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10 Minute Guide to Lotus Notes 6

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10 Minute Guide to Lotus Notes 6

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  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2675-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2675-9

This inexpensive, compact-sized guide is all you need to master the fundamentals of Lotus Notes R6. The book is divided into quick and easy lessons designed to be completed in ten minutes or less. Topics covered include getting started with Notes, working with databases, reading mail, using the calendar, managing documents, navigating the Web, and customizing Notes.

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Creating and Sending Mail

How to Create and Send Mail in Lotus Notes 6

Table of Contents


Welcome to 10 Minute Guide to Lotus Notes 6. Who Should Use This Book. Conventions Used in This Book. From Here….

1. Getting Started with Notes.

Understanding the Notes Client. Navigating in Notes. Using Toolbars. Using Dialog and Properties Boxes. Changing and Locking Your Password. Locking Your ID. Exiting Notes.

2. Reading Mail.

Opening Your Mail Inbox. Selecting and Marking Mail. Reading and Previewing Your Mail.

3. Creating and Sending Mail.

Opening a New Mail Memo. Using Spell Check. Sending Mail. Choosing Delivery Options. Replying to Mail. Forwarding Mail. Creating a New Mail Memo from Quick Notes.

4. Managing Mail.

Navigating Through Mail. Sorting Mail. Deleting Mail. Using Folders. Creating and Deleting Folders. Printing Mail.

5. Using Mail Tools.

Choosing Letterhead. Creating Stationery. Working with Rules. Using Out of Office Notices. Creating Phone Messages.

6. Working with Databases.

Understanding Local Versus Server. Reading the About and Using Documents. Working with Views. Reading the Status Bar. Adding a Database to Your Bookmarks. Deleting Databases.

7. Searching and Indexing Databases.

Index a Database. Search a Database. Set Search Conditions and Options. Refine Searches with Operators. Display Search Results. Save and Load Searches. Perform a Domain Search.

8. Setting Mail and Calendar Preferences.

Specifying Mail Preferences. Setting Calendar Preferences. Setting Access & Delegation Preferences. Opening Someone's Mail, Calendar, and To Do. Using the Notes Minder.

9. Using the Calendar.

Selecting Calendar Views. Understanding Calendar Entries. Creating a Calendar Entry. Color Coding Calendar Entries. Customizing the Entries. Printing the Calendar. Editing Calendar Entries. Converting Calendar Entries.

10. Working with Meetings and Group Calendaring.

Scheduling Meetings. Managing Meetings. Making Room and Resource Reservations. Responding to Meeting Invitations. Creating a New Group Calendar. Editing or Deleting a Group Calendar.

11. Working with To Do Items.

Creating To Do Items. Converting Mail Messages to To Do Items. Viewing To Do Status. Responding to a To Do Item.

12. Using the Address Books.

Defining the Address Books. Using Your Personal Address Book. Creating Contacts. Creating a Mailing Lists. Customizing the Address Book. Printing from Your Address Book.

13. Navigating the Web.

Setting Browser Preferences. Opening Web Pages. Storing Retrieved Pages. Viewing Pages Offline. Forwarding and Mailing Pages. Performing Housekeeping.

14. Managing Documents.

Refreshing Views. Editing Documents. Viewing Unread Documents. Finding and Replacing Text in a Document. Searching for Text in a Database.

15. Editing and Formatting Text and Fields.

Selecting Text. Moving and Copying Text. Undoing Changes. Types of Fields. Formatting Text. Formatting Paragraphs. Using Page Breaks. The Permanent Pen.

16. Enhancing Documents.

Creating Document, Database, Anchor, and View Links. Creating Pop-Ups. Inserting Tables. Creating Sections. Creating Link Messages.

17. Working with Attachments.

Understanding Attachments. Creating Attachments. Viewing Attachments. Removing Files. Opening Files. Editing the Attachment. Printing an Attachment.

18. Understanding Replication.

How Replication Works. Setting Replication Preferences. Creating a New Mail Replica. Using the Replicator Page.

19. Using Notes Remotely.

Understanding Notes Mobile Users. Setting Up to Connect. Creating Replicas Remotely. Using Outgoing Mail. Replicating Mail. Using Send/Receive Mail. Encrypting Local Databases. Working Offline.

20. Customizing Notes.

Setting User Preferences. Setting Toolbar Preferences. Customizing the Welcome Page.

Appendix A. Understanding Security and Access Rights.

Passwords. Encryption. Signatures. Web Access to Notes Mail.



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