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Cassidy Williams

How My Love of Programming Took Me to Microsoft, the White House, a Mile-High Hackathon, and My Dream Job: A Student’s Story
By Cassidy Williams

Veronica Ray

Five Tips for the New Graduate on Landing a Job in Tech
By Veronica Ray

Alina Vandenberghe

Five Things Women Can Do to Make the Most of Their Inherent Talents in the Male-Dominated Tech World
By Alina Vandenberghe

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Author Spotlight Learning iOS Development Community Outreach
Leslie Ekas

How “Go To” People Help Make Agile Software Development Work (and How You Can Become One)
By Leslie Ekas

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Luz Rivas

How the DIY Girls Afterschool Program Offers a Path to Technology Careers for Underserved Girls
By Luz Rivas

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Erica Sadun

My Life in Tech: Q&A with Developer Erica Sadun

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