Spring Into...Series

Spring Into...is a series of short, concise, fast-paced tutorials written explicitly for professionals who need to quickly master new technologies. All of the information in these books is presented as a series of one- and two-page sections and every section contains at least one fully-tested example. Written by professional and seasoned writers, these books are designed to take a sophisticated reader from zero to functional literacy quickly, and in no more than 350 pages.

Series Editor:
Barry Rosenberg wrote Kornshell Programming Tutorial, which pioneered many of the chunk-oriented techniques found in "Spring Into" books. He is the author of over 60 corporate technical manuals, primarily on programming. An experienced instructor, Barry has taught everything from high school physics to week-long corporate seminars on data structures. Most recently, he spent four semesters at MIT where he taught advanced technical writing. Barry is also a professional juggler who has performed over 1,200 shows, including a three-week run in Japan.