Calendar.

20. Understanding the Favorites Database.

What is the Favorites Database? Moving Around the Favorites Window. Adding Databases to Favorites. Removing a Database from the Favorites Portfolio. Rearranging Databases.

21. Understanding Security.

Notes Security. Passwords. Locking Your ID. Access Control List. Encryption. Signatures.

22. Understanding Replication.

How Replication Works. Creating a New Mail Replica. Personal Address Book.

23. Working Remotely with Notes.

Understanding Mobile Users. Working with Connection Documents. Configuring Ports and Modems. Creating Location Documents. Using Outgoing Mail. Replicating Mail. Using Send/Receive Mail. Managing File Size.

24. Using the Replicator Page.

What is the Replicator Page? Configuring the Replicator Page.

25. Sending Mail via the Internet.

Internet Mail with the Notes Server. Internet Mail Without the Notes Server.


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