Plain & Simple

Concise, four-color references for Microsoft Office and Windows users who prefer a highly visual approach to learning.

Plain & Simple books are streamlined, colorful, and clear, organized into a step-by-step, task-based format. Designed for the beginner- to intermediate- level user who wants to learn visually. With Plain & Simple:

  • Readers can read the book in any order, jumping in wherever they need answers.
  • Numbered steps take you through the quickest and best way to accomplish a particular task.
  • Screen shots show where to focus and what to do.
  • "Tip" boxes offer helpful information to supplement the task or topic.
  • "See Also" notes indicate where related tasks are covered in the book.
  • "Try This!" exercises provide the reader with suggestions for how to apply what they've learned.
  • "Caution" warnings alert you to potential problems to avoid or preventive measures to take.